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Found Movie Review

Title: Found

Director: Scott Schirmer

Starring: Gavin Brown, Ethan Philbeck, Phyllis Munro, Louie Lawless

Running time: 103 min, Unrated

IN THEATERS, on VOD and iTunes: August 15, 2014

Marty (Gavin Brown) has a secret. His older brother Steve (Ethan Philbeck) keeps human heads in a bowling bag, stashed in his closet. Each time Marty opens it, there’s a new head. He never questions his brother, because he knows Steve will get mad at him for going into his room. Marty just likes to keep their love for horror movies the main subject of their interaction. Marty is an ideal fifth grader who gets good grades and never gets in trouble. When Marty’s bully doesn’t show up for school one day, Marty becomes stronger, confident and withdrawn. Marty loves his big brother Steve, but he doesn’t want to become him.

The Good: This is what horror movies are lacking today – story and ability to truly shock your audiences without losing the story. It doesn’t take special makeup effects to get the point across. Steve is insane, pretty plain and simple. One of the most truly shocking scenes takes place off screen.  You kind of get an idea of what’s going on, and then in walks Steve, nude and sporting a massive hard-on. Holy shit, yes…they went there. In fact there’s plenty of they went there moments. One of which involves sex with a severed head. WTF?! That was gnarly. It’s kind of awesome and disturbing at the same time. Love it.

The Bad:  I didn’t read the book by Todd Rigney, so I’m not sure this film was faithful, but when Steve explains why he does it, it makes his character unlikeable. He uses the N-word and blames his father’s bigotry for making him hate black people. Dude, I thought you were cool. Casting kids are always hit or miss. The main characters were fine, but some of the others got gradually worse each time one popped up on screen.  At least one of them got their ass kicked.

Found is an admirable piece of work shot for an unbelievably low budget. The blood and severed head effects did get a bit over the top, but still not a bad job. The story itself is what’s important here and it’s an intense experience.

Total Rating: A

Reviewed by: JM Willis

Found Movie

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