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Interview: A Conversation With Pierce Brosnan On ‘The November Man’

There are so few men who can command the screen similar to actor Pierce Brosnan. Whether he’s in a romantic comedy or taking out hordes of enemies in the latest thrilling action film, Brosnan gives off a presence onscreen that many actors fail to achieve today.

His bravado shines in each role, which is why it’s such a joy to have him kicking ass once more in ‘The November Man,’ one of the best action films this year. ShockYa was fortunate enough to sit down with Mr. Brosnan and converse with him about the film, and how he felt to be back in the action genre.

“It took us five years to make ‘The November Man.’ I was always working or the script wasn’t in place,” said Brosnan. “It’s a different kettle of fish talking about something that is so homegrown and organic.”

the november man pic 1

According to Brosnan, “This particular film came out of a deep gut reaction out of what had gone on in Bond. It was kind of like unfinished business. ‘The November Man’ came to us, and it kind of made sense to make this hard-nosed, hard-boiled, cold-hearted yet cultured, badass, sassy operative. The complexity in Bill Granger’s character and story had nuance. And here we are.”

When the topic of how he got so lucky to get devilishly beautiful co-stars, Brosnan retorted, “They’re all so darn beautiful. I did something right in the last life.”

One of the biggest things ShockYa took out of ‘The November Man’ was the raw emotion of Pierce Brosnan’s character Peter Devereaux. “We just wanted him to be real, and workman-like,” said the actor. “If the suits don’t fit, then he’s kind of just a guy who’s just doing a job. He’s somewhat in condition, but he knows weaponry. In this particular piece he’s deeply motivated to seek and destroy and get the information.”

Brosnan’s other co-star Luke Bracey received praise from the veteran for his performance. “If we get to go again, the intention was to always pass the reigns on. And Luke is such a cool guy, and I’m so sorry he can’t be here. Athletic, good voice, great character. If we go again, then you up the ante with his character and you polish that little nugget of gold you have.”

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The next question lingering in the minds of viewers is whether or not ‘The November Man’ will become a potential franchise. When addressed with the question of an ongoing series, Brosnan was rather optimistic. “It never hurts to have a franchise. It’s the golden goose for any actor,” said Brosnan. “This, right now, as it is stands alone, and I look at that poster there and we went through so many permutations. But it’s a powerful piece and simple. Retro. And the movie has that same type of feel to it. We got a ways to go yet, and many have slipped between cop and lip.”

‘The November Man’ is now out in theaters nationwide.

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