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Steve Wilcox Makes Carla Ortiz a Proposition in Curse of the Mayans’ Exclusive Clip

Curse Of The Mayans

(L-R): Actress Carla Ortiz and actor Steve Wilcox star in co-writer-director Joaquin Rodriguez’s sci-fi horror thriller, ‘Curse Of The Mayans.’

Some treasures should never be uncovered, no matter how lucrative their value may be to the public. Steve Wilcox, Carla Ortiz and Olga Fonda are learning that lesson the hard way in the new sci-fi film, ‘Curse of the Mayans,’ which is being released today on DVD and Digital HD. In honor of the horror movie’s home distribution by VMI Worldwide, Shockya is premiering an exclusive clip, which features Wilcox and Ortiz, and is called ‘Proposition.’

The thriller was directed by Joaquin Rodriguez (‘Decadencia,’ ‘Time Warrior,’ ‘666: The Beginning of the End’), who also co-wrote the script with Alberto Haggar. In addition to Wilcox, Ortiz and Fonda, ‘Curse of the Mayans’ also stars Bernardo Peña. The drama is set in the dark jungles and unexplored cenotes of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, and was filmed on location at the sites of actual Mayan settlements.

VMI Worldwide has released the following synopsis for ‘Curse of the Mayans’:

For eons, the Mayans prophesied that on December 21, 2012 – the end-date of the 5,126-year cycle of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar – there would be a cataclysmic, earth-shattering event. As it turned out, 2012 wasn’t the end, but the beginning.

In present day, American professor Dr. Alan Green (Wilcox) discovers a manuscript that may hold the keys to the lost Mayan culture. After traveling to Mexico, he hires an expert team of cave divers, led by Danielle Noble (Ortiz), to explore a submerged labyrinth of ruins that were left behind by the ancient civilization before their mysterious disappearance. But when the team unwittingly stumbles upon an underwater prison and unintentionally frees the evil alien beings that are trapped within, they are forced to fight for their survival and prevent the extraterrestrial apocalypse predicted by the Mayans long ago.

Shockya's Exclusive 'Curse of the Mayans' Clip-'Proposition'
Shockya's Exclusive 'Curse of the Mayans' Clip-'Proposition'

Shockya's premiering an exclusive clip from co-writer-director Joaquin Rodriguez's sci-fi horror thriller, 'Curse of the Mayans,' which stars Steve Wilcox, Carla Ortiz and Olga Fonda.

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