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Interview: Shannyn Sossamon Talks Sinister 2 (Exclusive)

Posted by Karen Benardello On August - 17 - 2015 0 Comment
Interview: Shannyn Sossamon Talks Sinister 2 (Exclusive)

Compellingly emphasizing the emotional and physical struggles and demons a vulnerable mother is fighting, particularly in her determined attempts to protect her children from experiencing any more harm, can be an immensely daunting task for anyone. But actress Shannyn Sossamon enthrallingly highlights that natural perseverance in her portrayal of a dedicated mother who’s struggling to defend her young sons from their abusive father, as well as a frightening supernatural deity, in the new horror sequel, ‘Sinister 2,’ which is set to be released in theaters on Friday. The anticipated follow-up to the critical and box office hit 2012 horror film, ‘Sinister,’ instinctively emphasizes the performer’s character’s relatable story, as it  [ Read More ]

Visit Vendetta's Haunted Location in Exclusive Home Release Special Features Clip

Emotionally relating to, and understanding, the psychotic motivations of manic characters who are purely driven by their feelings of grief and despair can be a harrowing process for many people. But when a film’s story can grippingly and naturally draw out those agonizing emotions, largely in part of the eerie environment of its intensely disturbing main shooting location, the actors can enthrallingly and instinctively showcase those hysterical inspirations. One such entrancing movie that powerfully utilizes its frightening location to its advantage is the action drama ‘Vendetta,’ the latest joint directing effort from twin sisters Jen and Sylvia Soska. In honor of the film’s home release on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital  [ Read More ]

Exclusive Interview Dean Cain Talks Vendetta (Blu-ray and DVD Release)

Persistently working outside of your identifiable and revered comfort zone, in an effort to fulfill your personal and professional goals, and prove to the world how adaptable and committed to your ambition you are, can be an equally daunting and liberating task. The main character in the action drama ‘Vendetta,’ esteemed Chicago detective Mason Danvers, who’s powerfully played by Dean Cain, proves that he’s so dedicated to his mission of avenging his wife’s murder that he’ll risk his own life and freedom to honor his allegiance to her. Cain, who’s best known for his role as Superman in the television series ‘Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,’ as  [ Read More ]

Exclusive Interview: Jen and Sylvia Soska Talk Vendetta (Blu-ray and DVD Release)

Determinedly working outside of your established and esteemed comfort zone, in an effort to fulfill your personal goals, and prove to the world how versatile and committed to your ambition you are, can be an equally daunting and liberating task. But the main characters in the action drama ‘Vendetta,’ as well as its twin directors, Jen and Sylvia Soska, grippingly pushed themselves to move past people’s preconceived notions of them, and fulfill their respective objectives. The film, which will be released on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD by Lionsgate Home Entertainment and WWE Studios on Tuesday, proves that the helmers can powerfully incorporate other genres into their signature horror filmography.  [ Read More ]


Interview: Bella Thorne Talks Big Sky (Exclusive)

Posted by Karen Benardello On August - 13 - 2015 0 Comment
Interview: Bella Thorne Talks Big Sky (Exclusive)

The grippingly influential decisions people make in emotional and at times rash situations can leave a powerful and lasting effect on their lifestyles. Even when they’re striving to positively change their circumstances, their choices still have the potential to significantly cause irreversible harm to their future, which can ultimately force them to finally reconsider their attitudes and beliefs. That’s certainly the case with the distressed protagonist, Hazel, who’s played by Bella Thorne, in director Jorge Michel Grau’s new thriller, ‘Big Sky.’ The drama, which is set to be released tomorrow in theaters and on VOD, follows the distraught character as she finally realizes that her behavior is holding her back  [ Read More ]

The Liquorsmiths’ This Book Belongs To EP Review

Posted by Karen Benardello On August - 13 - 2015 0 Comment
The Liquorsmiths' This Book Belongs To EP Review

Artist: The Liquorsmiths EP: This Book Belongs To Production: Recorded at Inhesion Studios in Atlanta and Citizen Recording in San Diego; Produced by Jeremy Grelle and Drew Thams; Mixed by Jeremy Grelle; Mastered by Rodney Mills Passionately and candidly expressing your personal hopes and fears in an enthrallingly powerful communal setting is a task that people often shy away from, as they don’t want the world to know their weaknesses. Captivatingly embracing those perceived vulnerabilities in such a permanent and accessible setting as a record is an even more daunting experience for many people. But the San Diego-based indie folk rock band, The Liquorsmiths, intriguingly embraced that challenge with their  [ Read More ]


Interview: Keith Powers Talks Straight Outta Compton (Exclusive)

Posted by Karen Benardello On August - 12 - 2015 0 Comment
Interview: Keith Powers Talks Straight Outta Compton (Exclusive)

Relentlessly fighting to uphold your idealistic ideas about what it means to live a truly equal life, where everyone’s rights are equally supported, is a visionary concept that isn’t easily upheld. The gripping exploration into how far people are willing to go to endorse that concept is shown in director F. Gary Gray’s new drama, ‘Straight Outta Compton.’ The biopic, which opens in theaters on Friday, follows the determination of rappers Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy-E and the other members of the persistent acclaimed hip-hop group, N.W.A. The group strove to protect their communities and family, including Dr. Dre’s younger brother, Tyree, who’s played by up-and-coming actor Keith Powers, against  [ Read More ]

Relive Beth's Journey in The Walking Dead The Complete Fifth Season Home Release Clips

