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C Wired’s Omega EP Review

C Wired Omega Cover

The cover for singer-songwriter C Wired’s alternative-rock-country-Americana EP, ‘Omega.’

Artist: C Wired (Chuck Whyard)

EP: ‘Omega’

Produced by Sol Philcox-Littlefield; Recorded at: Cathy Jo Studio and Gold Cassette Studio in Nashville, and at C Wired’s home base of Dragon’s Lair Studios

Completely embodying their inner truth, no matter how much the process may perplex their closest relatives, is a powerful experience for people as they search for their genuine meaning in life. That’s certainly the case for singer-songwriter Chuck Whyard, who released his debut six-track EP, ‘Omega,’ earlier this summer under his stage name, C Wired.

The Detroit native, who now lives in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, has crafted spiritual, self-empowering and convention-defiant music. His new songs reflect a life that’s lived without boundaries. Self-introspection and spiritual evolution are vital ideals behind his mission statement, as he believes in maintaining a freedom from guilt, fear and limitations. C Wired also enthrallingly highlights the importance of people following their hearts, as that’s where their true selves are located.

C Wired expresses his genuine opinions and feelings throughout ‘Omega,’ which begins with its soulful and enticing title track. The song powerfully reflects on the reality of depression, and the way people personally contribute to their own down cycles, throughout the rock-n-roll-inspired lyrics. Also driven by a country-Americana guitar, the tune chronicles how the musician is working to move forward in life.

‘Omega’ is followed by the EP’s sophomore entry, the mid-tempo ‘Anna Kissed the Sky,’ which features an alluring country-rock vibe. The song reflects on C Wired’s chance encounter with a seemingly good girl years ago, who has since taken on a more sinister career path. The daunting realization of the dire situations that people we once knew can ultimately find themselves in is driven in part by radiant guitars and a compelling rhythm.

The third track on C Wired’s new EP is ‘Gettin’ Sober’s a Bitch,’ which powerfully exposes a relatable experience that the singer has endured. The blues-rock-inspired tune features gospel-like vocal harmonies and country-rock guitar riffs that highlight that he doesn’t like to be told what to do, but he realizes that he may need to take a suggestion on how to survive.

Another memorable entry on ‘Omega’ is the alt-country-inspired ‘Angels Dancin’ On the Head of a Pin.’ Driven by piercing guitars and dazzling vocal harmonies, the philosophical messages are honest and important. C Wired croons about the importance of not worrying about small problems in life, so that people can truly concentrate on what’s truly vital to their success.

The musician’s new EP then delves into its Gospel-driven penultimate song ‘Jessah.’ The initially soothing harmonies enthralling transform into full-fledged alt rock vocals. Aided by sizzling guitars, the textured and enticing track chronicles how the singer has learned to pray for what he truly wishes to obtain.

‘Omega’ then ends with its progressive rock track, ‘Benevolent Angels,’ which begins slowly before building up to its full shimmering nature. Featuring radiant and subtle sonic nuances, the tune positively embraces spirituality, as C Wire encourages his listeners to overcome negativity, and not feel pressured to live up to expectations. Even if listeners aren’t truly religious, they’ll surely find inspiration in the entry’s introduction. The beginning features a soothing spoken proverb, during which G Wired encourages his listeners to find their way on the path that best suits them.

Completely embodying their inner truth, no matter how much the process may perplex their closest relatives, is a powerful experience for people as they search for their genuine meaning in life. That’s certainly the case for C Wired on his newly released debut EP. The singer-songwriter has crafted spiritual, self-empowering and convention-defiant music for ‘Omega,’ whose songs reflect a life that’s lived without boundaries, and encourage listeners to pursue the life they truly wish to pursue.

For more information on C Wired, visit his Facebook page.

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