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Locker 13 DVD Review

Title: Locker 13

Director:Bruce Dellis (segment: “The Byzantine Order”), Jason Marsden (segment: “The Author”), Matthew Mebane (segment: “Down and Out”), Adam Montierth (segment: “Suicide Club”), Donovan Montierth (segment: “The Other Side”)

Starring: Ricky Schroder, Jason Spisak, Jon Gries, Rick Hoffman, Krista Allen, Curtis Armstrong and Tatyana Ali.

Running time: 103 minutes, Rated R, Available on DVD starting April 29th

Special Features: None

An anthology film starting with Skip (Jason Spisak), a nighttime janitor at an Old West theme park. His supervisor Archie (Jon Gries) tells him tales involving a mysterious locker and that every choice made has consequences.

The first story is “Down and Out” about an aging boxer (Ricky Schroder) whom is given old boxing gloves that turn him into a lethal opponent. The 2nd story is “The Byzantine Order” about a man named Eugene (Bart Johnson) who is invited by his friend Clifford (Curtis Armstrong) who can possibly get him inducted as a member in a shriners-like secret society which turns out to be like a cult with The Big Lebowski’s David Huddleston back in a wheelchair as the sadistic leader Floyd.  3rd is “Suicide Club” which is about a suicidal man (Alexander Polinsky) whose attempt is crashed by a stranger (Jason Marsden) that wants to help him by encouraging him to kill himself more creatively. 4th is called “The Author” about an aspiring author/hit man (Rick Hoffman) and his target of 3 women who are suspected to have tried to kill the same man, and then Skip’s own life decision comes into play in “The Other Side” when he discovers the locker is a 24 hour window to himself.

The bad: A bunch of vignettes strung together by a locker which is more of a half-assed attempt to make up a connection. I zoned out during Suicide Club and the Author because they ran on way too long and the characters to me weren’t interesting at all.

The good: Entertaining time filler. I did enjoy The Other Side. I thought that story alone could’ve been extended into a longer film. 

There are no special features, so I would just suggest holding off until they air it on SyFi if you’re so inclined.

Total Rating: C-

Reviewed by: JM Willis

locker 13

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