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Interview: Daniel Stamm Talks 13 Sins

Posted by Karen Benardello On April - 9 - 2014 0 Comment
Interview: Daniel Stamm Talks 13 Sins

Contently and fearlessly chasing down seemingly daunting and unfamiliar tasks can have potentially harrowing effects on people’s emotional and mental well-being. But when these intimidating challenges offer even the slightest incentive, people discover they can push their limits further than they even imagined, in order to obtain an enticing reward. Not only is that the case with the protagonist in the new independent horror thriller, ’13 Sins,’ as he tests his comfort zone in order to provide for this family, but also writer-director Daniel Stamm. The filmmaker, who first gained mainstream recognition for his 2010 hit horror thriller, ‘The Last Exorcism,’ returned to the genre that helped make him famous  [ Read More ]


The latest film from CBS Films, “Afflicted,” is a horror film that’s quickly becoming one of the most talked about horror films of this year. Praise from Ain’t It Cool News, Bloody Disgusting, HitFix, Fangoria, and others keeps rolling in and now you can see it for yourself in theaters and through VOD. FilmOn is also loving “Afflicted”; the online service was able to interview the filmmakers and stars of the film, Clif Prowse and Derek Lee, exclusively for their viewers. See what they had to say by watching the interview below the post. Also below is the embed of FilmOn’s red carpet coverage of more of today’s hottest films  [ Read More ]

Interview: Mark Webber Talks 13 Sins

Posted by Karen Benardello On April - 8 - 2014 0 Comment
Interview: Mark Webber Talks 13 Sins

Pushing yourself past your set comfort zone in order to explore new experiences and potentially gain an insightful advantage in your personal and professional lives can be a difficult challenge for many people. They can be forced to explore and question their own moral judgments and values, and how far they would willingly wreak havoc on other people’s lives, just to gain an edge of advantage in their own. The main protagonist in the new independent horror-thriller ’13 Sins,’ the down-on-his-luck Elliot, is forced to physically and emotionally test his moral judgment for his own financial gain. The actor who portrays him, Mark Webber, who’s known for starring in more  [ Read More ]

Cheap Thrills Interview: Big Dares & Big Changes for Pat Healy

Posted by Perri Nemiroff On March - 30 - 2014 0 Comment
Pat Healy in Cheap Thrills

You know Pat Healy, right? Well, if you don’t, that means you probably haven’t seen “The Great World of Sound,” “The Innkeepers,” or “Compliance,” and that also means you have quite a bit of movie watching to do. But before you get to any of that, Healy’s latest feature is an absolute must. In fact, “Cheap Thrills” is easily the best film I caught on the film festival circuit in 2013. Healy leads as Craig, a loving husband and father who gets slapped with an eviction notice and loses his job all in the same day. In an effort to ease the pain, Craig hits the bar and that’s where  [ Read More ]

SXSW 2014 Interview: Oculus Director Mike Flanagan

Posted by Perri Nemiroff On March - 17 - 2014 0 Comment

When Mike Flanagan’s short film “Oculus: Chapter 3 – The Man with the Plan” hit the festival circuit and conjured some buzz, there was immediate interest in turning it into a feature film. Trouble is, because the short involved just one character, the mirror and a few cameras in the room, all of those interested parties insisted on taking a found footage approach to the material, and that’s not the route Flanagan wanted to go. Holding strong to his original intent, Flanagan tucked “Oculus” away for quite some time until Intrepid Pictures came along and let him do it his way. “Oculus” the feature focuses on Kaylie and Tim Russell  [ Read More ]

Sasha Grey in Open Windows

Welcome to shaky cam 2.0. Writer-director Nacho Vigalondo doesn’t have a character running around “Open Windows” with a camera in his hand, but he does have one in the midst of a Skype-type call, another with an active iPhone camera, an abundance of security camera perspectives and more. Think you’ve seen those point-of-views before? Perhaps, but not just via a laptop screen. Nick (Elijah Wood) runs JillGoddard-Caught.com, a website that offers an endless stream of photos of Hollywood starlet, Jill Goddard (Sasha Grey). Under the impression he’s won a fan contest and will get to have dinner with Jill, Nick flies to Austin, Texas to meet her while she tours  [ Read More ]

Stage Fright

A horror musical? Really? Yes! And if you’re as skeptical as I was about the combination just before walking into my SXSW screening of “Stage Fright,” you better throw all that apprehension out the window because not only is the film quite good, but it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I had the entire festival. The film stars Allie MacDonald as Camilla Swanson. Back when she was a kid, her mother (Minnie Driver) was murdered while in the midst of a run leading the Broadway show, “Haunting of the Opera.” Years later, Camilla still dreams of following in her mother’s footsteps (minus the untimely demise), but the problem  [ Read More ]

SXSW 2014 Interview: The Team Behind Starry Eyes

Posted by Perri Nemiroff On March - 13 - 2014 0 Comment
Alex Essoe in Starry Eyes

