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Ryan Murphy Discusses American Horror Story: Freak Show and Scary Clowns

“American Horror Story: Freak Show” is the latest installment of the hugely-popular anthology series airing on FX. The show, co-created by Ryan Murphy, is going to focus on the crazy world of the freak show, a 1950s Florida freak show, in fact. So what can we expect to see this season? Quite a lot, to say the least.

First, the answer to the big question–is Jessica Lange coming back–has been answered. Her character, a German woman, will run the freak show. The concept of a freak show was also something she and Murphy discussed. “It was always a concept that Jessica and I talked about really early on,” Murphy said to Entertainment Weekly. “It was always her favorite one, which I thought was funny…It feels really right.” Murphy also said that despite the fun, light sound a season about a freak show could have, the season is actually becoming “quite terrifyingly dark[.]” In fact, Murphy said the season feels more like “American Horror Story: Asylum.”

The second question–now that we know that the season is about freak show members, will there be a horrifying clown? “Yes,” said Murphy, adding that this clown is the “most terrifying clown ever!” Other freak show staples, like the bearded lady, will also be in the show. However, Murphy said that the bearded lady will be their version. Not sure what that means, but we’ll certainly see when the show comes back this fall.

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