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Jacqui L PLANET PARALLEL 5 Album Review

Jacqui L PLANET PARALLEL 5 Album Review

The cover for singer-songwriter Jacqui L’s rock album, ‘PLANET PARALLEL 5.’

Artist: Jacqui L; all songs written, and all vocals and keys performed, by Jacqui L; produced/drums/percussion – Joe Accaria; produced/guitars/engineered and mixed – Marty Hailey; bass on all tracks (except ‘Rich Man’ and ‘Could Be’) – Dave Symes; bass on ‘Rich Man’ and ‘Could Be’ – James Haselwood; mastered – King Willie Sound (William Bowden)


Production: Recorded at Blackfoot Sound by Marty Hailey

No matter what type of gratifying and fulfilling lifestyles people have grown accustomed to, they’ll still often search for meaningful redemption and validation from their peers. Revolutionary Australian singer-songwriter-keyboardist, Jacqui L, creatively communicates her philosophical message of yearning to find acceptance through a unique scorpion-alien character she created for her music. The character, which the musician claims hails from the planet PP5, personifies her complex struggle throughout her latest album, ‘PLANET PARALLEL 5.’ Jacqui L crafted an eclectic collection of lyrics and instrumentals for her new songs, which enthrallingly explore such distinct messages as people learning how to feel secure on their own, and contending with poorly made decisions that will surely influence their future.

‘PLANET PARALLEL 5’ begins with the commanding entry, ‘Happy Birthday,’ which features memorable chant-like vocals. Jacqui L vigorously sings about how she and the person she’s with don’t truly like each other, and they’re more eager to push each other away than spend more time together. The tension between the two is clearly evident in the fact that the musician admits that they’re only spending time with each other in honor of the birthday they’re celebrating together.

The record then transitions into it’s most relatable and noteworthy track, ‘Frankenstein,’ which features an unprecedented hard-rock vibe that’s driven by distinct guitar riffs and drum beats. With a vibe that’s reminiscent of Evanescence’s distinct and commanding instrumentals, the Australian singer admits that she doesn’t want to let her guard down, or rely on other person to find her happiness. She also reveals that she feels more secure on her own, as she learns to disregard the bad moods and contradicting actions and words of the person in her life. Jacqui L doesn’t seem to believe that the person she’s involved with is really trying to change their bad behaviors or personality, which is a common sentiment amongst relationships that have gone awry.

The next tune on ‘PLANET PARALLEL 5’ is the politically-infused ‘Rich Man,’ during which the vocalist offers criticism on the wealthy who only serve their own greedy desires. Driven by inspirational keys, Jacqui L offers an empowering message for the masses, particularly through encouraging them to rise against those leaders who don’t do any good for the public.

‘I’ll Covet’ is the next entry on the musician’s latest album, during which Jacqui L highlights the fact that not everyone has the courage to stand up against those who oppress them. Set against a stunning and progressive rock guitar, she highlights the common feeling that many people have when they compare themselves to their peers, in which they crave what other people have in all aspects of life. While people may claim they have their own aspirations, they really just want to dedicate themselves to the latest trend that has taken over society. The song offers a powerful message in that people should reconsider the way they’re living their life, if they want to find true happiness.

Another relatable song on ‘PLANET PARALLEL 5’ is ‘Decaying Orbit,’ which also features a stunning hard-rock guitar. The singer notes how when a person makes a bad decision that can’t be reversed, they’re not only hurting themselves, but they’re also destructing everyone whose life they influence.

Jacqui L’s record also showcases the inevitable truth that even with all of the warning possible, many people still don’t make decisions to improve their life path, in the compelling track, ‘Could Be.’ The vocalist ponders the all-important question of how life came to be the way it is, and why people don’t change anything when they had the chance.

While the musician features important themes throughout a majority of the songs on ‘PLANET PARALLEL 5,’ the penultimate tune, ‘Stroke It,’ disappointingly fails to uphold her meaningful message of working to improving your life, not matter what kind of situation you face. Jacqui L repeatedly sings about how she needs to hear words of reassurance from the people in her life, such as how smart she is, on a continuous basis. The singer’s previous declaration of not wanting to let her guard down, or rely on other people, is instantly negated, and unfortunately takes away some of her credence.

Despite the disappointing message that was featured in ‘Stroke It,’ the vocalist redeemed herself a bit on the album’s last entry, which is titled ‘Distraction.’ Unlike the previous song, she doesn’t simply state that she just wants to hear words of encouragement, even if they’re false, to feel better. On the final track, Jacqui L tries to improve her feelings of doubt by admitting that she feels as though she’s moving backwards in life, and doesn’t feel as though she’ll reach her goal. She relatably notes how she’s working to move forward, but she’s still questioning if she’ll always struggle in life. But the musician once again truly exudes her determination to succeed in her goals, even if she still experiences some self-doubt.

Jacqui L innovatingly communicated her philosophical message of yearning to find significant acceptance and redemption from her peers on her radically progressive new album. The Australian singer crafted a diverse collection of unique lyrics and instrumentals for her new songs, which effortlessly highlight people’s complex struggle to defend their personality, while also seeking validation from the relationships in their lives. The musician’s revolutionary ‘PLANET PARALLEL 5’ mainly features inspirational messages that encourage her listeners to feel secure on their own, despite the emotional conflicts they may face.

For more information on Jacqui L, visit her official website, as well as her Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Facebook and YouTube pages.

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