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All Is Bright Blu-ray Review

Title: All Is Bright

Directed by: Phil Morrison

Starring: Paul Giamatti, Paul Rudd, Amy Landecker, Sally Hawkins, Colman Domingo

Running time: 107 minutes, Rated R, Available 11/19/13

Special Features: None

Dennis (Paul Giamatti) just got out of a four year stint in a French Canadian prison for robbery and walks home to see his ex wife and daughter. What he finds is that his ex-wife Therese (Amy Landecker) has been in a long term relationship with his ex partner Rene (Paul Rudd) and she has told their daugher that her daddy died and just wants him out of their lives for good. Dennis is determined to prove himself a changed man by going to Rene and demanding he help him make some money to get his daughter a piano.  With no other options, Rene takes Dennis with him across the border to New York to sell Christmas trees.  At first Dennis is not the best of salesmen unlike the personable Rene, but then Dennis meets a Russian immigrant named Olga (Sally Hawkins), who manages to bring him out of his hardened shell.

The Negative: This movie is slow as hell. It’s kind of depressing and frustrating to see one man’s struggle to make amends in his life and still get crapped on. Paul Rudd’s character is confusing because even though he’s kind of a nice guy, he’s still a dick.

The Positive: The only time I did laugh is when Rene & Dennis are fighting in front of a couple of young dudes who quickly take the side of Dennis, and shunning Rene for hooking up with his best friend’s woman.

If you’re into bummer holiday movies than this is right up your alley. I will not be watching this film again which is hard for me as a big Giamatti fan.

Total Rating: D-

Reviewed by: JM Willis

All Is Bright Blu-ray

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