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Watch FilmBox ArtHouse on FilmOn

Get a new experience with FilmBox ArtHouse, available on FilmOn! FilmBox Arthouse is one of FilmOn’s pay-only channels, but you do get your money’s worth with the amount of special release and foreign titles the channel provides its viewers.

FilmBox ArtHouse, as its description states, “is dedicated to recognized Arthouse movies from all around the world including European, Asian, Silent, documentary, and American Independent titles.” One of the titles you can watch is the Japanese film, “Tampopo.” The film stars Ken Watanabe and Tsutomu Yamazaki as two milk truck drivers who help a restaurant owner, played by Nobuko Miyamoto. Their mission: To help the restaurant owner cook awesome noodles.

You can watch a preview of the channel below the post or at FilmOn. Of course, there are tons of free channels, including free movie channels, you can view on FilmOn. The free channels provide just as many interesting, rare, and classic films as FilmBox ArtHouse. Other free channels cover news–both nationally and internationally, entertainment news and celebrity gossip, education, children’s programming, religion, lifestyle, health, fitness and more.

FilmOn can be viewed for free in SD or, for a low monthly subscription, in HD with added DVR recording space. What do you think about FilmBox ArtHouse? Give your opinions in the comments section below.

FilmBox ArtHouse

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