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Jacob Didas’ Lucid Album Review

Jacob Didas' Lucid Album Cover

Jacob Didas’ Lucid Album Cover

Artist: Jacob Didas; keyboard, piano and vocals

Album: Lucid

People who choose to defend and protect their country are often praised for their courageousness and bravery during their time of service. However, the way they choose to contend and release their intense anxiety isn’t always focused on or taken seriously. But musician Jacob Didas, who earned his Bachelor’s degree in Nursing while he also enrolled in the Army ROTC at Canisius College, powerfully showcases the importance of allowing people who work in the military to find a creative outlet to focus their energy. The lessons the heroic nurse learned from his experiences while serving his country have helped form his latest captivating alternative and hip-hop album, ‘Lucid.’

The classically trained pianist and jazz singer was stationed at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu after he finished college. Working with the soldiers helped lead him on pursuing his dream of also becoming a professional musician. With rap, rock, reggae-ska and R&B also being among the main genres that heavily influenced him, music became a beacon of hope within his ongoing struggles. After overcoming his battles, he had a desire share the lessons he learned from his time serving his country.

‘Lucid’ begins with the intriguing entry, ‘Drumroll,’ which features pulsating and up-tempo beats and electronic-sounds. Didas captivatingly raps about how overcoming the conflicts in his life has given him a confidence to pursue what he wants. He’s adamant that nothing can stop him now.

The initial song then transitions into ‘Manic,’ which is the best track on the singer’s alternative record. The tune begins with an interesting mix of soothing string before it delves into an intense electro-beat, which reflects how swiftly Didas’ life has changed in his extreme circumstances. The entry’s stunning message highlights how he’s looking for freedom, as he’s trying to fulfill his destiny. Even though he’s determined to gain complete independence from society’s expectations, he still humbly admits that he does occasionally need guidance from the people he trusts.

The next song on ‘Lucid’ is the atmospheric ‘Deluded,’ which features a powerful piano and beat. While it’s initially intense, the beat eventually becomes polished and relatable to all listeners, which make the musician’s message feel more sincere. Didas grippingly notes how he wants to succeed and protect himself while he strives to stop intolerance and pain. He also gallantly points out that in order to overcome conflict, people have to learn how how to be patient and accepting of every one.

The album then delves into the up-beat hip-hop track, ‘Wagwan.’ The singer focuses on the all-too important idea that letting go of the past, and instead focusing on what’s happening in the present, can help anyone adjust to their ever-changing circumstances, and succeed in life. The tune’s pulsating electronic beat will surely make it a club hit.

‘Flight’ is one of the most revealing and purely artistic entries on ‘Lucid,’ as Didas powerfully infuses jazz into his signature rap and rock vibe. The musician’s powerful mix of gripping lyrics and instrumentals emphasizes that not much can negatively affect him, and that he’s extremely self-sufficient.

Didas’ enthralling record then delves into the melodic and soulful song, ‘Phantom,’ which features an impressive beat combination. Driven by a unique EDM beat, the track boldly showcases the importance of letting go of fear.

Another endearing track on ‘Lucid’ is ‘Homebound,’ which offers an inspirational and uplifting insight on embracing life experiences. The endearing trumpets, which stunningly highlight the tune’s electro-elements, effortlessly highlight the instrumentalist’s sincerity. Didas admits that he realizes that people don’t always have to control every aspect of their lives, and that they can enjoy the moment, even when when it’s hard to count blessings during difficult situations.

One intense tune on the singer’s latest R&B album is ‘Octane,’ which features an ever-evolving and profound drum beat. The entry features an intriguing seriousness that’s interlaced with a compelling synth-line, which highlights the diversity in Didas’ vocals.

The song then effortlessly transitions into the last track on ‘Lucid,’ which is titled ‘Vision.’ The musician naturally showcases his compelling evolution in his songwriting; he admits that he has realized that he can change his life and pursue his dreams, while also remaining true to his roots.

Didas emotionally showcases the importance of allowing people who bravely work in the military and protect their country to find a creative outlet to focus their energy on in his latest record, ‘Lucid.’ The lessons the heroic musician learned from his experiences serving his country have helped craft enthralling alternative and hip-hop songs. With rap, rock, reggae-ska and R&B also enthrallingly weaving their way into the singer’s tracks, he has proved that there can be a beacon of hope for military workers who are contending with their ongoing struggles.

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