Everyone’s got something to fight for. Whether it’s ensuring the wellbeing of a loved one, being financially sound or furthering one’s career, there’s always something that feels like the be-all, end-all. Now, the question is, what if you’ve taken the noble, go-getter approach for years, aren’t seeing any results and then run into an opportunity where you finally could achieve your dreams, but at the expense of your morals? The SXSW Midnight selection, “Starry Eyes,” may influence your answer to that question. Alex Essoe leads as Sarah, a budding actress trying to hit it big in Los Angeles. She slaves away at a fast food restaurant all day and goes  [ Read More ]

Zane Holtz and DJ Cotrona in From Dusk Till Dawn

Who’s ready to go back to the Titty Twister? You’ll have to wait a few episodes to get there, but tonight at 9pm on El Rey Network, you can start the journey with the Gecko brothers as they evade the Texas Rangers, and start to make their way down to Mexico in the very first episode of “From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series.” Eighteen years after the release of the original film, Robert Rodriguez is ready to unveil this new rendition featuring D.J. Cotrona in George Clooney’s role, Seth Gecko, and Zane Holtz taking over for Quentin Tarantino to play Seth’s brother, Richie Gecko. We’ve also got Wilmer Valderrama in  [ Read More ]

SXSW 2014 Interview: Honeymoon Writer-Director Leigh Janiak

Posted by Perri Nemiroff On March - 9 - 2014 0 Comment
Leigh Janiak

Meet Leigh Janiak, a first-time feature director who’s also the sole female filmmaker behind a SXSW 2014 Midnight Program official selection. Her film is called “Honeymoon” and, as the title implies, it chronicles a couple’s first few days as husband and wife and, as the genre implies, shows what happens when their idyllic romantic getaway turns into a total nightmare. Harry Treadaway and Rose Leslie lead as our newlyweds, Paul and Bea. They love each other dearly and are completely in synch with one another until Paul finds Bea sleepwalking in the middle of the woods late at night, after which she’s never quite the same. Shortly after the film’s  [ Read More ]

Interview: Dawn Wells Talks Silent But Deadly

Posted by Karen Benardello On February - 26 - 2014 0 Comment
Interview: Dawn Wells Talks Silent But Deadly

Senior citizens dying is usually no laughing matter, but that quickly changes when they’re amusingly being targeted by a crazed serial killer roaming the halls of their retirement home and pulling witty tricks on their victims. That’s certainly the case in the new horror comedy, ‘Silent But Deadly,’ the feature film directorial and writing debuts of actor Jason Lockhart. The filmmaker created a comical and witty movie that showcases the fight the residents of a plagued retirement home, led by actress Dawn Wells’ character, Rose, put up as they struggle to protect themselves and save their home. ‘Silent But Deadly’ follows a group of senior citizens who are being targeted  [ Read More ]

Joe Swanberg Embraces Realistic Storytelling Through Independent Filmmaking

People often believe that they have to follow a written and set guideline of socially acceptable behavior in order to gain acceptance and admiration by their peers. But it takes a talented and devoted individual to push the boundaries of truly acceptable moral behavior, in an effort to fulfill their goals and dreams and find peace and contentment over their choices within themselves. One such talented and diverse filmmaker, who consistently proves his writing and directing talents, as well as his interest in telling relatable stories that explore the complexities of life, in independent movies, instead making another generic studio movie, is Joe Swanberg. The Chicago-based filmmaker, who has penned,  [ Read More ]


Horror icon Jacqui Holland will be giving fans a double shot of her acting talent with horror film “Dead Ringer” and action film “God of Thunder.” ShockYa was happy to be able to speak with Holland about her films and her new production company. Read below to see what you can expect from these cool upcoming films. “God of Thunder” will be out this December. You are promoting two films, “Dead Ringer” and “God of Thunder.” What can you tell me about “Dead Ringer”? Jacqui Holland: So, it’s a horror film, and I play a character named Sandra. She’s kind of an obsessive stalker and she had a fiance. She  [ Read More ]

Interview: Devin McGinn Talks Skinwalker Ranch

Posted by Karen Benardello On November - 5 - 2013 0 Comment
Interview: Devin McGinn Talks Skinwalker Ranch

Struggling to find an audience and believers who faithfully follow your cause can be a challenging task for many people striving to prove their talent. That endless battle is skillfully demonstrated by helmer Devin McGinn in his feature film directorial debut, the horror sci-fi thriller, ‘Skinwalker Ranch,’ which is now playing in select theaters and on VOD. Not only does the director proficiently prove his visual filmmaking skills to viewers through his clever use of the found footage genre of horror, but also effortlessly raises belief that the paranormal is real, through a captivating style of narrative storytelling. ‘Skinwalker Ranch,’ which is based on true events, follows the notable disappearance  [ Read More ]

Interview: John Jarratt Talks Shiver

Posted by Karen Benardello On October - 20 - 2013 0 Comment
Interview: John Jarratt Talks Shiver

Truly understanding the inspiration behind the actions of a deranged serial killer can be challenge for many people who are unable to relate to their motivations. But versatile Australian actor John Jarratt, who made a name for himself in the horror genre with the help of one his career defining roles, Mick Taylor, in ‘Wolf Creek,’ is proving his talent once again the new horror thriller, ‘Shiver.’ Based on the 1992 book of the same name by Brian Harper, the film, which was directed by Julian Richards and is now available on DVD and VOD, is another great character study by the actor into what possesses a person to torment  [ Read More ]

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