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Interview Mike The Miz Mizanin and Summer Rae Talk The Marine 4 Moving Target (Exclusive)

Fearlessly risking your own personal safety in order to selflessly save and protect the life of someone else, especially someone you don’t know, from their enemies is an admirable trait not everyone has the endurance to do. But when someone continuously makes that brave and powerful decision, and sets out to make it their life’s work, they undoubtedly prove what a heroic person they are. That’s certainly the case with WWE Superstar Mike “The Miz” Mizanin’s noble soldier in director William Kaufman’s new action thriller, ‘The Marine 4: Moving Target,’ which is now available on Digital HD, Blu-ray, DVD and VOD. The third sequel in the popular ‘The Marine’ series  [ Read More ]

Tribeca 2015 Interview-Zachary Sluser Talks The Driftless Area

Boldly indulging in matter-­of-­fact humor that questions the nature of fate in both provocative and approachable ways, as you struggle to garner control of your destiny from what may have always been a predetermined outcome, can be a harrowing experience for many people. But first-time feature film writer-director Zachary Sluser powerfully approached spiritual understanding, as well as how one person’s actions grippingly influence other people’s lives, in his new independent drama, ‘The Driftless Area.’ The filmmaker, who based the movie on Tom Drury’s novel of the same name, never passed judgment on the author’s characters, and always treated them with dignity, as they humanely explore how everyone’s actions inadvertently influence  [ Read More ]


When the Marvel cinematic universe was first starting to come together, fans were reveling in the idea that their favorite superheroes would one day cross paths in what seemed to be a movie too gigantic to be real. Now here we are, years later, on the day before the highly anticipated sequel ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ is shown to all. At this point the Marvel cinematic universe is the franchise to beat, solidifying a new trend of franchise set-up that many other studios are trying desperately to emulate. But the only thing writer-director Joss Whedon is most concerned about is whether or not the story works. ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’  [ Read More ]


Interview: Steve Howey Talks See You in Valhalla (Exclusive)

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Steve Howey and Sara Hyland Star in See You In Valhalla

Fearlessly approaching unfamiliar personal and professional relationships and situations, no matter how daunting they initially appear to be, is a positive and exhilarating process for anyone. That encouraging idea of courageously going after what you truly want, no matter what challenges you may be forced to overcome along the way, is one of the inspiring and relatable themes in the new independent comedy-drama, ‘See You in Valhalla.’ The film, which is now playing in theaters and on VOD and iTunes, was written by Brent Tarnol and directed by his brother, Jarret. While the story emphasizes the endurance the up-and-coming filmmakers infused into the process of making the comedy-drama, the performances  [ Read More ]


Interview: J. Mills Goodloe Talks The Age of Adaline (Exclusive)

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Interview: J. Mills Goodloe Talks The Age of Adaline (Exclusive)

Grippingly telling an original and captivating story about the diverse, and at times harrowing, experiences people are forced to contend with throughout their lives can be a daunting process for filmmakers. But when a screenwriter can effortlessly explore the distinct emotions that those occurrences create, from love and joy to loss and pain, particularly from a woman’s point of view, audiences can instinctively become more engaged in the protagonist’s journey. Such is the case with scribe J. Mills Goodloe’s enthralling new film, the romantic drama ‘The Age of Adaline,’ which is now playing in theaters. The movie’s title character powerfully showcases that no matter what heartbreaking experiences a person may  [ Read More ]


Interview: Chris Noth Talks After the Ball (Exclusive)

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Interview-Chris Noth Talks After the Ball (Exclusive)

Earnestly reigniting a heartfelt relationship between an estranged parent and child can be an emotionally daunting endeavor, especially when you don’t know how to best overcome the differences that have formed after undergoing a painful experience together. That intimidating process of initially reconnecting, and subsequently overcoming your contrasting opinions on how to best approach life again as you contend with that harrowing occurrence, is relatably explored in director Sean Garrity’s new comedy, ‘After the Ball.’ The family film, which opened this weekend in theaters and on VOD, mixes compelling sentiments and natural humor between its father and daughter, played Chris Noth and Portia Doubleday, to emphasize that no matter what  [ Read More ]

Interview: Robert Sheehan and Gren Wells Talk The Road Within (Exclusive)

Contending with a devastating illness that negatively impacts both your physical and emotional functions can be a isolating process for anyone, particularly for young adults who have not yet become comfortable building relationships or found their place in society. But first-time feature film director Gren Wells humanely crafted an endearing story in the script for her new comedy-drama, ‘The Road Within,’ which powerfully emphasizes that people who are coping with illnesses that affect their minds and bodies aren’t any different from people who are healthy. Actor Robert Sheehan also grippingly showcased that people living with psychological disorders that also affect their bodies are worthy of being appreciated for their personalities  [ Read More ]


Interview: Haylie Duff Talks The Real Girl’s Kitchen (Exclusive)

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Interview: Haylie Duff Talks Real Girl’s Kitchen (Exclusive)