The struggle of determining whether a person’s life is important enough to try to save has been one of the intriguing major conflicts that has plagued AMC’s hit horror series, ‘The Walking Dead,’ throughout its Emmy Award-winning series run. That battle continues as Anchor Bay Entertainment is set to release the zombie horror’s complete fifth season on home video on August 25. The show’s Blu-ray + Digital HD and DVD will emphasize the season’s major story arc of Beth’s kidnapping and the group’s efforts to get her back. The home release will include a deleted rooftop scene from Episode 508, ‘Coda,’ and a new bonus feature, ‘Beth’s Journey.’ Each five-disc  [ Read More ]

Halloween: Michael Myers Comes Home Slashes Through Universal Studios Hollywood in Halloween Horror Nights Maze

Michael Myers, one of the most terrifying villains in cinematic history, is set to terrify an entire new community, when the all new Halloween: Michael Myers Comes Home maze premieres at Halloween Horror Nights on September 18. The maze is inspired by the classic 1978 slasher film, ‘Halloween,’ which co-written and directed by renowned horror filmmaker John Carpenter. Halloween Horror Nights’ latest revealed maze will take guests through the tormented town of Haddonfield, Illinois, where ‘Halloween,’ which featured Jamie Lee Curtis in her acting debut, is set. The horror thriller, which begins on the title holiday in 1963, follows a six-year-old Michael Myers as he inexplicably and brutally stabs his  [ Read More ]

In the Dark Movie Review

Posted by Karen Benardello On August - 9 - 2015 0 Comment
In the Dark Movie Review

Title: In the Dark Director: David Spaltro Starring: Lynn Justinger, Grace Folsom, Fiona Horrigan Catherine Cobb Ryan and Jesse R. Tendler The prospect of exploring the seemingly frightening unknown, and ultimately deciding to take a leap of faith to explore a situation that you never thought you’d be emotionally prepared to handle, is a daunting prospect for many people. That unnerving anticipation of delving into unpredictable circumstances is intriguingly investigated in the new independent horror mystery drama, ‘In the Dark,’ which marks the first entry in the genre from writer-director David Spaltro. The filmmaker, who previously penned and helmed the intriguing indie dramas ‘…Around’ and ‘Things I Don’t Understand,’ boldly  [ Read More ]

Interview: Renee Olstead Talks Unfriended's Blu-ray and DVD Release (Exclusive)

People often feel the need to glamorize themselves online so that they can convince not only everyone they are connected with, but also themselves, that their lives are better than they actually are. They wrongfully don’t think about the consequences of their actions as they try to showcase the most attractive aspects of their lives in the process. But everyone, especially those vulnerable teens who feel as they need constant validation to feel worthy and appreciated, needs to realize that it’s not smart to compare themselves to anyone else, particularly online. That important message of the significance of being, and appreciating, your true self, and realizing that no one’s life  [ Read More ]

Take a Look at Season 4 in Exclusive Hell on Wheels Behind-the-Scenes Clip

People often declare that they’ll do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, no matter what circumstances they’re forced to overcome. But once they begin forming true connections in their community, they have to make the hard choice of whether they should remain committed to their original ambition. That powerful internal struggle of whether remaining true to your initial aspirations is enthrallingly explored in the fourth season of the popular AMC western series, ‘Hell on Wheels.’ In honor of the basic cable’s top-rated drama receiving a home release on Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday, Shockya has an exclusive new clip, titled ‘A Look at Season 4.’ In ‘A Look at  [ Read More ]

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Explore the West in Hell on Wheels' Season 4 Blu-ray Twitter Giveaway

Conflict between the government and communities who don’t support each other’s motivations, visions and overall way of life isn’t just a problem in modern society. The clash between leaders and the people they represent has been a constant battle for centuries, as each side fights for control over how they lead their lives. That never-ending struggle is powerfully continued in the fourth season of AMC’s popular western drama, ‘Hell on Wheels,’ which is set to receive a home released on Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday. In celebration of ‘Hell on Wheels’ Season 4 home entertainment release, Shockya is giving away three Blu-rays of the western drama. To enter, follow us  [ Read More ]

Interview: Austin Stark Talks The Runner (Exclusive)

Posted by Karen Benardello On August - 6 - 2015 0 Comment
Interview: Austin Stark Talks The Runner (Exclusive)

Compromising your beliefs is never an ideal situation as you set out to obtain what you want in your personal and professional lives, but sometimes that concession is the only plausible way you can truly achieve your goals. Such is the case with the seemingly admirable politician in the new drama, ‘The Runner,’ which marks the feature film writing and directorial debuts of producer Austin Stark. The visionary leader respectfully sets out to protect the citizens of his city who have been negatively impacted by a recent natural disaster, only to devastatingly see his personal motivations and career derailed by an inadvertent scandal. So he ultimately considers relenting to his  [ Read More ]

Jabbawockeez Bring Hip Hop Show to Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights

An all-new high energy routine is dancing into the lineup of Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights. The world-famous hip hop dance crew, the Jabbawockeez, is creating an original show exclusively for the 2015 edition of the annual three-dimensional world of terror event, which will begin on Friday, September 18. The routine will feature gravity-defying choreography, stunning special effects, pulse-pounding music and the Jabbawockeez’s intricate synchronized style, signature white masks and unique brand of humor. The Halloween Horror Nights show will mark the award-winning hip hop dance group’s introduction into horror-themed entertainment. The Jabbawockeez’s routine, which will take place at Universal Studio’s Castle Theatre venue, will be performed multiple times per  [ Read More ]

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