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Watch Banned Westerns for Free on FilmOn

Banned Westerns are available for free viewing on FilmOn. Fans of Westerns that cut against the grain will definitely love this channel, since all of the films shown on this channel were thought to be too risky for Hollywood.

Here’s more about the new channel:

“Many of the most controversial and exciting films of the 20th century are westerns, such the Outlaw with Jane Russell in her memorable film debut – shelved for years before finally receiving approval – [and] many of our Spaghetti Westerns for their portrayal of explicit violence. At one time or another all of these films were banned from distribution. A new generation of brilliant filmmakers such as Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez have rediscovered and embraced this cutting edge genre; introducing story elements and developing a visual style influenced by the maestros from the Banned Western Channel. The Banned Westerns are finally free on FilmOn.”

Take a look at the channel and see what you think about these banned films below or at FilmOn. FilmOn has many other channels that feature rare and classic films, but FilmOn also has channels that feature national and international news, entertainment news and gossip, lifestyle tips, food and wine and more. Viewers can watch FilmOn for free in SD or, for a low monthly subscription, in HD with added DVR recording space.

What do you think about Banned Westerns? Talk about it in the comments section below!

FilmOn Banned Westerns

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