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Evangeline Lilly Debuts New Wasp-ish Haircut for Ant-Man

“Ant-Man” is well underway! It would appear that we’re going to get regular updates from social media now that the film is in production. First, we got the tweet from director Peyton Reed about the start of production. Now, we have Evangeline Lilly showing off her new haircut (or new wig) on Instagram. Check it out below.

If you’re a big Marvel fan, you’d know why this haircut is important. Lilly is playing a character named Hope van Dyne, but currently, it’s not clear if she’s going to really be the Wasp. Although research shows that this character is closely related to The Wasp; the original Wasp was named Janet Van Dyne, and in an alternate timeline, Janet has a daughter named Hope. So it would appear that the movie is meshing a lot of chronologies together. I could be wrong, but that’s what it seems like what’s happening, especially with Michael Douglas playing Hank Pym, who becomes the Wasp’s partner and husband. Of course, movieverse Hank could be movieverse Hope’s father and not her potential husband, but stuff just isn’t clear. If only stuff was just sticking to the main timeline!

Now, back to the haircut: This haircut is close to the same haircut the Wasp has throughout her career, especially in the 1960s. But of course, they will not tell us who exactly Hope is and if she’s going to be the Wasp, if her mother is the Wasp, or if she’s probably traveling through time trying to save someone (could be possible). What do you think about movieverse Hope? Who do you think she is? Write about it in the comments section below.

Evangeline Lilly

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