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Sundance 2016 Interview: Babak Anvari Talks Under the Shadow Phone Interview (Exclusive)

Children often can garner a fear of the unknown in the world around them as they hear frightening stories and urban legends from their peers. While many kids subsequently learn to outgrow their terrors as they start to realize the myths are untrue, others will continue to be driven to learn more about the demons and how to escape them. Award-winning British-Iranian filmmaker Babak Anvari is one such person who decided to face his concerns in the story of his feature film writing and directorial debuts, the new horror thriller, ‘Under The Shadow.’ Having been born and raised in Tehran, Iran, the filmmaker often heard legends about Djinn, which are  [ Read More ]

Murder Rap: Inside The Biggie & Tupac Murders Exclusive Clip Shows the Inside Story of the Rappers' Murder Investigations

American society has long been enthralled with Hollywood history and true crime mysteries, particularly when the two intriguingly intersect. The upcoming documentary, ‘Murder Rap: Inside The Biggie & Tupac Murders,’ offers a powerful glimpse into both pop culture history and true crime stories, as it gives an unprecedented inside look into the investigation into two of the most high-profile celebrity murders in Hollywood history, Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. In honor of the film’s distribution on Monday, Shockya has an exclusive new clip, titled ‘Murder Rap – Puffy and the Crips.’ The clip, as well as the film, commemorates the 20th anniversary of Shakur’s death in September 2016, which is  [ Read More ]

Kubo Character Poster

Kubo and his friends are embarking on a quest to save the people of their town as they try to solve the mystery of a fallen spirit from his past. Their brave journey is captured in the new trailer and character posters for the upcoming animated film, ‘Kubo and the Two Strings.’ Focus Features unveiled the trailer and posters, as it prepares to distribute the new movie from animation studio Laika nationwide on August 19. Travis Knight made his feature film directorial debut on ‘Kubo and the Two Strings,’ which was written by ‘ParaNormal’ scribes Marc Haimes and Chris Butler. The following synopsis for the epic action-adventure film has been  [ Read More ]

The Challenger Exclusive Clip Introduces Ken Moran's The Bronx Boy as a Boxing Contender

Determinedly vowing to never give up on your resolve to obtain your goals can be a physically and emotionally daunting task. While ultimately realizing your objective can be rewarding, that perseverance you fiercely held onto during your journey to get there can also be detrimental to your personal life at times. The harrowing descent into the downfalls of your rising success is powerfully showcased in ‘The Bronx Boy,’ Shockya’s exclusive clip for the independent boxing drama, ‘The Challenger.’ The clip supports the upcoming home distribution of the action movie, which was initially unveiled this past September in a limited theatrical release at Regal Cinemas. The film is set to also  [ Read More ]

Truth & Power Episode 2 Exclusive Clip Shows Government Overreach Infringing on Civil Liberties

Society is meant to thrive in part because of the public trust it bestows on private institutions and their government. Therefore citizens’ confidence in their leaders’ ability to honestly protect and serve them is understandably and harrowingly broken when the public realizes that their representatives are invading their privacy for their own personal gain. That exploration into how the government’s overreach is infringing upon people’s civil liberties is showcased in Shockya’s exclusive clip for the upcoming second episode of Pivot TV’s docu-series, ‘Truth & Power.’ The video, which is titled ‘Activists Get Computer Hacked,’ details how malware, which is a virus that can steal files, track communications and turn on  [ Read More ]

Interview: Vincent Rodriguez III Talks Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Exclusive)

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Interview: Vincent Rodriguez III Talks Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Exclusive)

People who are determined to find love often eagerly and willingly embark on a desperate attempt to finally find the person they’ll naturally connect with for the rest of their lives. Once they do meet the person they believe they’ll have everlasting happiness with, they’ll purposefully take whatever means necessary to secure their bond, even if it means completely changing their lives to build a romantic relationship. That persistent objective of achieving and maintaining that connection is alluringly presented in The CW’s freshman musical comedy series, ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,’ which returned this week and airs on Mondays at 8/7c. Theater veteran Vincent Rodriguez III, who People Magazine has recently named as  [ Read More ]

Dress Like Marlon Wayans in Fifty Shades of Black in T-shirt and Signed Poster Giveaway

Assuredly proclaiming your dedicated admiration for the most significant things in your life through comedy, as well as on your clothing and through pictures, is one of the most powerful and endearing forms of flattery. Celebrated actor and comedian Marlon Wayans is once again showing his appreciation for pop culture in his new outrageous comedy, ‘Fifty Shades of Black,’ his latest film in his signature genre, as well as through its merchandise, including shirts and posters. In celebration of the comedy’s upcoming theatrical release, Shockya is offering one lucky winner a ‘Fifty Shades of Black’ T-shirt and signed poster. To enter, email us at ShockyaGiveaway@aol.com. Let us know that you’re  [ Read More ]

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Falling Skies The Complete Fifth Season Blu-ray Cover

The aliens are set to invade Earth one last time, as TNT is set to distribute ‘Falling Skies: The Complete Fifth Season’ and ‘Falling Skies: The Complete Series’ on Blu-ray and DVD next Tuesday, February 2. The home release of the popular post-apocalyptic drama series was announced after the show’s fifth and final aired last summer on the basic cable network. The Emmy Award-nominated sci-fi series, which debuted in summer 2011, was executive produced by Steven Spielberg, and starred Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood, Drew Roy and Connor Jessup. In celebration of the epic alien-invasion drama’s home release, Shockya is offering three lucky winners a ‘Falling Skies: The Complete Fifth Season’  [ Read More ]


