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Watch Sports Bloopers TV for Free on FilmOn

Sports Bloopers TV is available for free viewing on FilmOn! Sports has great pageantry, heart-stopping moments and is a showcase for fantastic skill and endurance. But sports also has a smorgasbord of hilarious bloopers. If you love the types of funny pratfalls and slip-ups that can happen in sporting events, check out Sports Bloopers TV.

The channel “[features] bloopers, crazy moments and incredible plays from the world of sports,” as its description states. Shows you can watch on the channel include “The Lighter Side Of Sports” and “Sports Gone Wild.” One of the episodes of “The Lighter Side Of Sports” showcases record-setting and a change at 1 million dollars. “A man sets a record for most sit ups in a 24 hour period, while another sets the record for most hours bouncing a soccer ball on his head! Plus, one fan gets a shot at 1 million dollars at the World Series.”

And, in one of the episodes of “Sports Gone Wild,” you can see streaking and stunts. “A streaker gets taken down by the police, cross pool jumping, freestyle stunts on bikes, hilarious horse racing names, Evil Knievel wannabees, and more!”

You can watch this channel for free on FilmOn or below the post. You can watch FilmOn for free in SD or for a low monthly subscription, you can watch FilmOn in HD with added DVR recording space.


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