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The Liquorsmiths’ This Book Belongs To EP Review

Posted by Karen Benardello On August - 13 - 2015 0 Comment
The Liquorsmiths' This Book Belongs To EP Review

Artist: The Liquorsmiths EP: This Book Belongs To Production: Recorded at Inhesion Studios in Atlanta and Citizen Recording in San Diego; Produced by Jeremy Grelle and Drew Thams; Mixed by Jeremy Grelle; Mastered by Rodney Mills Passionately and candidly expressing your personal hopes and fears in an enthrallingly powerful communal setting is a task that people often shy away from, as they don’t want the world to know their weaknesses. Captivatingly embracing those perceived vulnerabilities in such a permanent and accessible setting as a record is an even more daunting experience for many people. But the San Diego-based indie folk rock band, The Liquorsmiths, intriguingly embraced that challenge with their  [ Read More ]


The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Movie Review

Posted by Harvey Karten On August - 10 - 2015 0 Comment

THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. Warner Bros. Reviewed by: Harvey Karten for Shockya. Databased on Rotten Tomatoes. Grade: C+ Director: Guy Ritchie Screenwriter:  Guy Ritchie, Lionel Wigram, story by Jeff Kleeman, David Campbell Wilson, Guy Ritchie, Lionel Wigram based on the television series “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” Cast:  Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer, Alicia Vikander Screened at: Warner Bros., NYC, 8/5/15 Opens:  August 14, 2015 Chances are that most people who will attend “The Man from “U.N.C.L.E” will not be familiar with the TV series that ran from 1964 to 1968, and given the way college students today are all majoring in computer science and business, they will not be conversant with  [ Read More ]


Ricki and the Flash Movie Review

Posted by Harvey Karten On August - 10 - 2015 0 Comment

RICKI AND THE FLASH Sony Pictures Entertainment/TriStar Pictures Reviewed by: Harvey Karten for Shockya. Databased on Rotten Tomatoes. Grade: A- Director: Jonathan Demme Screenwriter:  Diablo Cody Cast:  Mamie Gummer, Meryl Streep, Sebastian Stan, Rick Springfield, Kevin Kline Screened at: NYC, 8/3/15 Opens:  August 7, 2015 With “Ricki and the Flash” director Jonathan Demme and scripter Diablo Cody ask: can a woman who abandons her husband, daughter and two sons during what should have been the best years of their lives regain their love and trust by providing them with one of the most original wedding presents that a mom could give?  While this makes the movie sound like a soap  [ Read More ]


Two Step Movie Review

Posted by bsimon On August - 10 - 2015 0 Comment

Title: Two Step Director: Alex R. Johnson Starring: Skyy Moore, James Landry Hebert, Beth Broderick, Jason Douglas, Ashley Rae Spillers, Barry Tubb, Brady Coleman A small town-set indie crime drama of smartly modulated disquiet, ”Two Step” is a refreshing reminder of the abundance of talent, onscreen and off, that lies outside of the conventional cinematic production hubs of Los Angeles and New York City. A SXSW world premiere, writer-director Alex R. Johnson’s film is a slow-boil affair, marked by superb performances and a solid technical package. Baylor University wash-out James (Skyy Moore) returns home, only to have the grandmother who raised him somewhat suddenly pass away and bequeath him a five-figure inheritance.  [ Read More ]


Meru Movie Review

Posted by Harvey Karten On August - 9 - 2015 0 Comment

MERU Music Box Films Reviewed by: Harvey Karten for Shockya. Databased on Rotten Tomatoes. Grade: B+ Director: Jimmy Chin, E. Chai Vaserhelyi Cast:  Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin, Renan Ozturk, Jon Krakauer, Jenni Lowe-Anker, Amee Hinkley, Grace Chin, Jeremy Jones Screened at: Review 2, NYC, 6/23/15 Opens:  August 14, 2015 You say you like the beach—except for the water, the sand, the sun, the sharks, the human pee in the water.  And you think snorkeling’s a bore and deep-sea diving is too dangerous?  Then the mountains may be for you.  You like to ski but you’re willing to raise the ante and do some climbing.  Then you have something in common  [ Read More ]


