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The Voices of Terror Rock-Rap Dynasty Album Review

Artist: The Voices of Terror (Members/Instruments: Mike Walker and Zero)

Album: Rock-Rap Dynasty

Production: All songs were composed, mix/mastered and produced by Mike Walker and Zero

Passionately expressing your respect and admiration for the people who have influenced your creativity, ideas and career path, while also maintaining your own true personality and confidence, is often a powerful way to garner attention and appreciation for your work. That’s certainly the case with alternative rock hip-hop duo, The Voices of Terror, which honors its mentors while showcasing their true talents, on their newly released debut album, ‘Rock-Rap Dynasty.’ The underground Deptford, New Jersey duo enthrallingly combined aggressive vocals with classic rap techniques and contemporary electronic and rock rhythms on their gripping debut album.

The Voice of Terror’s members, Mike Walker and Zero, who have loved music since a young age and created, wrote and produced their first record, drew on such powerful and distinct influences as Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy and Method Man for their debut songs. ‘Rock-Rap Dynasty’ first shows the musicians’ admiration for hip-hop with the creative guitar and drum introduction on the initial track, ‘Warning.’ The song, which also acts as the duo’s first single from the album, infuses the powerful message of embracing your independence and freedom of choice into its true hip-hop lyrics. The track also grippingly emphasizes that standing up for what you believe helps you rise to the top, and doesn’t allow anyone to defeat your spirit.

‘Rock-Rap Dynasty’s next two songs, ‘I Am The Beast’ and ‘D.E.A.T.H. of RAP,’ are two of the best songs from Walker and Zero. The duo created classical and intriguing rock-infused instrumental introductions for both tracks, in which they discuss unleashing their true personalities through a new era of rap. The tracks utilized soulful rapping and lyrics to emphasize they don’t listen to what the critics have to say about their genre of music. The duo is more interested in reviving a new era of their mixed genre of rock and rap, and offer inspiration to more up-and-coming musicians who want to express themselves through music.

Another notable song on ‘Rock-Rap Dynasty’ is the dark and captivating ‘Warrior,’ which utilizes a powerful approach to rapping. The musicians enthrallingly and creatively emphasize their continued message battle with those who don’t support them. They both question their critics’ decision to question them, and state they’re ready to fight those who don’t support their message like a warrior.

Several other songs from the duo’s debut album, including ‘Lethal Weapon,’ ‘The Old Gods’ and ‘Insane Lyricist,’ also cleverly unleash Walker and Zero’s belief that the influences from some of the greatest rap and rock musicians will help them leave their own distinct marks on their mixed style. The songs emotionally offer insight into The Voices of Terror’s belief that paying tribute to, and respecting, their idols can help influence their own musical style.

Unfortunately, the latter songs’ lyrics and instrumentals also begin developing the same sound and style, and offer little unique insight into the duo’s diversities. While it’s admirable they want to honor their favorite musicians, Walker and Zero unfortunately failed to offer a distinct approach to their latter tracks. The two prove they have the potential to live up to the musicians they admire and respect throughout the majoirty of the ablum. So instead of repeatedly stating they’re going to revive the genre like their musical influences, they should have infused their debut with a more diverse mix of lyrics to better prove their talent and potential.

The Voices of Terror offered a entrancing and creative debut with its stylized and inventive debut album, ‘Rock-Rap Dynasty.’ With such inspired and innovative songs as ‘Warning,’ ‘I Am The Beast,’ ‘D.E.A.T.H. of RAP’ and ‘Warrior,’ the duo proved their original approach to revitalizing the creative mix of the alternative rock and hip-hop genres. But some of the record’s later tracks unfortunately begin to feel repetitive as Walker and Zero continuously rapped about honoring those who inspired them, while also striving to infuse the genre with their own voices. But overall, their debut album is an emotional insight into their thoughts on their own creativity, the future of the genre and embracing your own personal thoughts and ideas.

Listen to The Voices of Terror’s debut album, ‘Rock-Rap Dynasty,’ below. For more information on the duo, visit their official website, as well as their Twitter page.

The Voices of Terror Rock-Rap Dynasty Album Review

Written by: Karen Benardello

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