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Aug’s Be Careful What You Wish For Album Review

Artist: Aug

Album: Be Careful What You Wish For

Production: Recorded at David Bendeth’s studio, House Of Loud; Produced by veteran producer/engineer, Max Caselnova

Powerfully exceeding the public’s expectations on not only how you maturely view and approach life’s difficult challenges, but also on how you skillfully revitalize an intriguing but somewhat forgotten art form can be an obstacle not everyone can gracefully embrace and overcome. But the New Jersey-based band, Aug, a spellbinding hard driving, metal-fused group composed of four veteran musicians, is once again proving their natural ability to revive the hard rock genre with their new album, ‘Be Care What You Wish For,’ which is now available. The record, which is the follow-up to the group’s acclaimed 2010 debut album, ’20 Years In Hell,’ not only unveiled nine powerful new songs driven by captivating guitar and drum solos that are the epitome of the genre, but also feature meaningful thoughts on how to improve your relationships and outlook on life.

‘Be Care What You Wish For’ powerfully starts off with the enthralling title track, which grippingly features classic hard rock guitars and drums from lead guitarist, Tommy Shauger, bassist Rich Tanis and drummer Russ Latamer. Lead vocalist Aug infused relatable emotion into the powerful track about how love and attraction may not be all what you expected once you embark on a relationship. The singer also intensely warned that other people, especially those who you thought you knew, may not be who they initially appear to be, and their influence may negatively change your life.

Another memorable track from the album is ‘Light of Day,’ which drastically changes the sound of the album after ‘Be Care What You Wish For’s strong intensity. During ‘Light of Day,’ which features a gratifying and laid-back guitar and drum introduction and solos, Aug asks the other person in a relationship to realize that he’s unable to change who he is. While the singer also asks the other person in the relationship not to force him into a different way of life, he does realize that he is seeing the light of day and other viewpoints on various situations.

With the next track, ‘Coming Home,’ the band mesmerizingly switches back to its signature hard rock guitar and drums and powerful and melodic vocal range featured throughout ‘Be Care What You Wish For.’ The song, which focuses on returning to the familiarities of home, features contemporary instrumentals and vocals that go back to the roots of popular hard rock music. The song vibrantly pay homage to such acclaimed bands as Guns N’ Roses and Black Sabbath, that helped launch the popular genre during the 1980s.

‘Be Care What You Wish For’ also features several other songs that are the epitome of signature hard rock lyrics and the seemingly care-free lifestyle that goes along with the genre. From the enthralling drum intro and guitar solos throughout ‘The Devil’s Rejects’ to the gripping metal-infused vocals that are reminiscent of Ozzy Osbourne and the pulsating guitar of the hard rock anthem of ‘Forever: Goodbye,’ the album powerfully explores the struggle of looking for your real identity and moving past the destructive lifestyle you have grown into.

Reverting back to a destructive lifestyle that’s fueled by poor decisions and destructive behavior can be a hindrance to your evolving and positive growth. But with their new hard rock-metal infused sophomore album, ‘Be Care What You Wish For,’ the gripping band Aug doesn’t have to be weary of infusing their homage to the genre that was first made popular in the the 1980s with their own signature vocals, instrumentals and messages. From realizing that relationships aren’t always what you expected them to be in the captivating title track, to asking the person you care about to accept who you truly are as you initiate change in your life in the laid-back ‘Light of Day,’ the album is a powerful blend of accepting who you are and where your life is headed, as you struggle to contend with life’s important challenges.

Best Tracks: ‘Be Care What You Wish For,’ ‘Light of Day’

Listen to Aug’s ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ album below.

Aug's Be Careful What You Wish For Album Review

Written by: Karen Benardello

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