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Jon Stewart and Maziar Bahari Talk Rosewater

Posted by Karen Benardello On November - 14 - 2014 0 Comment
Jon Stewart and Maziar Bahari Talk Rosewater

Bravely refusing to allow aggressive political leaders abrasively dictate the actions you take, as you strongly support people’s right to choose, is an admirable trait not everyone possesses. But when a person defies intimidation, and willingly puts their life on the line to support those freedoms, a much needed revolution that progresses those liberties is often the result. That courageous struggle is admirably showcased in the new biographical drama, ‘Rosewater.’ The film is is based on the true story of how journalist Maziar Bahari relentlessly reported the violation of Iranian citizens’ right to vote in 2009, even though his actions led him to be imprisoned and beaten by authorities for  [ Read More ]


Interview: Steve Carell, Channing Tatum Talk About ‘Foxcatcher’

Posted by Melissa Molina On November - 12 - 2014 0 Comment
foxcatcher 4

The awards season race is really starting to heat up, and right in the middle of it comes the release of Bennett Miller’s latest film ‘Foxcatcher.’ The ‘Capote’ director continues his filmmaking crusade, capturing incredible real life stories and retelling them in a cinematic way. ‘Foxcatcher’ hasn’t even been released yet, but the critical acclaim for the film and performances has all of Hollywood ablaze with possible Oscar talk. But when that thin layer of Oscar buzz is peeled away, movie-goers will see this strange and real tale of a wrestling duo who get mixed up with a peculiar millionaire. The three main actors headlining the picture have been revered  [ Read More ]


Interview: Blothar on GWAR’s Future, Oderus & A Possible Video Game

Posted by Melissa Molina On November - 11 - 2014 0 Comment
gwar 1

GWAR has been hypnotizing their fans around the world with their costumes, story lines and most importantly their music for decades. The band has been able to successfully sustain their popularity, a fantastic feat for any musicians out there. Earlier this year they took a major hit when their fearless leader Oderus Urungus (David Murray Brockie) passed away, leaving a huge vacant spot in the lead singer department. It hit GWAR fans really hard, but rather than fade into obscurity, the band continued on. They quickly filled the void with not just one, but two new Scumdog singers – Blothar (Mike Bishop) and Vulvatron (Kim Dylla). In the blink of  [ Read More ]

Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer Talk Starry Eyes

Posted by monique On November - 10 - 2014 0 Comment
Starry Eyes Poster

“Starry Eyes” is one of the most buzzed-about horror-thrillers to come along the indie circuit in a long time, and filmmakers Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer are taking it all in. TIME Magazine put the film on their list of the 10 best films from SXSW, saying, “If David Lynch and David Cronenberg came together to craft a gory, psychological mindbender, it might be ‘Starry Eyes.’” ShockYa was happy to speak with Kolsch and Widmyer about creating “Starry Eyes” and their reaction to the praise. “Starry Eyes” will be in limited theatrical release and on demand Nov. 14. ShockYa: What inspired the film? Dennis Widmyer: Kevin and I always really  [ Read More ]

Interview: Felicity Jones Talks The Theory of Everything

Posted by Karen Benardello On November - 9 - 2014 0 Comment
Interview Felicity Jones Talks The Theory of Everything

Unconditionally caring and providing for the person they love, both physically and emotionally, can be an equally passionate and harrowing experience for anyone. That experience becomes especially difficult when they watch the other person surpass every limitation they’re faced with, and become extremely successful in their career, as they defy the odds of the life-threatening illness they’re living with. While promoting her new biographical drama, ‘The Theory of Everything,’ actress Felicity Jones enthralling discussed her powerful portrayal of Jane Hawking, the first wife of famed physicist Stephen Hawking. Jane admirably supported her husband while he thrived in the world of science, and didn’t allow his battle with motor neuron disease  [ Read More ]


Interview: Eddie Redmayne Talks The Theory of Everything

Posted by Karen Benardello On November - 8 - 2014 0 Comment
Interview: Eddie Redmayne Talks The Theory of Everything

Meticulously pushing your physical and emotional limits to prove you can defy the odds and achieve your ultimate goals is an endearing process that proves your inner strength and capabilities. Not only has famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking showcased his relentless drive in his praise-worthy career, but also in his determination to fight the motor neuron disease, which he has been battling since his early 20s. BAFTA Award-nominated actor Eddie Redmayne is also proving his physical and emotional perseverance in his new biographical drama, ‘The Theory of Everything,’ in which he showcases the struggles the famed scientist has faced after first being diagnosed, and throughout his first marriage to Jane  [ Read More ]


Jeffrey Reddick Talks Good Samaritan (Savannah Film Festival)

Posted by Karen Benardello On November - 7 - 2014 0 Comment
Jeffrey Reddick Talks Good Samaritan (Savannah Film Festival)

