Danii Roundtree’s Memoirs Album Review

Artist/Instruments: Danii Roundtree
Band: The Retro Rebels
Background Vocalists: The Coco Puffs

Album: Memoirs

R&B-jazz-pop-soul-funk singer-songwriter-instrumentalist, Danii Roundtree.

The most emotionally relatable and epic forms of entertainment are often the ones that are soulfully inspired by true life events. Danii Roundtree, who’s currently one of America’s most versatile up-and-coming R&B musicians, has crafted a engaging new album that focuses on the universal need for love. The Atlanta-based jazz singer-songwriter-instrumentalist recently released a deeply personal record, which is titled ‘Memoirs,’ that she wrote from the heart. The enticing compilation powerfully documented the passionate emotions that drive the universal heartbreak that arises from a love story that ends before it even truly begins.

Roundtree’s latest funk album begins with the catchy tune, ‘My Man,’ which immediately catches listeners’ attention with its lively and fun beat. The musician begins chronicling her ill-fated love story with an exuberance that energetically relies on a classic Motown flair. It promises to become a noteworthy staple of jazz bar performances with its alluring vocals, which are backed by a simple piano and percussion. The song grippingly highlights how her mother doesn’t like her new boyfriend. But she still powerfully declares that he’s the man for her, as he gives her all of his love.

‘Memoirs’ then seamlessly transitions into the more intimate entry, ‘Pillow Talk,’ which features a more sensual beat and theme. Roundtree’s jazz-infused vocals and wind instrumentals soulfully highlight how she enjoys spending time affectionately talking with her new love.

The next song on the musician’s soul-driven record is ‘Juke Box Boogie,’ which also features retro vocals and wind instruments. Roundtree sensually croons about the fun that she’s having with her new love on the dance floor.

The track’s up-beat vibe make it the perfect choice for a fun movie scene. The tune helps solidify the musician’s dream of eventually also transitioning into acting. She has stated that she wrote the album as though it was a never-ending retro movie soundtrack, and hopes its songs will also be featured on television and in film. ‘Juke Box Boogie’ helps prove the singer’s potential to succeed in her next dream.

‘Magic’ is the next noteworthy track on ‘Memoirs,’ as it features mysterious and gripping rhythmic beats. The R&B-infused vocals are stunningly backed by an at-times energetic band, which feature swing-style guitars and pianos. But the overall slower vibe on the tune perfectly highlights Roundtree’s declaration that when she’s with the man she loves, her whole world stands still, and she feels like magic.

The pop album than transitions into the jazz and R&B-infused tune, ‘Blue Eyes.’ The mesmerizing trumpet, guitars and pianos, along with the overall structured harmonies, make it the perfect song to play as part of a big band ensemble at a lounge performance. The sensuous entry, which features elements that are powerfully reminiscent of Erykah Badu, Billie Holiday and Andra Day tracks, provide a romantic vibe. Roundtree declares that she can’t spend enough time with the man she loves, and she feels as though their hearts are one.

‘Blue Eyes’ than smoothly transitions into the soulful entry, ‘Crave,’ which is the debut critically acclaimed single from ‘Memoirs.’ With its Nina Simone-vibe and its sensuous vocals, piano and guitar, ‘Crave’ proves to be the most radio-friendly song on Roundtree’s new record. Throughout the track, she vulnerably admits that she already feels that her heart was meant just for the man she loves.

While Roundtree freely declares that she loves her current man throughout most of her new album, she begins to emotionally admit that their love couldn’t last on the tune, ‘Dysfunkshunull Love.’ The gripping jazz, blues and pop-infused entry truly draws listeners into the musician’s growing pain over the fact that her relationship hasn’t worked out the way she had initially hoped that it would. She powerfully declares that he mistreated her heart and took the best parts of her personality, so she can’t let go of the hurt he caused her.

The next enthralling jazz and blues-infused song on ‘Memoirs’ is ‘Karma,’ which features a strong bass section that highlights Roundtree’s stunning vocals. The charged and electrifying lyrics question how can he so cruel when he knows she loves him. While the at-times generic break-up message the songwriter infused into the words point out that her former love will receive the karma he deserves, she sounds as though she’s finally attaining the peace she so strongly desires.

‘Memoirs’ then transitions into its last commanding and noteworthy jazz-inspired track, ‘Good Day Lover.’ Through her jazz-infused piano and vocals, Roundtree sounds as though she has finally found peace again, even though she is still somewhat emotional over the fact that the man she loved left. But she has learned how to peacefully say goodbye, as she declares that she’ll never forget their love, and is more accepting of the end of their relationship.

The most emotionally relatable and memorable forms of entertainment are often the ones that are passionately inspired by true life events. The ever-adaptable and skilled Roundtree has crafted an alluring new album that focuses on the universal need for love. The jazz singer-songwriter-instrumentalist’s deeply personal ‘Memoirs,’ features captivating songs she wrote from the heart. The enticing compilation powerfully documented the passionate emotions that drive the universal heartbreak that arises from a love story that ends before it even truly begins.

For more information on Roundtree, visit her Spotify, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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