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Catch Haunt on VOD via IFC Midnight on February 7th.

After collaborating on a number of films together for Sony Pictures Entertainment, former Dimension Films and Screen Gems executive Nick Phillips and longtime casting director Kelly Martin Wagner came together to form their very own genre label. Revolver Picture Company first opened for business in August of 2012 and now the very first project bearing the Revolver logo is about to hit theaters and VOD via IFC Midnight, a film called “Haunt.” Shortly after moving into a new home with his family, Evan (Harrison Gilbertson) starts spending time with his mysterious neighbor, Samantha (Liana Liberato). Samantha’s got a thing for Evan’s new house and specifically for exploring its dark past.  [ Read More ]

New Featurette and Stills From The LEGO® Movie Released

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Warner Bros. is ramping up their promotion of The LEGO® Movie, which genuinely seems like a very funny and smart film, with a new featurette and a load of new stills! The featurette, called “Behind the Bricks” is a funny video featuring the film’s characters telling fans what they can expect to see in theaters. The stills, below in the gallery, show the type of fun and whimsy that has become part of the LEGO® trademark. If you’ve played the video games, you know all about the type of silly, intelligent jokes and humor the LEGO® characters exhibit and thankfully, there’s more than enough to go around in this film.  [ Read More ]


Kevin Costner Has 3 Days to Kill In New Official Film Image

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Kevin Costner Has 3 Days to Kill In New Official Film Image

Kevin Costner is looking cunning in a new official image from the upcoming drama, ’3 Days to Kill.’ In the new photo from the action thriller, which was directed by ‘Terminator Salvation’ helmer McG, shows the Academy Award-winner as international spy Ethan Runner, as he walks down a hotel hallway with a gun. ’3 Days to Kill,’ which is set to hit theaters on February 21, also stars Amber Heard and Hailee Steinfeld. The movie was written by Luc Besson and Adi Hasak. The following official synopsis for ’3 Days to Kill’ has been released: In this heart pounding action-thriller, Kevin Costner is a dangerous international spy, who is determined  [ Read More ]


“Jupiter Ascending” feels like it’s going to be one of the most outrageous, will-it-succeed-or-won’t-it films of 2014. The premise is crazy–a young human woman living in a world in which humans are at the bottom of the evolutionary ladder is targeted for assassination by the Queen of the Universe because the woman’s existence could mean the end of the Queen’s reign. The film comes from the futuristic minds of the Wachowski siblings, so it’s not like the film won’t find a fanbase. But will it actually be good, or will it just be weird? This new image from the film doesn’t really provide the answer, but it does show that  [ Read More ]


Welcome to your first Movie News Cheat Sheet of 2014! We’re hitting the ground running with loads of promising industry news. Dwayne Johnson confirmed that he’s going to take on a DC Comics character, we got our first official look at our Guardians of the Galaxy, and there’s a rumor floating around that Boba Fett could get the first “Star Wars” spin-off film. On top of that, we also got a nice laugh at Shia LaBeouf’s expense because as Lena Dunham so eloquently put it, “I’ve always felt, utterly and unchangeably, that only sociopaths hire skywriters.” Catch the details on all of those stories as well as some must-see trailers  [ Read More ]

New Stills From Her Released

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“Her” ended 2013 with critical and audience accolades, and it’s continuing its winning streak into the new year. Warner Bros. has released several new stills from “Her,” which show just how emotionally isolated the main character Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) is from the women in his life. The only woman he’s not isolated from is a computer system (Scarlett Johansson). Take a look at the stills (and the official trailer) below the post. “Her,” written and directed by Spike Jonze, also stars Amy Adams, Rooney Mara and Olivia Wilde. The romantic drama is also a futuristic story, set in a time when computers are programmed to be in sync with their  [ Read More ]


“Besties,” an indie film created by writer/director Rebecca Cutter (“The Mentalist”), will soon be available on Video On Demand Jan. 21. The film, which premiered at Fantastic Fest, stars Olivia Crocicchia, Madison Riley, Bobby Soto, Chris Backus, and Corin Nemec (“The Stand”), will be available to be downloaded from all the major venues, such as Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, Samsung, Comcast, Cox, Dish Network and many others. “Besties” is a film about a high schooler who becomes entangled in a dangerous relationship: “Hoping to forge a friendship with the most popular girl in school, Sandy arranges to be left at home under Ashley’s supervision while her father goes out of  [ Read More ]

Nymphomaniac 16 photo by Christian Geisnaes

Parts One and Two of Lars von Trier’s “Nymphomaniac” will soon be in theaters, challenging our minds with a story of sex, abuse and damaged psychology. Since the films will be out early next year, some provocative stills (including one NSFW) have been released, giving you a sense of exactly what you can expect. Check out the gallery below the post. “Nymphomaniac: Part One” will be in theaters March 21, 2014 and On Demand March 6, 2014. “Nymphomaniac: Part Two” will be in theaters April 18, 2014 and On Demand April 3, 2014. “NYMPHOMANIAC: PART ONE is the story of Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg), a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac who is discovered badly  [ Read More ]


