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Charlie Sheen's Former HIV Doctor Names Actor in Mexican Gang Assault

Did Charlie Sheen have his Ex-AIDS Doc beat up in Mexico to keep him quiet? The brutal beating came during a week two news crews are filming Doctor Samir Chachoua, fueling rumors the troubled actor wants to silence the doc about the successful treatments he received With his stunning revelation last fall that he’s HIV positive, Sheen had the potential to finally use his celebrity status for good use again by promoting safe lifestyle choices for people living with the illness. But the two-time Emmy Award-nominated actor is unsurprisingly back to his erratic behavior, as he has allegedly made another death threat in Mexico. The implied danger wasn’t targeted toward  [ Read More ]

Legendary Horror Filmmaker Wes Craven Passes at 76

Posted by Karen Benardello On August - 31 - 2015 0 Comment
Legendary Horror Filmmaker Wes Craven Passes at 76

The entertainment world is suffering from another bad dream. Famed horror filmmaker Wes Craven, who garnered fame in part for writing and directing the hit 1984 movie ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street,’ which follows serial killer Freddy Krueger as he kills his teen victims in their dreams, has died at age 76. His family confirmed the news that he passed at his home in Los Angeles yesterday from brain cancer. Craven came up with the idea for the successful ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ franchise after living next to a cemetery on the real Elm Street in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, where he was born. The filmmaker also maintained  [ Read More ]

President Obama Signs Sanctions Against North Korea

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The Interview

The Sony hack news continues! “Can it be over?” you’re probably asking. This news probably doesn’t mean that the Sony hack fiasco is over, but it does mean that America is cracking down on the country that supposedly caused this mess in the first place. The Hollywood Reporter states that America is imposing sanctions on North Korea as a punishment for North Korean hackers infiltrating Sony’s security. President Barack Obama signed off on the sanctions in an executive order Friday. These sanctions are a first when it comes to sanctions America has on North Korea already; these particular sanctions are about Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. The sanctions affect  [ Read More ]

Bill Cosby 49

Bill Cosby is facing several sexual assault allegations, but the comedian and beloved television dad is still performing for crowds. Cosby recently performed in Melbourne, FL to a sold-out crowd. But Cosby’s shows have also been cancelled in Nevada, South Carolina, Arizona, Oklahoma and Washington State. Two upcoming shows for Cosby, to be held in Dec. 6 at the Tarrytown Music Hall in New York, are being treated a little differently than both the cancelled shows and the Melbourne show. The Journal News states that the two shows will still go on. But, those who bought tickets received an email from the Music Hall box office Friday stating that refunds  [ Read More ]


Mickey Rourke has been lauded for his acting talent in “The Wrestler,” which is about an aging wrestling star who works towards one last chance at redemption. But if you heard about Rourke’s actual boxing exploits, you might actually get confused between reality and film. The truth is that yes, Rourke actually has fought in the ring and this weekend, he picked up the boxing gloves again and got back in the ring. Also, he won. Rourke recently fought in an exhibition match in Moscow. Rourke, who had retired from amateur boxing 20 years ago, fought against former California Golden Gloves champ Elliot Seymour. Seymour is 33 years younger than  [ Read More ]

Daredevil Takes Ultimate Selfie Above London

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James Kingston London Ultimate Selfie

Have you ever wanted to take the ultimate selfie? Would you risk your life to climb to a ridiculous height just to have the most impossible selfie ever? If you’re like free runner James Kingston, then the answer is yes. Kingston climbed up the 364-ft. South Bank Tower in London, England and onto a crane. If the dizzying climb wasn’t enough, he then proceeded to do hang above the city with just one hand. Of course, Kingston filmed the whole excursion so that those of us land-bound humans can get a sense of what it feels like to be a daredevil. Kingston told The Telegraph that the mental prep for  [ Read More ]

FilmOn-Hollywood Blvd Brawl

You probably never thought you’d see beloved children’s characters Mr. Incredible and Batgirl get into a brawl, but FilmOn was there to catch it! The Mirror reported on the video recorded by FilmOn’s camera. The footage shows two people dressed as Batgirl and Mr. Incredible getting into an alleged territorial brawl on Hollywood Boulevard. Just so happens that FilmOn had a camera out on the street at the time, filming near where the incident took place. Batgirl and Mr. Incredible are part of the network of many people who work on Hollywood Boulevard who pose with tourists. But instead of giving tourists great pictures, Mr. Incredible fights Batgirl while people  [ Read More ]

