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Interview: Olivia Taylor Dudley Talks The Vatican Tapes (Exclusive)

Change in a person’s ambitions and identity is an often necessary and natural part of life, as it allows them to mature and achieve their goals. However, those adjustments in their personality can sometimes not only frighteningly and negatively impact their future, but also the lives of the people they care about. That daunting question of whether you’re intentionally harming those you have bonded with as your life’s changing is enthralling explored in the new independent horror thriller, ‘The Vatican Tapes.’ The film, which will be released in theaters on Friday, and was directed by Mark Neveldine, features actress Olivia Taylor Dudley as the caring and generous protagonist before her  [ Read More ]

Interview: Ian Ziering Talks Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

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Interview: Ian Ziering Talks Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

Struggling to survive in the competitive and cut-throat worlds of Los Angeles and New York City can be a life-threatening risk, both personally and professionally. That continuous physical and emotional battle to not only protect your life, but also maintain your relationships and career, can be a consistent strenuous effort. That constant determination to fight and save yourself is intriguingly explored in the upcoming horror film, ‘Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!,’ which is the anticipated second follow-up in the hit ‘Sharknado’ series. The franchise’s latest installment, which will premiere on Syfy on Wednesday night at 9/8c, was written by Thunder Levin and directed by Anthony C. Ferrante, who both also  [ Read More ]

Interview: Jessica Szohr Talks Complications

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Interview: Jessica Szohr Talks Complications

People in bureaucratic roles often garner recognition from their peers and the general public for the respectable strides they take in their authoritative roles, as they determinedly work to make their communities a better place for everyone. But when they begin abusing their power for their own personal gain, even if they’re mainly striving to protect the people they swore to serve, society rightfully begins to question if their leaders are working in everyone’s best interest. That important moral question of whether compromising your morals, and taking immoral actions, is the best way to achieve beneficial results for everyone, is powerfully presented in USA’s new drama series, ‘Complications.’ The show,  [ Read More ]

Interview: Grey Damon and Emma Dumont Talk Aquarius

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Interview: Grey Damon and Emma Dumont Talk Aquarius

Uncovering your true passion and identity as an adolescent and young adult, and reaffirming your beliefs and integrity as you become more settled in your maturity and life, is a vital freedom that all generations of Americans are entitled to, no matter what era they live in. That important search in recognizing and securing your authentic personality is a enthralling theme in the new crime drama, ‘Aquarius,’ which is in the middle of its 13-episode run, which airs on Thursday nights at 9/8c on NBC. The show, whose first five episodes are currently stream on the network’s official website, and entire season is streaming On Demand, proves that during a  [ Read More ]

Interview: Jessica Barth Talks Ted 2 (Exclusive)

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Interview: Jessica Barth Talks Ted 2 (Exclusive)

Internally struggling with the question of who you truly are, and how your identity influences your most important relationships, can be a dauntingly emotional process for everyone, no matter what point you’re at in life. So mixing comedy with the existential question of who we are as people, and humanity’s inherent need to immediately define others mainly based on their personality, can be an even more harrowing process. But director-writer-producer-actor Seth MacFarlane effortlessly intertwined humor and emotional sentiments into his title character’s drive to end identity stereotypes with the help of his new wife, who’s played by Jessica Barth. in the anticipated comedy sequel ‘Ted 2,’ which is set to  [ Read More ]

Interview: David Gordon Green Talks Manglehorn (Exclusive)

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Interview: David Gordon Green Talks Manglehorn (Exclusive)

Having a strong desire to recapture your life’s most meaningful ambitions and emotions, but not knowing how to successfully translate those aspirations into your current life and relationships, can be a daunting process for many people. But as they continuously learn from their past mistakes, and fully grasp how they can positively infuse their long-standing goals into their current relationships, their lives can dramatically improve. That powerful and all-important message is the captivating driving force in director-producer David Gordon Green’s new independent drama, ‘Manglehorn,’ which is set to be released on Friday in select theaters and on VOD. The film compellingly follows the title character as he begins to reclaim  [ Read More ]

Tribeca 2015 Interview: Theo Rossi Talks Bad Hurt (Exclusive)

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Tribeca 2015 Interview: Theo Rossi Talks Bad Hurt (Exclusive)

Attempting to recognize and accept not only your own personal struggles as you strive to fulfill your dreams, but also the internal conflicts of the people who are the closest to you, can be a truly daunting process. But when such disheartening physical and emotional obstacles, including mental illness and addiction, add to everyone’s strive to overcome their dilemmas, those battles become even more harrowing. But actor Theo Rossi’s new independent drama, ‘Bad Hurt,’ on which he also made his feature film producing debut with his newly launched production company, Dos Dudes Pictures, relatably shows his character and his family drowning in shame over their faults. But as the film,  [ Read More ]

Interview: Jack Black and Richard Curtis Talk Red Nose Day USA Live Benefit

Having the natural ability to enthrallingly captivate audiences, particularly by naturally infusing both comedy and important sentiments into their lives as you bring them into other worlds, is an essential skill of all entertainers. But also possessing the pure passion to lead by example, and emphasize the importance of helping others without expecting anything in return, is also a vital characteristic that proves how admirable a public figure truly is overall. Actor Jack Black and writer-director-producer Richard Curtis (‘Love Actually,’ ‘About Time’) commendably not only bring their fans into intriguing worlds in their films, but are also working to reverse the harrowing effects that plague children and young adults who  [ Read More ]