Daniel Grinberg’s Short Stories Album Review

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Daniel Grinberg's Short Stories Album Review

Artist: Daniel Grinberg Album: Short Stories Members/Instruments: Daniel Grinberg: guitars and keyboards; Maor Swartzberg: guitars, keyboards and bass guitar; Tal Tamari: drums and percussion; and Yoav Arbel: drums Production: Maor Scwartzberg Affectionately and thought-provokingly reflecting on your life’s most meaningful passions and connections can be a sentimental and gripping experience, particularly as you evaluate your most meaningful accomplishments. Instrumentalist Daniel Grinberg, who has created a successful career out of his admiration for science and technology, is now captivating audiences with his newly launched music career. The guitarist and keyboard player has recently released his debut record, the pop and melodic rock inspired ‘Short Stories.’ One the album, he collaborates with  [ Read More ]

Interview: Marlon Wayans Talks Fifty Shades of Black Soundtrack (Exclusive)

Confidently declaring your devoted admiration for the most important people and things in your life through comedy is one of the most powerful and endearing forms of flattery. Celebrated actor and comedian Marlon Wayans is once again showing his appreciation for pop culture in his upcoming comedy, ‘Fifty Shades of Black,’ his latest film in his signature genre that he passionately refers to as comedic remixes. The writer and producer is also embracing the fact that hip-hop and R&B soundtracks have been dominating the music charts to help support his love of parodying modern society. Open Road Films is set to release ‘Fifty Shades of Black’ on over 2000 screens  [ Read More ]

Steven Spielberg’s The BFG Receives First Poster From Disney

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Steven Spielberg's The BFG Receives First Poster From Disney

Mark Rylance is proving that he’s a Big Friendly Giant in the first official poster that Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures has released for its upcoming family fantasy film, ‘The BFG.’ The movie, which was directed by Steven Spielberg, reunites the filmmaker with the Oscar-nominated star of last fall’s historical thriller, ‘Bridge of Spies.’ ‘The BFG’ was written by Melissa Mathison, who previously collaborated with the three-time Academy Award-winning helmer on the Oscar-winning sci-fi family film, ‘E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial.’ The screenplay for their latest collaboration is based on the 1982 best-selling novel of the same name by Roald Dah. The screen adaptation is scheduled to be released in Disney Digital  [ Read More ]

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New The Divergent Series: Allegiant Trailer Shows Tris and Four Fighting a New World

Tris and Four bravely fought for their right to enter their new world, but they’re only now discovering that life beyond Chicago’s walls is far more dangerous than anything they ever expected or experienced before. The determined protagonists in the upcoming sci-fi sequel, ‘The Divergent Series: Allegiant,’ are once again battling back against the oppression they’re faced with in the second full-length trailer, which is titled ‘Tear Down The Wall.’ The adventure movie’s distributor, Summit Entertainment, premiered the latest trailer today, in anticipation of the third installment of ‘The Divergent Series’ being released in theaters and IMAX on March 18. Summit Entertainment has unveiled the following synopsis for ‘The Divergent  [ Read More ]

Interview: Jacob Gentry, Brianne Davis and AJ Bowen Talk Synchronicity (Exclusive)

Possessing an infinite wisdom into the origins and purpose of our existence is a unique brilliance that not many people have the luxury of possessing. Furthering their abilities, so that they can travel back in time to protect society’s survival from disastrous events, is an intelligence that scientists have not yet been able to achieve, but is an enviable goal they’re still working on. While preserving civilization is a top priority for scientists, society could face a potential downfall if even one person was suddenly afforded a parallax view of their own life, and selfishly attempted to use physics to solve their own problems. That powerful dilemma over whether people  [ Read More ]

Flight of the Hippogriff-WWoHP at USH

One lucky winner is being offered the chance to go on a magical journey to embrace the wonders of Harry Potter experiences across the globe in the Ultimate Harry Potter Trip Around the World sweepstakes. The contest is celebrating the opening of “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” at Universal Studios Hollywood on April 7. The winner and three guests will get to visit the Grand Opening at Universal Studios Hollywood. They’ll then continue their voyage to Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Japan. The winner and their guests will also visit The Making of Harry Potter at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, where they can discover behind-the-scenes filmmaking secrets  [ Read More ]

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Interview: Kevin and Michael Goetz Talk Martyrs (Exclusive)

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Interview: Kevin and Michael Goetz Talk Martyrs (Exclusive)

Setting out to create a new identity and sense of purpose can be a challenging task, as people are usually guided through life by their past decisions, emotions and experiences. That’s certainly the case with the directors and main characters in the upcoming horror film, ‘Martyrs,’ which is a retelling of the French 2008 horror cult film written and directed by Pascal Laugier. Kevin and Michael Goetz, who are collectively known as the Goetz Brothers, took over helming duties for the French filmmaker on the remake, after proving their captivating abilities to chronicle the gripping psychological struggles people are forced to contend with during times of conflict in their first  [ Read More ]

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