Robin Williams' Friends and Family React to Actor's Devastating Death

Friends and family members of Academy Award-winning actor Robin Williams, who died at his Northern California home yesterday, are responding to the performer’s devastating passing. Coroner investigators believe the actor’s death “to be a suicide due to asphyxia,” the Marin County, California Sheriff’s Office noted in a statement. Marin County deputies responded to an emergency call that was placed by the Golden Globe-winning actor’s personal assistant from his home in Tiburon yesterday at 11:55am. The sheriff’s statement disclosed that it was reported “a male adult had been located unconscious and not breathing.” Williams, who was last seen alive at his home around 10pm Sunday, was then pronounced dead at 12:02  [ Read More ]

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1

The world has missed the magical presence of Harry Potter and his wizarding friends. We do know that a spin-off from the series, “Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them” is being turned into a film and is expected to come to theaters Nov. 2016. But if you want to know what Harry himself is doing, turn no further than to Rita Skeeter’s gossip column. J.K. Rowling released a new story through Pottermore, written from the perspective of the popular gossip columnist. Rowling-as-Skeeter gave fans a look at what the Boy Who Lived is now doing as an adult. If you don’t have Pottermore account, you can also read the  [ Read More ]


Did you donate to LeVar Burton’s “Reading Rainbow” Kickstarter initiative? Seeing how quickly the campaign raised its initial goal of $1 million in less than 24 hours, you proably did. The campaign reached everyone, including Seth McFarlane, who announced he would match each dollar pledged over $4 million, up to $1 million. The campaign is now over and more than surpassed its initial goal with $5,408,916 with 105,857 backers. The additional money from McFarlane takes the final total up to $6,408,145. TechnoBuffalo also wrote that the campaign became one of Kickstarter’s top five projects of all time. There were also some great prizes for those who donated the big bucks,  [ Read More ]

Jason Momoa The Red Road

I’m going to be honest and say that I’ve been one of the “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” haters out there. Everything I’ve heard so far has just turned me off more and more to the film. Well, almost everything–the idea of seeing Wonder Woman and Cyborg in the same film is quite intriguing and I need to see how this comes out. I guess I’m also admitting that I’m a hater that will still go to the movie theater to see this film. At least I can admit it. However, I will say that there is one thing that is making me legitimately want to see it, not  [ Read More ]


The Brady Bunch Star Ann B. Davis Dies at 88

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Ann B. Davis

If you’ve seen “The Brady Bunch,” you probably loved Alice, the Brady family’s quick-witted and kind housekeeper. Unfortunately, the actress who played Alice throughout the show’s run, Ann B. Davis, died Sunday. She was 88 years old. According to CNN, Davis fell in her home. A close friend of Davis, Bishop William Frey, told CNN that Davis died in a San Antonio hospital. Frey stated that Davis had suffered a subdural hematoma. Florence Henderson, who played Carol Brady on the show, wrote on Facebook, “I am so shocked and sad to learn that my dear friend and colleague, Ann B. Davis, died today. I spoke with her a couple of  [ Read More ]


Stop the presses! A black actor is playing Dr. Storm! As a black person myself, I thought I’d use that introduction to get people’s attention and to show how a lot of the “Fantastic Four” fanatics probably feel about this news. Yes, there is a black actor playing Dr. Storm for the rebooted “Fantastic Four” film, and that actor is Reg E. Cathey. Cathey has been in all sorts of television shows and films, but you probably best know him from “The Wire” and “House of Cards.” As you probably already know. Dr. Storm is the father to both Johnny Storm and Sue Storm. Johnny is played by Michael B.  [ Read More ]

Star Trek Into Darkness Poster

Say it isn’t so! One of the most popular duos is splitting up! This time, it’s not a Hollywood marriage, it’s a writing team. It’s Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, the writing duo that is behind some of the biggest tentpole movies today. The Hollywood Reporter wrote that the split is amicable and had been in the works for a while, since the two writers have been working on other separate franchises. Orci is still in the world of the “Star Trek” franchise and is also in loose talks to direct the third film–no negotiations have happened, but Orci has director J.J. Abrams’ blessing. Abrams, of course, is directing the  [ Read More ]


“The Big Lebowski,” is more than a cult film; it almost feels like an institution. The film gets quoted ad nauseum and there’s even a huge convention for the film, Lebowski Fest. With such a huge following, some fans might wonder what would happen if there was a sequel to the film. Some probably won’t want a sequel or spin-off –you don’t want to ruin a good thing–but if you are hoping and praying for a new “Lebowski” film, your prayers just might have been answered. TMZ recently asked John Tuturro if rumors of a “Lebowski” spin-off starring Tuturro’s character, Jesus “The Jesus” Quintana, could actually be in the works.  [ Read More ]

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