Interview: Joely Richardson Talks Maggie (Exclusive)

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Interview Joely Richardson Talks Maggie

Parents who are forced to helplessly watch one of their children contend with a terminal illness, especially one that leaves them without control over their instincts and actions, is a undoubtedly devastating process. But when the parent’s loyalty to caring for their sick child puts their other children at risk, they’re forced to contend with the difficult moral question of how they should best protect their entire family. That conflicting judgment is powerfully showcased in Joely Richardson’s upcoming horror thriller, ‘Maggie,’ which will be released in select theaters and on VOD on Friday. The drama, which was helmed by first-time feature director, Henry Hobson, showcases the Golden Globe Award-nominated actress’  [ Read More ]

Interview: Chris Noth Talks After the Ball (Exclusive)

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Interview-Chris Noth Talks After the Ball (Exclusive)

Earnestly reigniting a heartfelt relationship between an estranged parent and child can be an emotionally daunting endeavor, especially when you don’t know how to best overcome the differences that have formed after undergoing a painful experience together. That intimidating process of initially reconnecting, and subsequently overcoming your contrasting opinions on how to best approach life again as you contend with that harrowing occurrence, is relatably explored in director Sean Garrity’s new comedy, ‘After the Ball.’ The family film, which opened this weekend in theaters and on VOD, mixes compelling sentiments and natural humor between its father and daughter, played Chris Noth and Portia Doubleday, to emphasize that no matter what  [ Read More ]

Interview: Haylie Duff Talks The Real Girl’s Kitchen (Exclusive)

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Interview: Haylie Duff Talks Real Girl’s Kitchen (Exclusive)

Endearingly bonding with your family and friends over your shared sentimental memories can often be one of the most important and fulfilling experiences in your life. Maintaining and sharing that powerful connection with people not only in your community, but also around the world, is a captivating way to relate to people of diverse backgrounds and societies. Actress Haylie Duff is enthrallingly emphasizing the importance of not only bonding with her family, but also personally associating with her fans, as they appreciate how food draws them together. She creatively highlights the importance of how recipes help people understand together through her popular blog, cookbook and Cooking Channel docu-series of the  [ Read More ]

Interview: Jacob Underwood Talks O-Town Reunion (Exclusive)

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Interview Jacob Underwood Talks O-Town Reunion (Exclusive)

Graciously recognizing and embracing your unique talents, as well as your ability to relatably connect those abilities with the people who admire those efforts, is a powerful and gratifying experience. But the process of truly understanding and associating with people with similar interests, and incorporating those ideals in enthralling professional and personal endeavors, can often be an even more noteworthy one. Singer-songwriter Jacob Underwood, who first gained attention in 2000 when he appeared on the popular ABC reality show, ‘Making the Band,’ and was later chosen to be a part of the series’ boy band, O-Town, has always infused the group’s songs with his own eclectic musical tastes. After the  [ Read More ]

Interview: Vincent D’Onofrio Talks Broken Horses (Exclusive)

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Vincent D'Onofrio in Broken Horses 2

Boldly relying on your natural versatility, inner strength and instinctive determination to achieve your purposeful goals is a resolute characteristic of any person ambitious enough to go after what they truly want in life. From the unwavering protagonist of the new crime drama, ‘Broken Horses,’ who persistently tries to save his older brother from the dangerous life of crime he inadvertently found himself involved in after their father’s death, to actor Vincent D’Onofrio, who portrays the mystery film’s villainous crime lord, the movie is enthrallingly driven by strong characters and actors. The drama, which opens in theaters on Friday, marks the English feature film debut of Academy Award-nominated director, Vidhu  [ Read More ]

SXSW 2015 Interview: Ross Dinerstein Talks The Diabolical and The Nightmare

Instinctively finding ways to fight the menacing evil that’s harrowingly invading your life, particularly by lurking in your home at night and disturbing your sleep, can be a terrifying experience for many people. However, such intuitively motivated characters, who willingly embrace the challenge of fighting back against their terrifying intruders, are grippingly featured in two of producer Ross Dinerstein’s latest movies, the horror thriller narrative, ‘The Diabolical,’ and the sci-fi horror documentary, ‘The Nightmare.’ From a mother who’s determined to protect her young children from a threatening presence in ‘The Diabolical,’ to people around the world who are forced to face the daunting prospect of stopping malevolent beings from interrupting  [ Read More ]

Interview: Joe Reegan Talks Alien Outpost (Exclusive)

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Interview Joe Reegan Talks Alien Outpost (Exclusive)

Ambitiously and courageously embarking on an emotionally and physically daunting challenge can be a frightening experience for anyone, no matter how much time and effort they’ve put into mentally preparing themselves for the process. Not only did actor Joe Reegan fearlessly take on the social and emotional responsibilities of playing a soldier who’s actively in service in the sci-fi action film, ‘Alien Outpost,’ but he also boldly performed his own stunts to showcase his character’s terrifying predicament of defending Earth against alien invaders. His gripping portrayal of the soldier is enthralling presented in the thriller, which is now playing on VOD, including iTunes, and was co-written by Blake Clifton and  [ Read More ]

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