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SXSW 2015 Interview Colin Hanks and Sean Stuart Talk All Things Must Pass

Enthusiastically discovering and pursuing a thriving business venture you’re intensely passionate about isn’t a luxury everyone has the privilege to explore in their lives. But for those who have that powerful advantage, they naturally exude a powerful devotion to spread that eagerness to everyone who works, and interacts, with them. Such is the case with Russ Solomon, the founder of the renowned 20th century music store, Tower Records, who created such an engaging environment for his employees and customers, that people around the world were keen on taking part of the company’s movement and history. Actor Colin Hanks intriguingly captured the world’s attraction to Tower Records in his feature documentary  [ Read More ]

The Unravelling’s Revolt Single Review

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The Unravelling's Revolt Single Review

Artist: The Unravelling; Vocals/Lyrics-Steve Moore, and Instruments/Music-Gustavo de Beauville Single: Revolt Production: Gustavo de Beauville Fearlessly embarking on an emotional journey to challenge the restrictive burdens society not only places on people of certain ages, but also labels those responsibilities as the only right way to assimilate into civilization, can be a harrowing experience for anyone, no matter what their personality is like. That difficult question of whether people should undoubtedly follow society’s expectations, or raise concerns over what the proper way to approach relationships and life overall, is intriguingly explored in the new single from industrial rock group, The Unravelling. The upcoming song from the Calgary-based band, which is  [ Read More ]

SXSW 2015 Interview: Ben and Chris Blaine and Abigail Hardinham Talk Nina Forever

Enduring a crippling sense of pain and loss often seems to be an isolating experience, as you struggle to overcome the harrowing feelings of being abandoned by, and detached from, the outside world. Whether you live in the quiet suburban countryside or in a chaotic city, people often don’t feel as though their self-imposed seclusion would be considered normal, as their emotions don’t get much attention by any part of society. Intensely missing someone who’s no longer in your life, and attempting to stay connected to that person you have so longingly loved, intriguingly fuels the new horror film, ‘Nina Forever.’ Brothers Ben and Chris Blaine, who made their feature  [ Read More ]

Interview: Bryan Coyne Talks Infernal (Exclusive)

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Interview: Bryan Coyne Talks Infernal (Exclusive)

Following your natural and emotional instincts in an intriguing journey to not only contend with the struggles in your personal relationships, but also inspire the creative process in your career, can be an equally harrowing and gratifying process. In the new found footage horror film, ‘Infernal,’ which opens today in theaters and on VOD nationwide, a young married couple is relatably combating their ever-increasing difference in opinions and disagreements over how to best raise their daughter. Writer-director-producer Bryan Coyne, who made the film after helming the 2012 television baseball documentary, ‘Harvard Park,’ grippingly drew on inspiration from his own personal relationships to showcase how the seemingly happiest moments of a  [ Read More ]

Girls Season 4

Viewers can bring some of the most comedic, dramatic and grippingly relatable characters on two of HBO’s most critically-acclaimed series, ‘Girls’ and ‘Looking,’ home and on-the-go with them later this month. The premium cable television network is releasing ‘Girls’ Season 4 and the second season of ‘Looking’ on Digital HD on April 20, before it distributes the shows on Blu-ray and DVD. ‘Girls’ and ‘Looking’ are just two shows among the award-winning and audience favorite series that HBO has made available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, Xbox Video, Best Buy CinemaNow, Nook and PlayStation Video. For more information on how to view the shows digital before their  [ Read More ]


Interview: Vincent D’Onofrio Talks Broken Horses (Exclusive)

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Vincent D'Onofrio in Broken Horses 2

Boldly relying on your natural versatility, inner strength and instinctive determination to achieve your purposeful goals is a resolute characteristic of any person ambitious enough to go after what they truly want in life. From the unwavering protagonist of the new crime drama, ‘Broken Horses,’ who persistently tries to save his older brother from the dangerous life of crime he inadvertently found himself involved in after their father’s death, to actor Vincent D’Onofrio, who portrays the mystery film’s villainous crime lord, the movie is enthrallingly driven by strong characters and actors. The drama, which opens in theaters on Friday, marks the English feature film debut of Academy Award-nominated director, Vidhu  [ Read More ]

Electric Slide Poster

Jim Sturgess is starring in an entrancing, musical love letter to a man who decided to quit reality to live full?time in the Hollywood movie of his dreams in the new biographical crime film, ‘Electric Slide.’ In his portrayal of real-life bank robber, Eddie Dodson, the Vancouver Film Critics Circle Awards-nominated actor brings to life a seemingly elegant criminal, who is known for stealing from the most banks in history. To showcase the performer’s portrayal of the romantic outlaw seeking self?reinvention, Shockya has a new exclusive trailer from the action drama. ‘Electric Slide,’ which had its world premiere at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, marks the feature film writing and  [ Read More ]

Cuba Gooding Jr. and Aunjanue Ellis in The Book of Negroes

The universal story of loss, courage and triumph is powerfully being examined in the upcoming DVD release of the acclaimed mini-series, ‘The Book of Negroes.’ The show, which became BET’s top-rated original mini-series when it had its U.S. premiere on the cable network in February, stars Aunjanue Ellis, Louis Gossett Jr. and Cuba Gooding Jr. In celebration of the program’s special edition DVD release on Tuesday, Shockya has a new exclusive clip, which features the Oscar-winning ‘Jerry Maguire’ actor discussing his character’s relationship with Ellis’ character. An epic dramatic adaptation of the critically acclaimed novel by Lawrence Hill, ‘The Book of Negroes’ depicts the extraordinary life of Aminata Diallo (Ellis)–an  [ Read More ]