In the Dark Movie Review

Posted by Karen Benardello On August - 9 - 2015 0 Comment
In the Dark Movie Review

Title: In the Dark Director: David Spaltro Starring: Lynn Justinger, Grace Folsom, Fiona Horrigan Catherine Cobb Ryan and Jesse R. Tendler The prospect of exploring the seemingly frightening unknown, and ultimately deciding to take a leap of faith to explore a situation that you never thought you’d be emotionally prepared to handle, is a daunting prospect for many people. That unnerving anticipation of delving into unpredictable circumstances is intriguingly investigated in the new independent horror mystery drama, ‘In the Dark,’ which marks the first entry in the genre from writer-director David Spaltro. The filmmaker, who previously penned and helmed the intriguing indie dramas ‘…Around’ and ‘Things I Don’t Understand,’ boldly  [ Read More ]

Explore the West in Hell on Wheels' Season 4 Blu-ray Twitter Giveaway

Conflict between the government and communities who don’t support each other’s motivations, visions and overall way of life isn’t just a problem in modern society. The clash between leaders and the people they represent has been a constant battle for centuries, as each side fights for control over how they lead their lives. That never-ending struggle is powerfully continued in the fourth season of AMC’s popular western drama, ‘Hell on Wheels,’ which is set to receive a home released on Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday. In celebration of ‘Hell on Wheels’ Season 4 home entertainment release, Shockya is giving away three Blu-rays of the western drama. To enter, follow us  [ Read More ]

Fantastic Four Movie Review

Posted by philip On August - 6 - 2015 0 Comment

FANTASTIC FOUR Directed by: Josh Trank Written by: Simon Kinberg, Jeremy Slater, Josh Trank Starring: Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, Ben Grimm, Toby Kebbell, Reg E. Cathey, Tim Blake Nelson Hyperbole is tosseed around a lot in this day and age, sometimes to the point of parody. Labeling something recent as “the greatest thing ever” tends to make one lose credibility, or question their knowledge on a subject. Things need time to settle in before they can truly be declared outstanding or deplorable. Having said all that, I don’t think there’s a movie I hate more than Fantastic Four. The biggest sin this movie commits is a poorly  [ Read More ]


The Runner – Movie Review

Posted by Harvey Karten On August - 3 - 2015 0 Comment

The Runner Alchemy Reviewed by: Tami Smith, Guest Reviewer for Shockya. Grade: B- Director: Austin Stark Screenwriter: Austin Stark Cast: Nicolas Cage, Connie Nielsen, Sarah Paulson, Peter Fonda Release date: August 7, 2015  What makes a successful politician? Take Collin Price (Nicolas Cage) a congressman representing the second district of New Orleans. His father Rayne (Peter Fonda) was a politician, he married “well” to Deborah (Connie Nielsen) a talented lawyer, and has some lofty ideas about clean and green environment. And did I mention? He runs every day with a timer strapped on his arm.  Following the BP oil spill that lasted from April to July 2010, Collin sees an  [ Read More ]


Cop Car Movie Review

Posted by Harvey Karten On August - 2 - 2015 0 Comment

COP CAR Focus World Reviewed by: Harvey Karten for Shockya. Databased on Rotten Tomatoes. Grade:  C Director: Jon Watts Screenwriter:Jon Watts, Christopher Ford Cast:  Kevin Bacon, James Fredson-Jackson, Hays Wellfod, Camryn Manheim, Shea Whigham Screened at: Review 1, NYC, 5/11/15 Opens:  August 2015 No doubt some critics and audience members will be show their smarts by saying the “Cop Car” combines Steven Spielberg with Sam Peckinpah, and while there are elements of the two great directors in Jon Watts’ movie, the show is difficult viewing unless you like seeing repetitive scenes of ten-year-olds playing with guns, a rogue sheriff who continually tries to show that he’s on the side of  [ Read More ]


