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Debate Over Who’s At Fault for Sarah Jones’ Death Begins as Thousands Show Support

The investigation of the tragic death of second assistant camerawoman Sarah Jones continues, and a lot of people are starting to wonder who should really take responsibility for this horrible accident? Could it have been avoided? The investigation, which might turn toward negligent homicide, will tell.

First, the circumstances surrounding Jones’ death are dodgy, at best. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jones and other members of the “Midnight Rider” crew were shooting on live train tracks on February 20th, and they were told that if a train appeared, they would have only 60 seconds to escape to safety. 60 seconds. With cameras and who knows what else. Almost sounds like they weren’t allowed to be there, right? Well, according to the CSX (the railroad company that owns the tracks) website, the company “generally does not allow filming for movies, television or commercials on its property.” On top of that, an initial report by the Wayne County (Georgia) Sheriff’s Department stated that, according to an official from CSX, the production had been denied permission to shoot at that location. This report also said that when asked if the production had permission, the film’s executive producer responded, “That’s complicated.”

The issue is pretty simple for those who are marching and taking to the internet asking for better, more enforced film security measures. No one has been charged yet, but the directors and executives will certainly be shaking in their boots as this investigation continues.


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