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Life on the Line Devon Sawa

Striving to always embrace the underlying positive attributes in every aspect of life, no matter how difficult the circumstances appear to be, is an admirable trait that not all people possess. But the linemen who risk their lives by working on the electrical lines during even the most dangerous storms are one such group of people who deserve more praise by the public. The workers are finally receiving their much deserved recognition in the new action drama, ‘Life on the Line,’ which was released this weekend in select theaters and On Demand by Lionsgate Premiere. ‘Life on the Line’ follows a group of hard-working Texas linemen led by Beau Ginner  [ Read More ]

C.H.U.D. II Blu-ray Cover Art

Having an unlimited amount of fun and laughs is a vital aspect to all friendships, no matter what extreme circumstances the cohorts find themselves in together. Relying on that amusement was certainly an essential part of the companionship between the main characters in the cult 1989 horror movie, ‘C.H.U.D. II: Bud the Chud.’ In honor of the film being released on limited edition Blu-ray this Tuesday, November 22, from Lionsgate Home Entertainment, Shockya has an exclusive clip from the comedy’s home release special features. The clip, which is titled ‘Friends with the Guys,’ features Tricia Leigh Fisher, who played Katie in the sequel to the 1984 original film, ‘C.H.U.D.,’ discussing  [ Read More ]

Bleed for This New York City Premiere

Heroes are a vital component of supporting the ideals, and helping, their society, but are unfortunately often only remembered in the immediate aftermath of their courageous actions. But some idols so gallantly define the odds in their contributions to their community that they’re long remembered by the people whose lives they impacted. That’s certainly the case with famed former professional boxer, Vinny Paz (who was known by his birth name, Vinny Pazienza, when he won his five world titles). Even after surviving a tragic car accident, the boxer was able to bravely overcome his injuries in order to enter the ring again and prove his everlasting worthiness as a fighter.  [ Read More ]

Incarnate Exclusive Clip Follows Aaron Eckhart Entering the Subconscious Minds of the Possessed

One of the most important aspects of being a scientist is to unbiasedly help serve the greater good of society, no matter how emotionally attached the researcher becomes to their cases. That’s certainly true of the troubled protagonist of the new horror film, ‘Incarnate,’ who must overcome his own painful past in order to treat others in need. In honor of the movie’s upcoming release, which will allow audiences to examine the struggle experts must contend with while performing their jobs, Shockya is premiering an exclusive clip, titled ‘What If It’s Maggie?’ ‘Incarnate’ is set to be be released in theaters on December 2 by BH Tilt, a division of  [ Read More ]

Abigail Winzer Rejoice Album Review

Posted by Karen Benardello On November - 13 - 2016 0 Comment
Abigail Winzer Rejoice Album Review

Artist: Abigail Winzer, Lead Vocals; Instruments: Abigail Winzer Michael Crittenden, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Korg M3 Synthesizer, Yamaha P250, Hammond B3, Organ, Tubular Bells, Tambourine, Sleigh Bells, Celeste; James Spalink, Irish Harp, Irish Whistle, Soprano-Alto-Tenor Recorder, Lute; Brian Morrill, Cymbal Rolls; and Arsen Petrosyan, Duduk Album: Rejoice Production: Mackinaw Harvest Music Studio, Grand Rapids, Michigan; Produced by Michael Crittenden Building a unique and everlasting sense of character can be a challenge for anyone who wishes to create their own powerful sense of identity. That process can be even more confusing when society appoints a specific set of standards for a group of people who are perceived to be easily swayed. Up-and-coming  [ Read More ]


Interview: Charlie Heaton Talks Talks Shut In (Exclusive)

Posted by Karen Benardello On November - 12 - 2016 0 Comment
Interview: Charlie Heaton Talks Talks Shut In (Exclusive)

Living in a loving home with a caring family is meant to make people feel protected and secure, particularly those who are grappling with the effects of a traumatizing experience. But that ordeal can become frightening when that safe environment begins to feel sinister and threatening. The growing impression of claustrophobia is captivatingly highlighted between the protagonist and her teenage stepson in the new thriller, ‘Shut In,’ which was directed by Farren Blackburn. Audiences can now witness the growing suspense of how a mother and son can become emotionally and physically isolated and manipulated, as the drama was released in theaters nationwide this weekend by EuropaCorp USA. ‘Shut In,’ which  [ Read More ]

Shut In Star Naomi Watts Experiences Some of the Creepiest Dreams in Film

Women behold some of the most fascinating emotional abilities that allow them to survive the most traumatic situations. Even when their subconscious is threatening to break down their mentalities as they try to survive a harrowing situation, women possess the strength to rise about what’s plaguing their morals. That’s certainly the case with the protagonist in the new thriller, ‘Shut In,’ which was directed by Farren Blackburn. Told through the stunning feminine insight of writer Christina Hodson, the drama follows its lead character, who is played by the enthralling Naomi Watts, as she battles her vulnerabilities, which are taunting her through her nightmares. Audiences can now witness as her formerly  [ Read More ]

Live by Night Final Official Trailer Shows Ben Affleck Living the Dangerous Life

Ben Affleck is seizing the opportunity to gain power and money in the final official trailer for his upcoming crime thriller, ‘Live by Night.’ The drama marks the filmmaker’s first direcotiral effort since he won the BAFTA and Golden Globe Awards for Best Director in 2013 for the historical drama, ‘Argo.’ Affleck also wrote the screenplay for ‘Live by Night,’ which is based on the 2012 award-winning best-selling crime novel of the same name by Dennis Lehane. The movie adaptation marks the second collaboration for the fellow Boston natives, following the acclaimed 2007 drama, ‘Gone Baby Gone.’ ‘Live by Night’ is set in the roaring ’20s when Prohibition hasn’t stopped  [ Read More ]


