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Moe Green’s Eye Who’ll Take Me Home Single Review

Moe Green's Eye

The New York City-based rock band, Moe Green’s Eye.

Band: Moe Green’s Eye; Anthony Galati: vocalist; Steve Siegel: guitarist and primary songwriter; Jeff Mackey: bass; and Bob Gallaghe: drums

Single: ‘Who’ll Take Me Home’

Reflecting on times of seeming peril in their personal relationships can be a painful experience for anyone. But that process is even more harrowing for women who are used to receiving endless attention, but are now struggling to contend with life passing them by without anywhere near as much admiration. The emotional process of overcoming forlorn feelings of missing connections and opportunities that used to arisen from their once attractive looks is powerfully highlighted in the gripping new single, ‘Who’ll Take Me Home,’ from the rock band, Moe Green’s Eye.

The New York City-based quartet, soon to be quintet, which is led by vocalist Anthony Galati, explores the drive the formerly vain and arrogant women have to enhance their social position in their latest song. It’s story is inspired by true events that people the musicians used to know were experiencing as their lives drastically changed throughout adulthood. The track once again proves the group’s innovative and relatable storytelling, which is often crafted by its primary songwriter and guitarist, Steve Siegel, following the release of their first single, ‘Wasted,’ which was unveiled last spring.

‘Who’ll Take Me Home’ begins with the band’s signature classical rock drum beats and guitar riffs, which continue to support Galati’s ’90s-inspired rock vocals throughout the tune. The singer passionately croons about how the women who can’t believe everyone has left them feel as though their futures are tied to their past, and they’ll never be able to reclaim their former glory. They assert that they no longer want to be alone, and hopelessly ask the title question of who will act as their guide now. ‘Who’ll Take Me Home’ is an emotional ballad that passionately explore what happens when people wallow in self-pity and pain, and their need to find a way to improve their feelings of self worth.

While musicians often experience a wide range of diverse and unique emotions, the underlying personal pain and joy that motivates them in their creative process usually connects them to their audience in a stunningly relatable way. Moe Green’s Eye effortlessly did that again with the release of ‘Who’ll Take Me Home,’ which looks at a gritty and unpleasant view of life.

The musicians warn their listeners throughout the single that they need to see the darker side of life, if they want be truly honest with themselves, and try to change their circumstances. While telling a story, ‘Who’ll Take Me Hom’ is also a meaningful cautionary tale to the group’s listeners to not succumb to the sins of vanity and arrogance, because it can lead to consequences that negatively impact future happiness.

For more information on Moe Green’s Eye, visit the band’s Facebook, Spotify, SoundCloud, Bandcamp and ReverbNation pages.

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