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Ivan Beecroft’s Believe Music Video Review

Ivan Beecroft's Believe Music Video

The cover for Australian singer-instrumentalist Ivan Beecroft’s retro rock-grunge pop single, ‘Believe.’

Artist: Ivan Beecroft: drums, bass, guitars, piano/synths and vocals

Music Video: Believe

Production: Produced, mixed and mastered by Ivan Beecroft under The Ivan Beecroft Label

Australian retro rock-pop musician Ivan Beecroft is one of the latest versatile artists who has been able to effortlessly connect with his listeners worldwide over their struggles of overcoming life’s most difficult challenges. In his new song, ‘Believe,’ which is the first single to be released from his upcoming album, the singer-instrumentalist has crafted a bittersweet message about work and relationships in the context of the difficulties of contemporary times.

To help promote ‘Believe,’ Beecroft has also unveiled a new video for the track, which powerfully highlights his struggles of both transcending the limitations of his working-class background, and contending with the pain of a painful ending of a romantic relationship. The video begins with a compelling piano introduction, which helps set the mood for the musician’s powerful lyrics that sentimentally reflect on the life that’s happening around him.

The rock and pop-infused music video stunningly then leads into captivating images of his everyday life as a touring singer, such as driving down streets as he travels to his next show. But the most essential and unforgettable images highlight the elements of life that that have impacted him, such as homelessness and people not being able to succeed in both their professional and personal lives.

In addition to being a singer, Beecroft has also been employed as a steel worker, and often became upset by the unsafe conditions he and his colleagues were expected to work in. The challenges of finding safe and permanent employment have given him empathy with those who are displaced or disadvantaged in modern society. The video for ‘Believe’ exemplifies the challenges he and people in similar situations often face as they coped with the day-to-day reality of his working life.

Not only does the video for ‘Believe’ emphasize the relatable work conflicts that Beecroft was often faced with as a steel worker, but the song’s lyrics also grippingly highlight his determination to maintain his romantic connection. He notes how he has philosophically strived to find purpose in his life, as he realizes that his bond with the woman he loves might not last an entire lifetime. The singer’s enthralling lyrics powerfully highlight one of life’s most important lessons that people can’t always maintain the things they believe they need to survive.

Beecroft has proven yet again with his new song, ‘Believe,’ that musicians effortlessly connect with their listeners over their struggles of overcoming life’s most difficult challenges. The Australian retro rock-pop singer-instrumentalist has crafted another bittersweet track and video that aren’t afraid to contend with the struggles of modern professional and personal relationships and duties.

For more information on Beecroft, visit his official website, as well as his Twitter and Instagram pages. Listen to ‘Believe’ below.

Believe by Ivan Beecroft
Believe by Ivan Beecroft

The music video for Australian singer-instrumentalist Ivan Beecroft's retro rock-grunge pop song, 'Believe.'

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