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Prometheus 2 Could Be More “Alien-y,” Have More David

“Prometheus” is a film that, honestly, provides more questions than it does answers. In fact, it’s like the film gleefully throws questions and theories at the audience without many hints, which kinda got annoying after a while (even if the film is still an intriguing one). If you watched the film and you’re still trying to figure out the mystery behind the Engineers, the black goo and what that means for us humans, perhaps “Prometheus 2” will give us the answers. Yep, “Prometheus 2” has been greenlit!

TheWrap is reporting that the second “Prometheus” film will be more “alien-y” than the first one, which is great–with more of a focus on the newly-formed aliens, perhaps we can get into some more of the backstory behind the black goo and its life-making properties itself. Also, TheWrap posits that “Prometheus 2” will feature multiple Davids, which is completely awesome. Michael Fassbender, who played David in “Prometheus,” was the most compelling part of the film and it’d only serve the second film better to have as much David as possible.

TheWrap states that multiple sources are saying the “Untitled Ridley Scott Project” that will be released in March 2016 is, in fact, “Prometheus 2,” so there’s plenty of time for these storylines to solidify. What do you think about this news? Give your opinions below!


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