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Remember The Gorillaz Performing Live? Thank Hologram Technology

Remember when fictional band The Gorillaz actually performed live? At the time, everyone believed it would be impossible for a cartoon band to actually perform for a huge auditorium of fans. Or, if the technology was feasible, it would still need years of work before it would become jaw-droppingly amazing. Musion, the company behind the hologram technology now fueling Alki David’s HologramUSA, was able to bring The Gorillaz to life in a way no one thought possible.

With Musion’s hologram technology, The Gorillaz were not only able to sing in front of a roaring audience at the MTV Europe Music Awards, but they were able play instruments (also holographic) and move in an independent fashion, such as 2D checking his phone in the middle of the performance and Murdoc doing things only Murdoc would do. They also interacted with real performers as well, such as De La Soul, who contributed to the song, “Feel Good Inc.”

You can take a look at The Gorillaz and De La Soul perform “Feel Good Inc” at HologramUSA. What do you think about The Gorillaz’s holographic performance? What other fictional groups would you like to see perform live? Write about your favorite fictional bands in the comments section below. You can also learn more about hologram technology at HologramUSA.

Gorillaz MTV EMAs

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