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City of Dead Men Exclusive Clip Shows the Rite of Passage of Facing the Stampede

Willingly facing the chaos of a frantic panic is the ultimate rite of passage for anyone who’s not only contending with internal struggles, but also trying to prove themselves to their new peers. That’s certainly the case in the new psychological horror film, ‘City of Dead Men,’ which follows a young American tourist who’s running away from his own demons as he journeys throughout South America with his new friends. In honor of the movie’s upcoming distribution by Gravitas Ventures, Shockya is exclusively premiering a clip, which is titled ‘Stampede.’

‘City of Dead Men’ stars Diego Boneta (‘Scream Queens’) and Jackson Rathbone (‘Twilight’). The drama marks the feature film directorial and writing debuts of Kirk Sullivan and Andrew Poston, respectively. Alejo Arango and Laura Gomez Vargas produced ‘City of Dead Men,’ while Brad Furman, Aaron Ginsburg, Matt Ruskin, Alex Garcia, James Huntsman, Todd Slater and Jonathan M. Black served as executive producers.

Arango described why ‘City of Dean men’s story of is so personal to him. “I grew up with death and violence all around me-Medellín was tough back then. This is where the dead men come from; growing up thinking that you are already dead, believe me, is intense,” the producer revealed.

Gravitas Ventures has released the following synopsis for the movie:

‘City of Dead Men’ follows Michael (Diego Boneta), a young American tourist who’s running away from his own demons as he journeys throughout South America. He has depleted his funds and must resolve his situation soon. He arrives in Medellin, Colombia and meets Melody (Maria Mesa), a strikingly attractive native who knows the ins-and-outs of the city, and connects him to a mob of mysterious misfits led by Jacob (Jackson Rathbone). They reside in an abandoned psychiatric hospital for children on the outskirts of the city, and offer Michael their friendship and shelter.

Michael accepts, but he soon begins to uncover the horror that occurred in the hospital and the looming sense of dread that his new friends are encroaching upon him. The misfits believe themselves to be immortal, testing their limits every single day, and placing their lives at risk – all while pulling Michael into their dangerous dynamic. Will it be too late for Michael to make it out alive?

‘City of Dead Men’ opens in select theaters and VOD on December 16, and is available for pre-order now on iTunes with bonus features here. Watch ‘Stampede,’ Shockya’s exclusive clip, and check out the poster, from the psychological horror film below.

City of Dead Men Exclusive Clip Shows the Rite of Passage of Facing the Darkness

Written by: Karen Benardello

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