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RPG DVD Review

Posted by juliana On February - 12 - 2015 0 Comment

Title: RPG (Real Playing Game) Arc Entertainment Director: Tino Navarro, David Rebordao Writer: Tino Navarro, Artur Ribeiro Cast: Rutger Hauer, Cian Berry, Alix Wilton Regan, Dafne Fernandez, Pedro Granger, Soraia Chaves, Nik Xhelilaj, Cloudia Swann Running Time: 102 min, Rated R ( violence, language, sexual content) Special Features: Trailer Available on VOD and DVD: February 10, 2015 In the not-to-distant future, Steve Battier (Rutger Hauer), an elderly, terminally ill, multimillionaire. accepts an offer from the RPG company for an opportunity to be young again, but for only 10 hours.   He, along with 9 other elderly rich people agree to pay a hefty sum in order to play a game, but  [ Read More ]


The Reagans The Legacy Endures DVD Review

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Title: The Reagans The Legacy Endures RLJ Entertainment / Image Entertainment Director: Robert D. Kline Narrator: David Purdham Running time: 91 minutes, Not Rated Special Features: None Available on DVD & Digital February 3rd, 2015 A documentary about Ronald and Nancy Reagan starting from their birth, to their careers in Hollywood, to marriage, kids and finally the presidency. Born in Illinois, Ronald Wilson Reagan was a high achiever who excelled in school, became student body president, a lifeguard, had a passion for acting and football.  He graduated from Eureka College and pursued a career in radio, and was a sports announcer who specialized in play-by-play accounts. While traveling with the  [ Read More ]


The Atticus Institute Blu-Ray Review

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Title: The Atticus Institute Anchor Bay Entertainment Director: Chris Sparling Writer: Chris Sparling Cast: Rya Kihlstedt, William Mapother, Harry Groener, Jon Rubinstein, Sharon Maughn Running Time: 83 minutes, Not Rated Special Features: The Making of The Atticus Institute; Deleted Scenes Available January 20th The Atticus Institute is a documentary style horror film edited like a basic cable type of paranormal shows with interviews of Dr. West’s family and colleagues, along with footage involving an event that occurred in the 1970s. After nearly 40 years, the secret experiments at the Atticus Institute have finally been released. Dr. Henry West (William Mapother) founded The Atticus Institute in the 1970s to test individuals  [ Read More ]

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Jimi All Is By My Side DVD Review

Posted by juliana On February - 11 - 2015 0 Comment

Title: Jimi: All Is By My Side XLRator Media Director: John Ridley Writer: John Ridley Cast: Andre Benjamin, Hayley Atwell, Imogen Poots, Ruth Negga Running time: 116 min, Rated R (Language, sexual references, drug content) Special Features: Music by Waddy, Lyrics by Danny (interview with Waddy Wachtel and producer Danny Bramson); Theatrical Trailer Available January 13, 2015 Andre Benjamin stars as Jimi Hendrix as he struggles with finding his sound and forming his band in London from 1966-1967, before his infamous Monterey Pop festival performance in the US. Imogen Poots portrays Linda Keith, Keith Richard’s then girlfriend and London scenester who claims to have discovered Jimi, and convinces Chas Chandler  [ Read More ]


Sex(Ed) The Movie DVD Review

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Title: Sex(Ed) The Movie First Run Features Director: Brenda Goodman Running Time: 76 min, Not Rated Special Features: Two Archival Sex Ed Films – “A Respectable Neighborhood (1961)”; “Masturbatory Story, or Coming of Age” (1976); 4 Deleted Scenes – Douche Nozzle; Fallopian Tubes; Graham Crackers & Masturbation; The War on Sex Available February 3, 2015 Sex(Ed) is a documentary about US educational films starting from the 1920s until today. The boys were shown graphic films about masturbation and condom use; portraying women as dirty disease carriers and prostitutes. The girls on the other hand were just shown about menstruation and films about how girls should behave when dating. These films  [ Read More ]


A Little Game DVD Review

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Title: A Little Game Arc Entertainment Director: Evan Oppenheimer Writer: Evan Oppenheimer Cast: Ralph Macchio, Janeane Garofalo, F. Murray Abraham, Rachel Dratch, Olympia Dukakis, Makenna Ballard Running Time: 91 minutes, Rated PG Special Features: Behind the Scenes; Bloopers; Trailer Available on DVD: January 20th, 2015 Max (Makenna Ballard)  is a 10 year old girl and the smartest kid in her school. Her parents (Ralph Macchio & Janeane Garofalo) want their oldest daughter to attend an all-girls private school to better her education, so they work themselves almost to death to pay the tuition. Meanwhile Max is unhappy leaving her friends behind, being bullied by the rich girls because her father  [ Read More ]


Zarra’s Law DVD Review

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Title: Zarra’s Law Arc Entertainment Director: Juha Wuolijoki Writers: Joseph Scarpinito and Charles Kipps Cast: Brendan Fehr, Erin Cummings, Nick Sandow, Tony Sirico, Burt Young Running Time: 79 min, Rated R (language and violence) Special Features: Trailer Available January 13, 2015 Based on a True Story boasts the theatrical trailer. It’s the story of Tony Zarra(Tony Sirico), a retired cop who is mourning the death of his brother two years later.  His lawyer nephew Gaetano (Brendan Fehr) comes to town to visit is uncle and grandma (Renee Taylor) and is shocked by Tony to hear that his father’s alleged killer is getting out of prison after only two years.  He  [ Read More ]

