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Watch the Masked Republic AAA Lucha Libre Channel for Free on FilmOn

The Masked Republic AAA Lucha Libre Channel is available for free on FilmOn. The channel shows the widely popular Masked Republic AAA wrestling team. Here’s more about the channel:

“Masked Republic AAA is the best Mexican wrestling in the world, wonderfully colorful and amazingly entertaining, well known for its masks, acrobatics, and often circus like antics, is the most popular sport in Mexico next to soccer.”

One of the programs you can watch is the “Wrestling Society: The Complete First Season.” The program follows the launching of MTV’s Wrestling Society X.

“Just over a year ago in January of 2007, the pro wrestling industry was shaken to its core when MTV launched Wrestling Society X. Rumours ran rampant about the established franchises fearing what would happen if this hip new take on their business – filled with younger, more entertaining, more spectacular wrestlers – caught on. Luckily for them, like all great revolutions, it was misunderstood by many, including the very network that stood to benefit most from its success.”

You can watch this channel at FilmOn and below the post. FilmOn has tons of channels and On Demand titles for free and subscribed users; channels can be viewed for free in SD and, for a low monthly subscription, in HD with added DVR recording space.

What do you think about the Masked Republic AAA Lucha Libre Channel? Give your opinions in the comments section below.


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