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New Instagram Teaser for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Released

“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” will soon have its first trailer out this Wednesday, Dec. 18. I’m personally anticipating seeing more of Caesar (Andy Serkis) and the last band of humans he and his group have to fight for global supremacy. Even though the trailer won’t be out until later this week, there’s an instagram micro-teaser that has been released today!

Granted, you won’t see much. Actually, you won’t see anything except for a haunting background and the animated words, “I need to speak to Caesar.” But just that will make you wonder just what the trailer will hold. Will Caesar speak more? What will post-disease Earth look like? What do the survivors look like? Will they start resembling the band of survivors who started worshiping the bomb in “Beneath the Planet of the Apes”? Hopefully, these questions will be answered.

“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,” directed by Matt Reeves and also starring, Gary Oldman, Keri Russell, Judy Greer and Kirk Acevedo, will be in theaters July 11, 2014.

What do you think about the instagram video? Do you wish you saw even more in the teaser apart from animated words? Give your opinions about this in the comments section below!


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