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before i go to sleep 1

The end of October brought about a wide variety of movies, ranging from horror, mystery and drama. Rowan Joffe’s new film ‘Before I Go To Sleep’ falls into the psychological thriller spectrum, captivating movie-goers with the story’s twists and turns that stand out from one scene to the next. The director took on the monstrous task of writing the feature film adaptation, so his journey bringing this particular project from the pages of the script to the big screen has been a long but fruitful one. ‘Before I Go To Sleep’ centers on Christine (played by Nicole Kidman), a young woman who’s rare case of amnesia leaves her with a  [ Read More ]


Sadie Katz and Aqueela Zoll Talk Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

Posted by Karen Benardello On November - 2 - 2014 0 Comment
Sadie Katz Plays Sally in Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

Exploring the most frightening locations and situations that you have little or no knowledge of can sometimes be the most life-affirming circumstances of your existence. The opportunity for an actor to portray a role in a horror film undoubtedly offers them the unique chance to fully let go of their own inhibitions and explore those thought-provoking situations. Delving into those life-affirming circumstances isn’t just reserved for exploring the harrowing events that physically and emotionally threaten their characters; learning how to quickly adapt to filming in unfamiliar locations with a new cast and crew also provides them with the reassurance that acting is what they truly wish to pursue. Embracing those  [ Read More ]

nightcrawler jake 4

At this point plenty of movie-goers have been reading the rave reviews about Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance in his latest movie ‘Nightcrawler.’ The actor’s career has been amazing to see throughout the years as he hops from one intriguing role to the next, always testing his skills. Now he might be a few steps closer to finally getting the Oscar for his acting, but there’s so many different aspects of ‘Nightcrawler’ that blended together perfectly into this marriage of solid cinema for people to see around the nation. ‘Nightcrawler’ focuses on Louis Bloom (Gyllenhaal), a man who comes across an accident one night and finds himself heavily infatuated with the local  [ Read More ]

bigts 1

It’s Halloween time, and while there is a number of classic horror movies to thumb through, let’s not forget the ongoing surplus of new films currently out on the big screen. One of the movies that more people should see very soon is Rowan Joffe’s psychological thriller ‘Before I Go To Sleep.’ The Nicole Kidman-starring film is a fine combination of mystery, drama and a couple thrills for every movie-goer. ‘Before I Go To Sleep’ focuses on Christine (played by Nicole Kidman), a woman who’s rare form of amnesia leaves her trying to piece together her life every morning that she wakes up. Her mind is set twenty years in  [ Read More ]


Exclusive: Drew Rosas and Nick Sommer Talk Billy Club

Posted by monique On October - 31 - 2014 0 Comment

“Billy Club” is bringing horror to the supposedly-innocent world of little league baseball. Filmmakers Drew Rosas and Nick Sommer have used their love for vintage horror to create a brand new way to scare audiences (as well as a brand new iconic killer in the form of an umpire). ShockYa was happy to speak with Rosas and Sommer about the film, their inspirations and their favorite horror films. “Billy Club” will come to VOD and DVD Nov. 11. One of the interesting things about the film is that the killer has a lot of motive to go after his former little league team members. How was it for you guys  [ Read More ]

horns radcliffe 4

There are many who take one look at Daniel Radcliffe and automatically associate him with the Harry Potter franchise, which makes sense. The actor became an international star the moment he was cast as The Boy Who Lived. Ever since the monstrous movie franchise wrapped up, the twenty-something actor strives to further his acting skills through his continually diverse and intriguing set of film roles. When the script Joe Hill’s novel-turned-movie ‘Horns’ first came to the attention of Daniel Radcliffe, he knew the project wasn’t about to slip out of his grasp. The story centers around a young man named Ig who begins to grow devilish horns shortly after the  [ Read More ]


Interview: Rene Russo on ‘Nightcrawler’ & Her Acting Break

Posted by Melissa Molina On October - 30 - 2014 1 Comment
nightcrawler russo 3

Veteran actress Rene Russo has been working in film for quite awhile, gracing the big screen with her talent in a number of widely beloved movies such as ‘Get Shorty,’ ‘Tin Cup’ and many others. But suddenly back in 2005 she decided to take a break from it all, completely dropping out of the film world to pursue other avenues to her heart’s content. It wasn’t until she was presented the opportunity to be a part of ‘Thor’ that she finally returned to the fold of the film industry, and in a big way. Now it’s been a couple years since Russo decided to emerge back on the scene, and  [ Read More ]

Kristen Stewart, Juliette Binoche and Olivier Assayas Talk Clouds of Sils Maria

Powerfully and captivatingly exploring your deep-rooted emotions, desires and ideals during a period of intense personal exploration, as you struggle to find your true purpose in life, can be a harrowing obstacle. But once you find your true passion that completely fulfills your sense of self, you undoubtedly begin to feel like you found your real purpose in life. That struggle to overcome any challenges you’re faced with, and becoming completely happy in your life, is enthrallingly explored in writer-director Olivier Assayas’s new drama, ‘Clouds of Sils Maria.’ The movie, which screened for the press on October 8 at the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater during the  [ Read More ]