The controversial topic of whether witnesses to crimes should bravely step in to help the victims, or not become involved and let the police handle the illegal offense, has often been debated in society. That heated discussion is the gripping driving force in the new horror short, ‘Good Samaritan,’ which was written and directed by ‘Final Destination’ co-scribe, Jeffrey Reddick. The short, which launched the After Dark Screenings portion of this year’s Savannah Film Festival, is an intriguing exploration into how a witness who wants to physically protect themselves during an assault can led to them holding tremendous guilt for not helping the victim after the attack. ‘Good Samaritan’ tells  [ Read More ]

interstellar pic 1

Written by Sabina Ibarra ‘Interstellar’ is a film that reaches into the expanse of the universe but also the deepest parts of what the mind can conceive. Christopher Nolan enlisted Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain to be the audience’s in to a motion picture that strives to explore the universe and humanity’s place in it. All award winning performers, the cast dove into their roles to bring a film that’s not to be forgotten. The Cast of Christopher Nolan’s latest motion picture endeavor ‘Interstellar’ sat down to talk to press about the challenges and joys of being a part of a film that explores the reaches humanity can  [ Read More ]

grace the possession 1

The Halloween season may be over, but that doesn’t mean dedicated horror fans won’t indulge on watching more movies from their favorite genre. There’s normally a multitude of films leaning towards the horror persuasion that flood Video On Demand, DVD/Blu-ray and theaters around this time of year. How could anybody manage to pick just one movie to watch, especially if a lot of them are still the same old recycled stories? Thankfully there is one that does stand out above the rest for it’s unique filmmaking style, and that’s Jeff Chan’s ‘Grace: The Possession.’ The latest horror possession movie centers on the sweet, innocent Catholic girl whose first stint in  [ Read More ]

The Wolves of Savin Hill

“The Wolves of Savin Hill” is John Beaton Hill’s exploration into the internal world of people who have suppressed their feelings and emotions about a pivotal event in their childhood. During a conversation with the writer and director, ShockYa was able to learn more about the film’s experiment with psychology as well as a real life event that mirrors an event in the film. Hill said that “The Wolves of Savin Hill” originated from helping his friends. “Some friends of mine wanted to shoot some scenes for their acting reel. I was working on a screenplay that was inspired by “Point Blank”…it’s a brilliant movie and I was very inspired  [ Read More ]

before i go to sleep 1

The end of October brought about a wide variety of movies, ranging from horror, mystery and drama. Rowan Joffe’s new film ‘Before I Go To Sleep’ falls into the psychological thriller spectrum, captivating movie-goers with the story’s twists and turns that stand out from one scene to the next. The director took on the monstrous task of writing the feature film adaptation, so his journey bringing this particular project from the pages of the script to the big screen has been a long but fruitful one. ‘Before I Go To Sleep’ centers on Christine (played by Nicole Kidman), a young woman who’s rare case of amnesia leaves her with a  [ Read More ]


Sadie Katz and Aqueela Zoll Talk Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

Posted by Karen Benardello On November - 2 - 2014 0 Comment
Sadie Katz Plays Sally in Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

Exploring the most frightening locations and situations that you have little or no knowledge of can sometimes be the most life-affirming circumstances of your existence. The opportunity for an actor to portray a role in a horror film undoubtedly offers them the unique chance to fully let go of their own inhibitions and explore those thought-provoking situations. Delving into those life-affirming circumstances isn’t just reserved for exploring the harrowing events that physically and emotionally threaten their characters; learning how to quickly adapt to filming in unfamiliar locations with a new cast and crew also provides them with the reassurance that acting is what they truly wish to pursue. Embracing those  [ Read More ]

nightcrawler jake 4

At this point plenty of movie-goers have been reading the rave reviews about Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance in his latest movie ‘Nightcrawler.’ The actor’s career has been amazing to see throughout the years as he hops from one intriguing role to the next, always testing his skills. Now he might be a few steps closer to finally getting the Oscar for his acting, but there’s so many different aspects of ‘Nightcrawler’ that blended together perfectly into this marriage of solid cinema for people to see around the nation. ‘Nightcrawler’ focuses on Louis Bloom (Gyllenhaal), a man who comes across an accident one night and finds himself heavily infatuated with the local  [ Read More ]

bigts 1

It’s Halloween time, and while there is a number of classic horror movies to thumb through, let’s not forget the ongoing surplus of new films currently out on the big screen. One of the movies that more people should see very soon is Rowan Joffe’s psychological thriller ‘Before I Go To Sleep.’ The Nicole Kidman-starring film is a fine combination of mystery, drama and a couple thrills for every movie-goer. ‘Before I Go To Sleep’ focuses on Christine (played by Nicole Kidman), a woman who’s rare form of amnesia leaves her trying to piece together her life every morning that she wakes up. Her mind is set twenty years in  [ Read More ]


Exclusive: Drew Rosas and Nick Sommer Talk Billy Club

Posted by monique On October - 31 - 2014 0 Comment

“Billy Club” is bringing horror to the supposedly-innocent world of little league baseball. Filmmakers Drew Rosas and Nick Sommer have used their love for vintage horror to create a brand new way to scare audiences (as well as a brand new iconic killer in the form of an umpire). ShockYa was happy to speak with Rosas and Sommer about the film, their inspirations and their favorite horror films. “Billy Club” will come to VOD and DVD Nov. 11. One of the interesting things about the film is that the killer has a lot of motive to go after his former little league team members. How was it for you guys  [ Read More ]

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