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Marvel’s Ant-Man is In Production

After stops and starts, the production of one of Marvel’s next projects, “Ant-Man” is underway! The start of production was commemorated with a tweet from director Peyton Reed stating, “Alright, gang. Today is the day. LET’S. GET. small. #AntMan.”

However, now that production has started, what can we expect to see going forward? CinemaBlend has stated that the film’s history has been fraught with setbacks, starting in 2003, when Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish were on the project. But in 2006, the rights to “Ant-Man” went back to Marvel Studios. Even still, Wright and Cornish were brought in to continue their work, but after many rumors over Pixar’s involvement and the film’s continuous thematic changes, Wright left the film over “creative differences.” After going through many different possible directors, including Adam McKay, Jonathan Levine, Ruben Fleischer and others, the job finally landed to Reed.

So now that production is finally rolling, who knows what kind of film we’ll see. How much of the film will be Reed’s vision and how much will it be based on Wright’s. And even with the bungled history of this film, it could still turn out to be one of the blockbusters of 2015, when it’s scheduled to come out.


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