Even though sequels, spin-offs and adaptations are still the talk of the town, we’ve got a nice assortment of hot ticket items for you in this week’s Movie News Cheat Sheet. In superhero news, Adam Driver denied rumors that he’s up for the role of Nightwing in “Batman vs. Superman,” but we did get to meet a new player in the Bat-realm, Batkid, five-year-old Miles Scott who saved San Francisco with some help from the Make a Wish Foundation. We’ve also got selection of brand new images to share, one of which offers a behind-the-scenes look at “Star Wars: Episode VII” and a gallery of others showing off Jamie Dornan  [ Read More ]


The reboot, remake, sequel and adaptation craze continues with yet another Movie News Cheat Sheet brimming with updates on projects part of highly successful franchises. There’s been a ton of talk on the “Batman vs. Superman” front with the folks behind the film honing in on a female lead and on an actor for the role of Nightwing. In X-Men territory, news just broke that Twentieth Century Fox is courting James Mangold to return for another Wolverine film while New Line and Warner Bros. are out to expand their “Conjuring” franchise even further by adding a spin-off to the lineup in addition to the previously announced sequel. Ready for the  [ Read More ]


The award-winning prison drama “Starred Up” will be coming to North America soon! Tribeca Film has announced that it’s acquired the North American rights to the film, directed by Scottish director David Mackenzie. The film’s screenplay is written by Jonathan Asser, a psychotherapist that worked int he penal system. The film stars Jack O’Connell (“Skins”, Angelina Jolie’s upcoming “Unbroken”), Ben Mendelsohn (“The Dark Knight Rises,” “The Place Beyond the Pines”), and Rupert Friend (“Homeland”). Here’s more about the film: “Starred Up is about ultra-violent 19-year-old Eric (O’Connell), who is prematurely transferred to the same adult prison facility as his estranged father (Mendelsohn). As his explosive temper quickly finds him enemies  [ Read More ]


Last Vegas Features the Best Bachelor Party with Official Clips

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Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro and Morgan Freeman Have Fun in Last Vegas

The wildest bachelor party is happening in the upcoming comedy, ‘Last Vegas,’ with the help of stars Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline. The fun begins when the movie, which was helmed by ‘National Treasure’ director Jon Turtletaub, is distributed into theaters on November 1 by CBS Films. The following synopsis for ‘Last Vegas’ has been released by CBS Films: Starring four legends like you’ve never seen them before, Last Vegas tells the story of Billy, Paddy, Archie and Sam (played by Academy-Award winners Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline), best friends since childhood. When Billy, the group’s sworn bachelor, finally proposes  [ Read More ]

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa Offers Broken Ride In New Clip

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Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa Offers Broken Ride

‘Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa’ is encouraging grandparents to follow in the lead of Irving Zisman, the main character from the upcoming comedy. The first clip from the Jeff Tremaine-directed fourth installment in the ‘Jackass’ series, ‘Broken Ride,’ has been released by the movie’s distributor, Paramount Pictures. Fans of the ‘Jackass’ series are also encouraged to share pictures of their grandparents behaving badly, by using #BadGranpaPics. Viewers who post their photos on the pictures section of the film’s official website can win a trip to the movie’s premiere. Paramount Pictures has released the following official synopsis for the film: ‘Jackass Presents:Bad Grandpa’ follows 86 year-old Irving Zisman is on a journey  [ Read More ]


We’re currently knee-deep in the New York Film Festival and while a number of entries there are bound to have a lucrative award season, there’s three high profile projects that could be out of the running entirely. Meanwhile, Neill Blomkamp continues to load up the cast of his next sci-fi endeavor, “Chappie,” while both Roland Emmerich and Colin Trevorrow are making early moves to lock in big names for the “Independence Day” sequel and “Jurassic World,” respectively. Want to know who’s in, who’s out, and who still has a fighting chance? It’s all right here in your weekly Movie News Cheat Sheet. 1. Neill Blomkamp Gets Hugh Jackman for “Chappie:”  [ Read More ]

Disney’s Animated Adventure Frozen Receives Official Trailer

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Elsa in Disney's Animated Adventure, Frozen

Walk Disney Animation Studio’s latest big-screen animated adventure, ‘Frozen,’ has received a new trailer on Yahoo! Movies. New stills from the family comedy, which is set to be released in theaters in 3D on November 27, have also been released by Disney. ‘Frozen,’ which was written by Jennifer Lee, who also served as a co-helmer with Chris Buck. The film features the voices of Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad. Disney has released the following synopsis for ‘Frozen’: Fearless optimist Anna (Bell) sets off on an epic journey, teaming up with rugged mountain man Kristoff (Groff) and his loyal reindeer Sven to find her sister, Elsa (Menzel).  [ Read More ]

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