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New Kick-Ass 2 Posters and Figure Images Released

Posted by monique On June - 3 - 2013 0 Comment
Kick-Ass 2 (1)

“Kick-Ass 2″ will be out this summer (August 16, to be exact), and if you’re all set for some crazy costumed action, we’ve got some cool news for you via Comic Book Movie! According to Comic Book Movie, some cool images of NECA’s “Kick-Ass 2” Uncensored “R” Rated Figures have been released. According to, the action figures will come to stores this August but “will be branded in a ‘PG’ manner safe for the masses.” Some sanitizing includes the altering title on the packaging and some of the character names for everyday buyers. The three figures pictured below will be available at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con and  [ Read More ]

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GIVEAWAY: Hotel Transylvania Blu-ray Prize Pack

Posted by Perri Nemiroff On January - 30 - 2013 0 Comment

Halloween may still be nine months away, but what’s wrong with having some quality monster time a little early? “Hotel Transylvania” is officially available to own and not only do we have a copy of the Blu-ray to give away, but a free game code to access the “Hotel Transylvania” Dash Deluxe app and an assortment of goodies including a monster puzzle, a hanging skeleton and more! The film features the voice of Adam Sandler as Dracula. In “Hotel Transylvania,” Dracula doesn’t just skulk around hunting for blood; he owns and manages a hotel – or, more specifically, a top-notch resort for monsters. In honor of his daughter Mavis’ 118th  [ Read More ]


NECA To Release New Carrie Collectible Figurines

Posted by monique On January - 7 - 2013 0 Comment
Carrie 2-pack

The release of the remake of the horror classic “Carrie” has been rescheduled from March 15 (appropriate, since I think is about the time proms start up) to the October 18 (also appropriate, since Halloween will be just around the corner). Because of the release, NECA has created a two-pack of new Carrie figurines for horror fans to add to their collection. Both figures are 6.5 inches tall; the first one is “normal” Carrie. She’s shown right before the pig’s blood scene, standing nice and proud in her prom dress, holding her flowers. The next figurine depicts Carrie right after the blood is poured on her head. Carrie is about  [ Read More ]

NYCC 2012: Photos From The Convention Center Floor

Posted by Perri Nemiroff On October - 12 - 2012 0 Comment

Here we go again! San Diego Comic Con may be the Comic Con of all Comic Cons, but New York Comic Con was absolutely mobbed today. With film studios lying low, I took the time to explore all the Javits Center has to offer, which included signings, merchandise and, of course, big time fans in extravagant costumes. Check out all the photos I took today on the convention center floor and be sure to keep an eye out for our coverage of “The Conjuring,” “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D” and more! By Perri Nemiroff


If you’re a big collector of “Batman” figures and memorabilia, you will be excited to know that a new line of collectible figures will be out just in time for “The Dark Knight Rises.” Creative Designs International, Ltd. (CDI), a division of JAKKS Pacific, Inc., is celebrating the final chapter in Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” saga with a collection of 2.5″ collectible figures. The figures include Batman, Officer Blake, Catwoman, Bane,and The Bat. The collectibles are also affordable; a 2-pack configuration will be priced at $3.99, and a 5-pack configuration will be priced at $9.99. The figures are expected to be available at Target right when the film is released, July  [ Read More ]

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Did you enjoy feeling part of the action courtesy of the 3D in Transformers: Dark of the Moon? Wait until you get the chance to ride Transformers: The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood. The ride celebrated its grand opening just the other day and Shockya had the opportunity to get all of the details from ride representative Trana Pittam. Oddly enough, Universal Studios was actually a chicken farm back in 1912 when Carl Laemmle first started making movies there. When the public interest in movies being made became undeniable, the Universal Studios Tour was born and, even to this day, it’s the park’s tentpole attraction. The park now has over  [ Read More ]


New The Dark Knight Rises HeroClix Pictures Released

Posted by monique On March - 15 - 2012 0 Comment
The Dark Knight Rises HeroClix 1

Cosmic Book News has some new pictures from the 2012 GAMA trade show in Las Vegas which reveals some HeroClix figures associated with “The Dark Knight Rises” and previous films. The figurines include the Joker, Commissioner Gordon, Ra’s Al Ghul, Two-Face and Scarecrow. The toys look fairly detailed, even in the low res photos. To me, they seem like they’re going to be a must-have for “Batman” figurine collectors. If you want to get your hands on these and the other 30+ figurines, you’ll be able to purchase them June 6. Make sure to visit Cosmic Book News to see the pictures of the toys as well as learn more  [ Read More ]

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Dark Knight Rises Toy Batman 1

