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C Wired’s Angel Circuit Engaged EP Review

Angel Circuit Engaged  Album art cover

The cover art for C Wired’s alternative indie rock EP, ‘Angel Circuit Engaged.’

Artist: C Wired; Members: C Wired (real name: Chuck Whyard): vocals; Addison Smith: guitars, moog synth; Andrew Renner: bass; Daniel Kelly: percussion; Wil Houchens: keyboards; Gary Pigg and Bonnie Keen: back-up vocals

EP: ‘Angel Circuit Engaged;’ Produced Recorded and mixed by: Addison Smith; Recorded At: Dragon’s Lair Studios in Berkeley Springs, WV, and Nashville Music Doctor in Nashville, TN

Completely embodying their inner truth is a powerful experience for people as they search for their genuine meaning in life. That’s certainly the case again for singer-songwriter Chuck Whyard, who released his second six-song EP, ‘Angel Circuit Engaged,’ on Halloween under his stage name, C Wired. His feisty, fiery and poetic latest album comes after his explosive, eclectic and provocative debut six-track EP, ‘Omega,’ was unveiled this past summer.

The Detroit native, who now lives in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, has once more crafted spiritual, self-empowering and convention-defiant music. Like his previous release, his new tunes reflect a life that’s lived without boundaries. Self-introspection and spiritual evolution are vital ideals behind his mission statement, as he believes in maintaining a freedom from guilt, fear and limitations. C Wired also enthrallingly highlights the importance of people following their hearts, as that’s where their true selves are located.

C Wired expresses his genuine opinions and feelings throughout ‘Angel Circuit Engaged,’ which features an equally majestic, earthy and ethereal ensemble band that grippingly supports the singer-songwriter’s vocals. The record powerfully focuses on the musician’s personal belief in self-introspection that also frees people from boundaries and judgment.

‘Angel Circuit Engaged’ begins with its unforgettable title track, which is also its best entry. The singer croons a motivational call to arms that engages angels to contend with the battles of life, so that people may truly embrace their existence. The fascinating lyrics are set against an up-tempo instrumentation that emphasizes classic rock guitars and percussion.

The title track then transitions into the EP’s sly and bluesy sophomore song, ‘Botticelli Baby.’ The tune is a tantalizing ode to an ex whose voluptuous body type was blissfully more similar to a Sandro Botticelli Renaissance painting from the 15th century than a modern, thin supermodel.

The third entry on C Wired’s new album is ‘Climb the Mountain,’ which is one of the musician’s favorite songs. The fiery track is an inspirational reflection on spiritual ascension, and the challenge of doing so while people are also contending with their egos. C Wired proves yet again what a pioneer he is in the renaissance musical style with his dark and contemplative vocals, which are set against stunning guitar riffs and drum beats.

‘Climb the Mountain’ than delves into ‘Persian Woman,’ which continues to highlight the musician’s hard-rock instrumentation and lyrics, which emphasize his captivation by spiritual matters and social justice. The tune perfectly expresses his belief that there will be an eventual overthrow of old patriarchal patterns that attempt to repress women and their perspective.

The singer’s new EP then delves into its penultimate entry, ‘Angels Are Not Afraid of the Dark,’ which illustrate the dark forces that are currently prevalent in modern society. With the aid of dark and brooding instrumentation, C Wired enthrallingly croons about how he’s overcome by a willingness to help heal people through unconditional love.

‘Little Sisters’ is the socially contemplative song that brings ‘Angel Circuit Engaged’ to a stunning end. C Wired penned an inspirational and interesting erotic exploration that encourages women to lead the way in obtaining what they want from romantic relationships.

‘Angel Circuit Engaged’ is a powerful listening experience that highlights how C Wired has continuously had amazing life moments that many people can relate to, especially those who have no qualms about freely exposing themselves emotionally to the other people in their lives. The musician is a fearless and genuine singer-songwriter who truly connects with both the people in his life and his listeners. He has effortlessly crafted another EP that’s driven by spiritual, self-empowering and convention-defiant songs that encourage listeners to pursue the life they truly wish to lead.

For more information on C Wired, visit his Facebook page.

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