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Watch Drive-In TV for Free on FilmOn

Drive-In TV is ready for all film lovers to view for free on FilmOn. The television channel offers just what it states–tons of drive-in movies. Here’s what you can expect.

“Drive-In TV takes you back to a time when movies did not have to work so hard to be entertaining. Let us take you back to a time when millions of families and crazy kids spent their Friday nights excited to find out what was in store for them at the Drive in theater. Drive-In TV follows the classic Drive-In Theater formula. Complete with a sword wielding serial killers¸ Kung [Fu] Masters, plenty of space men, bumbling gum shoe type detectives and a string of cute¸ albeit ditzy female victims and their jock or nerd boyfriends. Drive in TV is classic, predictable and entertaining up until the end TV¸ You will only wish you could have seen it at an actual drive-in. Enjoy the show!”

You can watch Drive-In TV for free in SD (below the post or at FilmOn) or, for a low monthly subscription, you can watch it in HD with added DVR recording space. What exactly can you watch in SD or HD on FilmOn? Movies, of course, but also channels focusing on religion, news, sports, cars, food and wine, shopping and more. There are also tons of international channels to choose from.

What do you think about Drive-In TV? Talk about it in the comments section below.


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