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‘Breaking Bad’s Vince Gilligan “Nervous” About ‘Community’ Acting Debut

Vince Gilligan has shared little details surrounding his guest character on the NBC comedy ‘Community’, but the ‘Breaking Bad’ creator has opened up about how he feels about his big acting debut with EW. Gilligan, who will appear in a late winter or spring episode, shared that the opportunity to appear as a gold digger in the show’s fifth season fell into his lap. “This was a wonderful bolt from the blue. I wasn’t even remotely thinking about acting in any capacity, and then my agent called me with a request that had been forwarded from Dan Harmon at Community. Dan wanted to see if I’d be interested in appearing in an episode. I was just charmed. There was no way I was going to say no to it. Even though, I have to say, I was nervous as hell. ”

Gilligan also said yes in part because he felt he deserved the karmic payback after his time behind the camera on the set of ‘Breaking Bad’. “As a director, you want to make your actors as comfortable as possible, you want to communicate with them as effectively as possible, but having said that, I remember back on all the times where I knew in my heart I wasn’t giving Bryan Cranston or Aaron Paul or any of the actors exactly what they needed. I was just looking at my watch thinking, “God, we need to shoot this.” I was not as supportive sometimes as I could have or should have been. This was karmic payback for that.”

‘Breaking Bad’s Jonathan Banks will also appear in ‘Community’s fifth season. The series is set to return to NBC, January 2 at 8 pm est.

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