Lately, there’s been a lot of spoiler-searching when a new product image from “The Dark Knight Rises” comes out, but I don’t think there are any spoilers in these new toy products, unless Batman will actually wear a white Batsuit. According to Comics Alliance, several new toy images have come out featuring Batman and Bane. The action figures are from 4″ Quik-Tec figurine line, which are aimed at children. You will probably be able to tell that when you see Batman wearing a white Batsuit and jet pack and Bane with huge mechanical arms to enhance his already juggernaut-like power. The figurines also come with some kind of unique structure  [ Read More ]

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New Possible Avengers Villain Revealed (SPOILERS)

Posted by monique On January - 3 - 2012 0 Comment

A big spoiler for a major part of “The Amazing Spider-Man” was revealed in some toy packaging, and now it appears that some more packaging has given rise to some spoilers about “The Avengers.” (CLICK AWAY IF YOU DON’T WANT TO READ SPOILERS!) CinemaBlend via DigitalSpy is reporting that a HeroClix preview has given some details to a new villain that will be terrorizing the heroes in “The Avengers.” The product announcement states that the Red Skull (portrayed by Hugo Weaving in “Captain America: The First Avenger”) will join Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in the fight against good. “Charging straight out of theaters and on to your tabletop, Marvel’s the ‘Avengers’  [ Read More ]

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, for some of us. With the end of the year fast approaching, the awards nods are rolling in and this past week a big list was revealed – the Golden Globe nominations. Generally the right films snagged the honors – The Artist, The Descendants, The Help – but we did have a few upsets, namely the lack of Steven Spielberg’s name on the Best Director list for his work on War Horse. Brendan Meyer will certainly be having a very merry Christmas. The young actor was just cast as Stilson in Ender’s Game while Spike Lee turned to Clive Owen for  [ Read More ]


Giveaway: The Walking Dead Twitter Extravaganza Prizes Revealed

Posted by Perri Nemiroff On December - 16 - 2011 0 Comment

You know that Walking Dead Twitter giveaway that’s set to kick off on Monday, December 19th? Well, we’ve got a little preview of the goods up for grabs. Beginning on Monday, we’ll post a Walking Dead trivia question on our Twitter account. The first person to respond with the correct answer, wins! And it doesn’t end there. Not only will we give you a second chance to win on Monday, but you’ll also have two chances to win every single day of the week! That’s ten opportunities to win some Walking Dead goodies! So, now for the new info; what exactly are these prizes? Here’s the rundown … Monday: Walking  [ Read More ]


Giveaway: Weeklong The Walking Dead Twitter Extravaganza

Posted by Perri Nemiroff On December - 15 - 2011 0 Comment

Suffering from The Walking Dead withdrawal? I feel your pain. But we’re all in luck because the fine folks at AMC are well aware of the repercussions of the show’s absence and have a little something to hold us over through the holiday season. is having a weeklong Walking Dead Twitter giveaway. We’ve got ten prizes to give away straight from AMC’s Walking Dead store and just five days to do it, so use your time off from work or school wisely and keep an eye on our Twitter feed. Beginning on Monday, December 19th, we will post two Walking Dead trivia questions and the first person to reply  [ Read More ]


Justin Bieber, Now In Doll Form

Posted by monique On October - 17 - 2011 0 Comment

Justin Bieber has the albums, the clothing line and perfume, but for the girl who wants to get really close to the Biebs, they can now cuddle up to him whenever they want to. All they have to do is buy him. Bieber now has a doll line, complete with clothes and accessories, like drums, guitars, album covers, sunglasses and headphones. He also comes with a tour bus that can fold out to become concert stage. Some models of the doll also come with “real” hair instead of having plastic molded hair. As any doll lover knows, the “real hair” dolls are the ones you really want to buy. You  [ Read More ]

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Photos: On The Floor Of New York Comic Con 2011

Posted by Perri Nemiroff On October - 15 - 2011 0 Comment

It’s that time of year again – Comic Con comes to New York City! Naturally the Javits Center has been packed with just about everything from comic books to film studio booths, autograph sessions, diehard fans dressed as their favorite characters and so much more. Not in town to catch the action for yourself? Take a peek at what’s going down on the convention center floor courtesy of Shockya cam. By Perri Nemiroff

Win Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure

Posted by monique On September - 21 - 2011 0 Comment

ShockYa has a few video games to giveaway. The first game, “Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure,” is the next game in the “Spyro” series to be released Fall of this year. The official product description of “Skylanders Spyro Adventure” is: “In ‘Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure,’ you can ‘Bring Your Toys to Life’ in a boldly innovative adventure game where players collect real-world interaction figures and teleport them directly into the game using a mystical Portal of Power. Propelled by a story-driven adventure, penned by Academy Award-nominated ‘Toy Story’ feature film writers, Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow, players take on the role of a powerful Portal Master who can control over 30 different characters,  [ Read More ]

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