Endearingly bonding with your family and friends over your shared sentimental memories can often be one of the most important and fulfilling experiences in your life. Maintaining and sharing that powerful connection with people not only in your community, but also around the world, is a captivating way to relate to people of diverse backgrounds and societies. Actress Haylie Duff is enthrallingly emphasizing the importance of not only bonding with her family, but also personally associating with her fans, as they appreciate how food draws them together. She creatively highlights the importance of how recipes help people understand together through her popular blog, cookbook and Cooking Channel docu-series of the  [ Read More ]

Interview: Nia Vardalos Talks Helicopter Mom (Exclusive)

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Interview: Nia Vardalos Talks Helicopter Mom (Exclusive)

Endearingly encouraging your adolescent child to fearlessly explore their true identities, without harboring any concerns over how their personality will be perceived by their peers and community, can be a daunting experience. But supportive mother Maggie Cooper is so determined to remain close to her only son as he prepares to leave for college, that she’ll do whatever it takes to prove she’s supportive of his authentic personality in the upcoming independent comedy, ‘Helicopter Mom.’ Actress Nia Vardalos powerfully plays the at-times overbearing, but well-meaning, mother in director Salomé Breziner’s latest film, which is set to be released in theaters and on VOD next Friday, April 24. ‘Helicopter Mom’ follows  [ Read More ]


Interview: Jacob Underwood Talks O-Town Reunion (Exclusive)

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Interview Jacob Underwood Talks O-Town Reunion (Exclusive)

Graciously recognizing and embracing your unique talents, as well as your ability to relatably connect those abilities with the people who admire those efforts, is a powerful and gratifying experience. But the process of truly understanding and associating with people with similar interests, and incorporating those ideals in enthralling professional and personal endeavors, can often be an even more noteworthy one. Singer-songwriter Jacob Underwood, who first gained attention in 2000 when he appeared on the popular ABC reality show, ‘Making the Band,’ and was later chosen to be a part of the series’ boy band, O-Town, has always infused the group’s songs with his own eclectic musical tastes. After the  [ Read More ]

SXSW 2015 Interview Colin Hanks and Sean Stuart Talk All Things Must Pass

Enthusiastically discovering and pursuing a thriving business venture you’re intensely passionate about isn’t a luxury everyone has the privilege to explore in their lives. But for those who have that powerful advantage, they naturally exude a powerful devotion to spread that eagerness to everyone who works, and interacts, with them. Such is the case with Russ Solomon, the founder of the renowned 20th century music store, Tower Records, who created such an engaging environment for his employees and customers, that people around the world were keen on taking part of the company’s movement and history. Actor Colin Hanks intriguingly captured the world’s attraction to Tower Records in his feature documentary  [ Read More ]

SXSW 2015 Interview: Ben and Chris Blaine and Abigail Hardinham Talk Nina Forever

Enduring a crippling sense of pain and loss often seems to be an isolating experience, as you struggle to overcome the harrowing feelings of being abandoned by, and detached from, the outside world. Whether you live in the quiet suburban countryside or in a chaotic city, people often don’t feel as though their self-imposed seclusion would be considered normal, as their emotions don’t get much attention by any part of society. Intensely missing someone who’s no longer in your life, and attempting to stay connected to that person you have so longingly loved, intriguingly fuels the new horror film, ‘Nina Forever.’ Brothers Ben and Chris Blaine, who made their feature  [ Read More ]

Interview: Bryan Coyne Talks Infernal (Exclusive)

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Interview: Bryan Coyne Talks Infernal (Exclusive)

Following your natural and emotional instincts in an intriguing journey to not only contend with the struggles in your personal relationships, but also inspire the creative process in your career, can be an equally harrowing and gratifying process. In the new found footage horror film, ‘Infernal,’ which opens today in theaters and on VOD nationwide, a young married couple is relatably combating their ever-increasing difference in opinions and disagreements over how to best raise their daughter. Writer-director-producer Bryan Coyne, who made the film after helming the 2012 television baseball documentary, ‘Harvard Park,’ grippingly drew on inspiration from his own personal relationships to showcase how the seemingly happiest moments of a  [ Read More ]

Interview with Furious 7 Director James Wan

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James Wan is known for his work on the Saw movies and his other horror hits The Conjuring and Insidious and is the Director of the latest action saga Fast and Furious installment, Furious 7. Despite tragedy striking during production with the untimely death of the long time star and member of the Fast and Furious family, Paul Walker who plays Brian O’Conner, the newest film in the series rises to new heights to deliver a beautiful send off that holds it own as one of the stand out films in the legacy of the franchise. How do you think this installment builds on the previous ones and also adds its own  [ Read More ]


Interview: Vincent D’Onofrio Talks Broken Horses (Exclusive)

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Vincent D'Onofrio in Broken Horses 2

Boldly relying on your natural versatility, inner strength and instinctive determination to achieve your purposeful goals is a resolute characteristic of any person ambitious enough to go after what they truly want in life. From the unwavering protagonist of the new crime drama, ‘Broken Horses,’ who persistently tries to save his older brother from the dangerous life of crime he inadvertently found himself involved in after their father’s death, to actor Vincent D’Onofrio, who portrays the mystery film’s villainous crime lord, the movie is enthrallingly driven by strong characters and actors. The drama, which opens in theaters on Friday, marks the English feature film debut of Academy Award-nominated director, Vidhu  [ Read More ]

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