Interview: Dan Gilroy on the Reality of ‘Nightcrawler’

Posted by Melissa Molina On October - 23 - 2014 0 Comment
nightcrawler gilroy 1

The world of journalism doesn’t rest once the sun goes down. Some would say that a lot of the news, the violence and drama that many love to watch, thrives at nighttime. If there’s an accident taking place nearby at some point past dusk, the nightcrawlers are more than likely one of the first people on the scene, quickly capturing the footage needed to sell it off to local news networks. It’s a rough business but there are plenty out there who make a good living off it. Writer-director Dan Gilroy takes the cameras out of their hands and puts the focus on this particular group of people in ‘Nightcrawler.’  [ Read More ]

Adelaide Kane-The Devil's Hand

Adelaide Kane is ruling the CW in their historical drama “Reign,” based on the life of Mary, Queen of Scots. But before playing a queen, Kane played Ruth, a tragic girl who grows up in a religious cult and is listed as part of an evil prophesy in the horror film “The Devil’s Hand.” The film also stars Alycia Debnam Carey as Mary, another girl involved in the prophesy and suffers from strange visions. ShockYa was happy to speak with Kane about her role in the film and her thoughts on the theme of female suppression present in the film. “The Devil’s Hand” is now in theaters and available on  [ Read More ]

American Horror Story Coven Blu-ray

Delving into, and contending with, your innermost emotional and psychological fears as society’s most frightening qualms continuously unfold in front of you, is one of the most intriguing aspects that endlessly draw viewers back to watch the acclaimed FX horror anthology series, ‘American Horror Story,’ every week. From eerie houses haunted by its former deceased occupants, possessed and violent religious figures and doctors, vindictive witches and an ostracized troupe of performers in a self-described freak show, the Emmy Award-winning franchise is constantly shocking its cast, crew and audience with the devious and shocking characters and situations it presents. In celebration of the Blu-ray and DVD release of ‘American Horror Story:  [ Read More ]

Exclusive: Peter Sattler Talks Camp X-Ray

Posted by monique On October - 17 - 2014 0 Comment
Camp X-Ray

Peter Sattler is bringing an intimate setting to the war film sub-genre with “Camp X-Ray,” starring Kristen Stewart and Peyman Maadi as two individuals–a soldier and a captive–stuck in Guantanamo Bay who end up finding common ground. Shockya was happy to speak with Sattler about the film and how he views war films in a post 9/11 world. “Camp X-Ray” is now in theaters and available on VOD. I’m really excited for this film, since we get to see a new side to Kristen Stewart. Peter Sattler: It’s a really remarkable role for her and I’m excited for people to see this side of her. You know, everyone knows her  [ Read More ]


Interview: David Hayter on the Creation of ‘Wolves’

Posted by Melissa Molina On October - 16 - 2014 1 Comment
wolves picture 2

It’s that time of year again where viewers are flooded with all things relating to Halloween, including an incredible surplus of horror movies. There’s a wide variety of VOD (Video On Demand) horror content for cinephiles to go through, but there’s one in particular that’s caught this website’s attention. It happens to be the new David Hayter written and directed film “Wolves,” but this isn’t a typical werewolf movie. In “Wolves” we follow Cayden (Lucas Till), a young man with the world at his fingertips. When he discovers that there’s something more going on internally, a beast that’s literally ripped apart his parents, he runs off scared and alone. He  [ Read More ]


‘Big Hero 6′ Early Press Day: The Script Process

Posted by Melissa Molina On October - 16 - 2014 0 Comment
BHG 2-1

It takes more than writing one simple draft to create the perfect script. There are times where screenwriters take years to formulate a solid plot for the film they’re working on. It takes a lot of time, effort, feedback and every once in awhile some debates or arguments in order to shove the bad ideas out and make that story perfect. When you’re working for Disney Animation Studios, like writer Robert Baird and the Head of Story Paul Briggs, there’s an automatic a level of dedication and patience that’s required of the employees in order to piece together the right story. After all, this is Disney and the last thing  [ Read More ]

BH6 3

When it comes to making a movie, there’s a lot of vital elements needed in order to get a project going and eventually end up as a shiny new feature film. There is a number of people who contribute to the process, but there’s only a handful who stick around from script all the way to finalizing the cut to be shown in theaters. If it wasn’t for the producer and directors on these projects, organization on these films would fall into some chaos. Normally they’re the ones who the public tends to blame if a movie didn’t turn out the way they envisioned it, but people should tip their  [ Read More ]


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