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See the Best of House of Cards’ Frank Underwood in Awesome Supercut

Valentine’s Day wasn’t just the day of love, but it was also the day of political backbiiting and drama. Technically, every day is full of political backbiting and drama in Washington, D.C., but this particular brand of backbiting is the kind that people love to watch. Yes, I’m talking about the Valentine’s Day release of “House of Cards.”

The Netflix series, starring Kevin Spacey, focuses on ruthless Congressman Francis (Frank) Underwood. The conniving congressman will stop at nothing to get where he wants in the world of politics. The person who helps him achieve his political dreams is his beautiful wife Claire (Robin Wright), who is just as ambitious and cunning as her husband. The series is chock-full of awards–it’s both Emmy-winning and Golden Globe-winning. Basically, if you aren’t watching it, you probably should.

If you love the second season so far, you’d love this supercut of Underwood’s finest moments. Take a look at it below the post. If you’re new to the show and loved what you saw from the supercut, then watch the entire season at Netflix.

What do you think about “House of Cards”? Are you loving the new season, or are you a new fan? Give your opinions in the comments section below.

House of Cards

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