Joykill Collective’s Battle Cry Single Review

Posted by Karen Benardello On August - 2 - 2015 0 Comment
Joykill Collective's Battle Cry Single Review

Artist: Joykill Collective Single: Battle Cry The tormented angst and concerns of every generation are often believed to be influenced by media figures who are feeding their ideas to their fans through their personal corrupt sense of propaganda. But often times those powerful public personalities, notably such dominant artists as musicians, are only showcasing the injustices of everyday life in relatable society through their work. One of the latest bands to be emphasizing those inequalities is the UK’s alt rock band Joykill Collective, who infused their latest single, ‘Battle Cry,’ with their left wing political message. Influenced in part by the music of other popular rock bands as the Foo  [ Read More ]


When Marnie Was There Movie Review

Posted by Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi On July - 31 - 2015 0 Comment

Title: When Marnie Was There Director: Hiromasa Yonebayashi Genre: Animation Studio Ghibli does it again. Be prepared because this is not a movie for little kids. The profound delving within the human perturbations, concerning identity and family, are majestically portrayed in a poetic story told through old school drawing. The narrative adapts a 1967 British classic children’s book by Joan Gale Robinson. The book – considered by Hayao Miyazaki one of the 50 books that have most influenced his work – was given by the Nipponic maestro to Hiromasa Yonebayashi, with the request to adapt it for animation. ‘Omoide no Marnie’ is the story of Anna, who one summer is  [ Read More ]


Straight Outta Compton Movie Review

Posted by Rudie Obias On July - 31 - 2015 0 Comment

Title: Straight Outta Compton Director: F. Gary Gray Writer: Jonathan Herman and Andrea Berlof Cast: O’Shea Jackson, Jr., Corey Hawkins, Jason Mitchell, Paul Giamatti, Aldis Hodge, and, Neil Brown, Jr. In theaters August 14, 2015 As a general rule, I’m not a fan of the biopic movie genre, which is riddled with cliches and tropes. Protagonists don’t seem to have decisions and choices in biopics because they’re always working on the idea of destiny. They are no longer normal people, but rather agents of success and admiration. Of course, this is just a general rule and there are biopics that have come to surprise me with its level of craft,  [ Read More ]


Madame Bovary Movie Review

Posted by Harvey Karten On July - 30 - 2015 0 Comment

Madame Bovary Alchemy Reviewed by: Tami Smith, Guest Reviewer for Shockya. Grade: B Director: Sophie Barthes Screenwriter: Felipe Marino, Sophie Barthes, based on Gustave Flaubert’s novel Cast: Mia Wasikowska, Rhys Ifans, Ezra Miller, Logan Marshall-Green, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Laura Carmichael, Olivier Gourmet, Paul Giamatti Release date: DVD August 4, 2015 Madame Bovary have been scripted into films on the big screen many times, starting with the 1932 Albert Ray’s version, which was followed by 1949 Vincente Minneli’s, 1969 Hans Schott Schobinger’s, 1991 Claude Chabrol and the latest of 2014 Sophie Barthes’. Director Barthes took some liberties with Flaubert’s novel, by introducing us to Emma (Mia Wasikowska), a pig-farmer’s daughter completing her  [ Read More ]


Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation Movie Review

Posted by philip On July - 29 - 2015 0 Comment

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – ROGUE NATION Starring: Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Sean Harris, Ving Rhames, Jeremy Renner, Alec Baldwin Directed by: Christopher McQuarrie On the whole, the Mission: Impossible film series has been pretty good. Brian DePalma’s original was a solid outing, more concerned with being a thriller than a straight up action film. For all its goofiness, John Woo’s Mission: Impossible 2 still features some fun set pieces. J.J. Abrams outing, Mission: Impossible III was a generic adventure, with a fine performance from Philip Seymour Hoffman. Then we have Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, a film where the second half can never quite recapture the pure magic the first hour  [ Read More ]


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