Interview: Julius Onah Talks The Girl Is in Trouble (Exclusive)

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Interview: Julius Onah Talks The Girl Is in Trouble (Exclusive)

Daringly pursuing ambitious new relationships and situations has the potential to not only push you out of your comfort zone and into a bold new journey, but also offers a liberating chance to uncover who you truly are, and enter into the next stage in your life. Fearlessly embarking on that difficult but necessary process everyone must take in order to remain faithful to their ideals is the epitome of the lives of the characters and filmmakers of the new independent crime thriller, ‘The Girl Is in Trouble.’ Writer-director-producer Julius Onah, who was born in Nigeria and now lives in New York City, grippingly pursued his dream of making his  [ Read More ]

Interview Alicja Bachleda Talks The Girl Is in Trouble (Exclusive)

Courageously stepping out of your comfort zone as you ponder the next stage in your life, and fearlessly embarking on a bold new journey in an effort to uncover who you truly are, is a difficult but necessary process everyone must take in order to remain faithful to their ideals. Writer-director-producer Julius Onah, who was born in Nigeria and now lives in New York City, grippingly pursued his dream of making his first feature film with the independent crime thriller, ‘The Girl Is in Trouble,’ which enthralling reflects aspects of his own life. In the process, he perfectly cast Alicja Bachleda as the movie’s female lead, who much like the  [ Read More ]


Furious 7 Movie Review

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Furious 7 Movie Review

Title: Furious 7 Director: James Wan Starring: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Dwayne Johnson, Elsa Pataky, Nathalie Emmanuel, Djimon Hounsou, with Jason Statham and Kurt Russell Respectfully honoring a talented, humble and versatile actor who enthrallingly thrived on connecting with his fans, especially over his most noteworthy role, can be an equally daunting and bittersweet process for filmmakers and studios, particularly when the performer tragically and unexpectedly dies amid production of a highly anticipated movie. Such is the case with the late Paul Walker, whose brilliant capabilities as a performer helped drive his portrayal of the beloved former government official Brian O’Connor  [ Read More ]

SXSW 2015 Interview: Ross Dinerstein Talks The Diabolical and The Nightmare

Instinctively finding ways to fight the menacing evil that’s harrowingly invading your life, particularly by lurking in your home at night and disturbing your sleep, can be a terrifying experience for many people. However, such intuitively motivated characters, who willingly embrace the challenge of fighting back against their terrifying intruders, are grippingly featured in two of producer Ross Dinerstein’s latest movies, the horror thriller narrative, ‘The Diabolical,’ and the sci-fi horror documentary, ‘The Nightmare.’ From a mother who’s determined to protect her young children from a threatening presence in ‘The Diabolical,’ to people around the world who are forced to face the daunting prospect of stopping malevolent beings from interrupting  [ Read More ]

Anne Steele’s What’s Mine Album Review

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Anne Steele's What's Mine Album Review

Artist: Anne Steele Album: What’s Mine Production: Erik James and Kevin Benoit (Producers, Mixed and mastered) People often relegate themselves into their society’s preconceived notions of how they should feel and present themselves to not only the people in their lives, but also the world in general. However, the versatile, award-winning New York-based pop-dance singer Anne Steele effortlessly proves that everyone should remain true to their beliefs, particularly when it comes to love and personal relationships, in her newly released album, ‘What’s Mine.’ With her distinct and unwavering support of gay rights, which helped infuse her eclectic and powerful anthems with the notion that everyone needs to stand up for  [ Read More ]

Stephen Ohl Gets Hooked Up In Official Trailer for First Film Shot Entirely on an iPhone

Stephen Ohl and Jonah Ehrenreich are ready to embark on an uninhibited party across Barcelona in the official trailer for their upcoming horror film, ‘Hooked Up.’ The thriller’s intriguing clip was released by its distributor, Uncork’d Entertainment, which is set to unveil the movie on VOD on April 7, and DVD on June 9. First-time feature film director, Pablo Larcuen, both helmed and co-wrote the horror comedy with Eduard Sola. ‘Hooked Up’ was also executive produced by Jaume Collet-Serra, who’s known for helming the Liam Neeson action movies ‘Non-Stop,’ ‘Unknown’ and ‘Run All Night,’ as well as making his feature film directorial debut with the 2005 horror thriller remake, ‘House  [ Read More ]

SXSW 2015 Interview: He Never Died's Jason Krawczyk and Henry Rollins

As people struggle to find and hold onto a meaningful purpose in their work and relationships, they often find it difficult to simply define the overall objectives in their lives. So they often determinedly set out to describe and showcase their strengths, in a powerful attempt to validate their existence and merits. Writer-director Jason Krawczyk and actor Henry Rollins profoundly highlighted their persistence in telling an equally emotional and action-driven horror story in their new film, ‘He Never Died,’ which premiered during last week’s SXSW in Austin, Texas. The performer’s complex anti-hero also enthrallingly showcased his dedication to finding the significance in his own life, particularly when it comes to  [ Read More ]

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