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Cat Dail’s Fight For Love EP Review

Cat Dail's Fight For Love EP

The cover for singer-songwriter Cat Dail’s indie blues-funk-rock-soul-folk EP, ‘Fight For Love.’

Artist: Cat Dail: vocals, guitar and percussion; Teddy Kumpel: guitars, bass, percussion, backing vocals and midi-keys; Shawn Pelton: drums

EP: ‘Fight For Love’

Produced, recorded and mixed by: Teddy Kumpel; Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NYC

Honestly addressing both the personal pain and pleasure many people regularly experience throughout adulthood isn’t always the easiest process for anyone. But award-winning singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Cait Dail, passionately bares her soul on her recently released EP, ‘Fight For Love,’ which is the sixth album she has distributed on the Lucky Magnet label she founded. The eclectic mix of indie rock, blues, funk, soul and folk vocals and instrumentation she infused into the record’s seven tracks highlights the authentic female point of view on relationships, and life overall, that is rarely incorporated into music.

Drawing from her most intimate experience, Dail immediately proves to be a clever and ingenious storyteller with the first entry on ‘Fight For Love,’ which is titled ‘Can’t Buy Love.’ As one of the best songs on the EP, it powerfully highlights the musician’s gritty vocals, which instantly showcase her true, raw emotions. Driven by pulsating drums and a 1960s and ’70s funk vibe that’s reminiscent of Janis Joplin, Dail enthrallingly croons about how love redeems people. She notes that even though she and the man she loves don’t have much money, and the world’s not always kind, they can thrive on the trust and faith they have in each other.

While ‘Can’t Buy Love’ shines a light on the positivity of admiration and devotion, the sophomore track on the musician’s latest album, ‘Player,’ features an intriguingly different message. The tune, which is driven by a folk-blues nostalgic vibe, notes how the man that Dail is involved with hustles every minute, and keeps his real feelings at bay. Supported by a standout drum beat and guitar riffs, the singer croons that she loves him anyway, even though she knows he’s never going to change. But she powerfully declares that she rules her own world.

‘Player’ is followed up by the folk and blues guitar-driven entry, ‘Catch Fire,’ on which Dail fiercely proclaims that her heart is on fire for the man she loves. She also emotionally ponders why he doesn’t have the same desire for her. Aided by a stellar blues guitar, she admits that she’ll never be the same since meeting him, especially after contending with his cold and distant emotions.

‘Fight For Love’ then delves into another one of its best songs, the inspiring folk-driven ‘Wonder Love.’ The track, which is supported by an enticing hard-rock guitar, features the musician powerfully proclaiming that she doesn’t need Superman, or any superhero, to save her, because she’s not a victim. She declares that she saves people herself, and does some good for society on her own. Dail inspiringly also indicates that she fights for love, and works with her friends to save the world.

The singer’s latest record then transitions into ‘Flow Zone,’ which features an intriguing electronic vibe on its drum beats and guitar riffs. Dail emotes that her favorite place makes her feel inspired and different, as it makes her lose track of time when in she’s in her zone. The tune, which features Clark Gayton on the trombone and Steven Bernstein on the slide trumpet, features an up-beat and inspirational message and vibe that surely makes it fun for audiences to watch be performed live.

The penultimate track on ‘Fight Fr Love’ is the funk, blues and soul-inspired ‘She Can Fly,’ on which the musician passionately croons that she wants to fly above her current situation. She powerfully proclaims that she doesn’t feel the need to fit into society’s standards, an essential message that’s highlighted by Andy Erin on keys.

Dail’s latest EP ends on a soulful note with the entry, ‘Molly & Matchbox.’ On the blues-centric song, she shares her admiration and adoration for the people in her life, and can’t wait to get to know the newest person who has sparked her interest. The singer beautifully ends the album with one last reminder that everyone should embrace the people they love and cherish, and not take them for granted.

Truthfully discussing the personal pain and pleasure many people often experience throughout adulthood isn’t always the easiest process for everyone. But Dail proves that she’s worthy of her multiple awards and praises by passionately baring her soul on ‘Fight For Love.’ The eclectic mix of indie rock, blues, funk, soul and folk vocals and instrumentation she infused into the album’s seven tracks stunningly highlights the genuine female point of view on relationships, and life overall, that is rarely incorporated into music.

For more information on Dail, and to buy ‘Fight For Love,’ visit her official website, as well as her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and Amazon pages.

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Cat Dail's blues-funk-rock-soul-folk EP, 'Fight For Love'
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