Arrival Movie Review

Posted by Karen Benardello On November - 9 - 2016 0 Comment
Arrival Movie Review

Title: Arrival Director: Denis Villeneuve (‘Sicario,’ ‘Prisoners’) Starring: Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker and Michael Stuhlbarg The perplexities of life are always plaguing people’s sense of humanity and identity, as they struggle to find the true meaning of their purpose on Earth. Exploring the true nature of life as they contend with conflict and knowingly approach death is often the best way for people to maintain their humility. That’s certainly the case with the protagonist and the supporting characters of the new sci-fi movie, ‘Arrival,’ which grippingly points out how disconnected many people truly are from society. The drama, which was directed by ‘Sicario’ helmer, Denis Villeneuve, features actress  [ Read More ]


Interview: Guy Kent and Marta Gastini Talk Autumn Lights (Exclusive)

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Interview: Guy Kent and Marta Gastini Talk Autumn Lights (Exclusive)

Engaging in a secluded environment in an overall unfamiliar culture can be a daunting prospect for many people as they embark on the latest phase of their lives. Not only do the main characters of the new drama, ‘Autumn Lights,’ must learn how to immerse themselves in a remote region of Iceland as they strive to find a much needed serenity, but so do the main actors and filmmakers of the movie. First-time feature film writer, director and producer, Angad Aulakh, collaborated with a fellow American, actor-producer Guy Kent, to make the first Icelandic-American co-production to be shot and completed in Iceland. Joined by Italian actress, Marta Gastini, the trio  [ Read More ]

Abbie Cornish, Dylan Gelula and Garrett Wareing Headline Cast of Eddie Alcazar's Psychological Thriller Puberty

Abbie Cornish, Dylan Gelula and Garrett Wareing have joined the cast of the psychological thriller, ‘Puberty,’ Brainfeeder Films has announced. Production on the drama is set to begin this winter in Los Angeles. CAA is handling the domestic rights for the movie. The thriller serves as the second feature for the newly formed Brainfeeder Films, whose launch was announced during the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. Eddie Alcazar will direct and produce the drama, whose story he also worked on with Ted Kupper, who penned the script. Filmmaker and musician Flying Lotus is executive producing and composing the score for ‘Puberty.’ Brainfeeder Films has released the following synopsis for ‘Puberty’:  [ Read More ]

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Kickboxer: Vengeance 5

The need for many people to find atonement and retribution against the enemies who have wronged them is a compelling motivation in their people’s lives. That’s certainly the case for the protagonist in the martial arts film, ‘Kickboxer: Vengeance,’ who’s on a quest for restitution for his brother. In honor of the action movie’s home release today, Shockya is premiering an exclusive clip from the drama, which is titled ‘Pay the Price.’ ‘Kickboxer: Vengeance,’ which is a reboot of directors Mark DiSalle and David Worth’s 1989 martial arts film, ‘Kickboxer,’ is now available on Blu-Ray and on DVDB from RLJ Entertainment. The Blu-Ray is retailing for an SRP of $29.97,  [ Read More ]

Robert De Niro's Talking to You in Taxi Driver 40th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Giveaway

Sometimes the best way to seek forgiveness for a person’s past sins is to reevaluate, and learn from, those damaging mistakes. That’s certainly the case for the honorably discharged young U.S. Marine, Travis Bickle, in the acclaimed drama, ‘Taxi Driver,’ whose increasing loneliness and depression begin to lead him down a destructive path. That evaluation of the title character leads him to seek recovery, which is chronicled in the celebration of the historic film’s 40th anniversary. In celebration of ‘Taxi Driver’s commemoration, Shockya is offering two lucky winners a 40th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray. To enter, email us at Let us know that you’re entering to win the ‘Taxi Driver’  [ Read More ]

Black Sails Blu-ray Giveaway Explore the Continued Battles of Legendary Pirates

Legendary pirates are battling each other once again in the thrilling third season of the STARZ original series, ‘Black Sails.’ Fans of the Emmy Award-winning drama series can relive the arrival of notorious raider Blackbeard as the latest season is distributed on Blu-ray + Digital HD with Ultraviolet and DVD tomorrow by Anchor Bay Entertainment. In celebration of ‘Black Sails’ Season 3]s home release, Shockya is offering one lucky winner Blu-rays of all three seasons of the adventure drama. To enter, email us at Let us know that you’re entering to win the ‘Black Sails’ Blu-ray contest in the email’s subject line and message. You have until next Monday,  [ Read More ]

My Dead Boyfriend Exclusive Clip Shows Heather Graham Being Distrustful of Kate Moennig's Significant Other

Struggling to find the meaning in their life can be an essential healing process for many people during the aftermath of the death of an essential person in their life. That’s certainly a vital emotional journey for Mary, the lead character in the new dark comedy, ‘My Dead Boyfriend,’ as she attempts to overcome her sorrows as she grieves for her late boyfriend. In honor of the protagonist combating her internal conflicts, Shockya is premiering an exclusive new clip from the film, titled ‘Koppy, Koppy, Koppy Store.’ In ‘Koppy, Koppy, Koppy Store,’ Mary meets Zoe’s new boyfriend, Jeff, who is the manager of a Kopy Kopy Kopy store. Mary refuses  [ Read More ]

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