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Meet Florencia Bollini, a Spiritual Guide to Successful Entrepreneurs

Florencia Bollini

Photo of spiritual guide, Florencia Bollini

Securing the key to true success can be easily accomplished by entrepreneurs who not only honor the past, but also celebrate the present. Psycho-spiritual strategist Florencia Bollini has proclaimed that victory is effortlessly obtainable through the combination of ancient medicine, which is the root of many ancestral cultures, and modern technological advances that are being used to transform the way people triumph in their lives. The specialist has been helping entrepreneurs to improve their work over the past five years by using the unique blending of modern technology with ancient medicine.

Ayurveda and other ancestral practices, along with traditional Indian medicine, are mixed with current innovations, such as virtual reality, in order to create therapies that are helping business owners make better decisions. Bollini has found that the combination has also allowed entrepreneurs to better plan their otherwise busy schedules, and overcome their dependency on such toxins to the body as sugar. He has also praised the positive effects of such spiritual practices as yoga, which helps people strengthen their breathing and tranquility, and computer-generated technology as virtual reality, which give them the opportunity to be more balanced. “After doing different studies in traditional medicine in several continents, such as Africa, America or Asia, I took on the task of developing a methodology that allows us to connect with entrepreneurs and leaders,,” Bollini has stated in a recent interview.

The specialist continues his practices in Tulum, Quintana Roo, where the use of classic psychotropic drugs is allowed, if done in the framework of traditional medicine. Bollini’s practices have helped such successful entrepreneurs as crypto-currency guru, Brock Pierce; Trevor Nielsen, who’s a capital driver for social impact; and businessman Anton Bilton.

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