Enter to Win a Maison Close Blu-ray Combo Pack In Shockya's Twitter Giveaway

American audiences are invited into the heart of a lavish 19th century bordello with the stylized French thriller series, ‘Maison Close.’ The Canal Plus+ Series drama’s first season Blu-ray Combo Pack and soundtrack are set to be distributed for the first time in the U.S. Music Box Films will release the Blu-ray on February 10, on such platforms as Amazon. The show’s Blu-ray will include all eight unrated and uncut 55-minute episodes from the series’ first acclaimed season, as well as a collector’s book featuring photos and essays. The soundtrack for the first season, which also explores desire and power, and re-imagines age-old themes in revolutionary ways, will be unveiled  [ Read More ]

Explore Desire and Power in Exclusive Maison Close: Season One DVD Clip

American audiences are invited into the heart of a lavish 19th century bordello, through an exclusive clip from the first season of the Globes de Cristal Award-nominated drama show, ‘Maison Close.’ The video from the stylized French thriller series, titled ‘Trapped in Paradise,’ explores desire and power, and also re-imagines age-old themes in revolution ways. The clip has been released in anticipation of the Canal Plus+ Series drama’s first season being distributed on home entertainment for the first time in the U.S. Music Box Films will distribute ‘Maison Close: Season One’ on February 10 on DVD, which will be sold on such platforms as Amazon. The show’s first season will  [ Read More ]

Uncover Ouija's Secrets with Exclusive Clip For Film's Home Release

The frightening secrets and legends of the infamous ‘Ouija’ board are finally being revealed. In celebration of the home release of the horror film, which was unveiled today on Blu-ray and DVD, Shockya is debuting a new exclusive clip from the game’s big-screen adaptation. The clip also honors the feature film directorial debut of Stiles White, who’s also co-scribed the script with his frequent writing partner, Juliet Snowden. The two previously scribed such horror feature films as ‘The Possession’ and ‘Boogeyman,’ as well as the horror short, ‘The Need,’ and the action mystery drama, ‘Knowing.’ The exclusive ‘Ouija’ clip follows a Ouija board that’s placed on a red carpet. As  [ Read More ]

Win a Copy of Desecrated from ShockYa

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Desecrated 7

Horror film “Desecrated,” starring Haylie Duff and Michael Ironside, is now available on DVD and VOD and from the stills we featured on ShockYa late January, there’s a lot for classic “weekend getaway” horror fans to love. If you’re a fan of this film and you want your own copy, you could win a “Desecrated” DVD by entering in ShockYa’s Twitter giveaway! We’ve got 10 copies of “Desecrated” to give away to our readers. To enter in the contest, follow us @Shockya and tweet us the phrase, “Win a copy of Desecrated! Follow and RT to enter!” You can enter every day until Feb. 23. After which, we’ll pick the  [ Read More ]

Desecrated 1

A weekend getaway with friends turns into a deadly cat-and-mouse game in “Desecrated,” starring Haylie Duff (“Napoleon Dynamite,” “Material Girls”) and Michael Ironside (“X-Men : First Class,” “Total Recall”). The horror film is now available on DVD and VOD. “Desecrated” is directed by Rob Garcia and also stars Gonzalo Menendez (“The Event”), Heather Sossaman (“Hawaii Five-O”), Wilmer Calderon (“Fast and Furious”) and Paul James (“Greek”). Here’s more about the film: “After finding his family murdered by vagrant squatters, an ex-military operative and survivalist is hired by the man who bought his land to watch over the acreage and protect it from invaders. When the new landowner’s daughter arrives for a  [ Read More ]

New Clip from Fear Clinic Asks What Scares You

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We have a new clip from upcoming horror release “Fear Clinic” to share with you! The film, starring Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund, is set to scare horror fans silly with special effects created by the award-winning Robert Kurtzman and Steve Johnson. The film is so intent on your ultimate fear that the clip is called, “What Scares You?” “Fear Clinic” promises to “take viewers on an unforgettable journey into the very soul of terror itself.” The film focuses on survivors who are having trouble dealing with their phobias. The supposed cure could be a trauma in itself. “When trauma-induced phobias begin to re-emerge in five survivors a year after  [ Read More ]

Zombie Killers: Elephant Graveyard

The zombie genre gets a revisit with “Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard,” coming to DVD and Blu-ray Feb. 3. The Anchor Bay Entertainment film stars Billy Zane, Dee Wallace, Mischa Barton, Felissa Rose and Brian Anthony Wilson as people who must survive in a world where the infected roam the planet. “The rural town of Elwood has always been a “bubble” against the backdrop of an organism-based epidemic where infected humans don’t die, instead they roam to spread the infection in a grisly, horrific way. Those who escape must survive—by any means necessary. But at what price? In the film, the “Zombie Killers” are a small band of young adults, trained  [ Read More ]

FEAR CLINIC Blu-ray 3d

The actor best known for playing the popular horror character Freddy Krueger, Robert Englund, is going to scare audiences once again in “Fear Clinic. The film closed the ScreamFest 2014 Los Angeles and opened the 2014 New York City Horror Film Festival and if you want to see the film for yourself, it’s coming to DVD and Blu-ray Feb. 10 from Anchor Bay Entertainment. The film, directed by Robert G. Hall (“Lightning Bug,” “Laid to Rest,” “ChromeSkull: Laid To Rest II”) and also starring Fiona Dourif and Thomas Dekker also features the acting debut of Corey Taylor, known for his career with Slipknot and Stone Sour. The film was also  [ Read More ]

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