Brand New Sin will be releasing their newest album, “United State” on October 25th via Goomba Music and the hard rockers want you to celebrate with them. The celebration event is set for Saturday, October 14th at SubCat Music Studios in Syracuse, New York. Those interested in attending should register at With food, booze and Brand New Sin, how could you go wrong?

“United State” expands on the band’s 2009 independent release, “Distilled”. This expansion addresses their sound as well as their lineup. The former trio, consisting of vocalist and guitarist, Kris Wiechmann, bassist, Chuck Kahl and drummer Kevin Dean, are joined by a new member, Tommy Matkowski on the lead guitar. The more the merrier.

The track listing for “Unite State” includes the song titles, “The Lord Came Down”, “Know Yourself”, “All My Wheels”, “Rotten As Hell”, “Elbow Grease”, “Infamous”, “Group Of 5”, “Your Song and Dance”, “Goddess of War”, “The Cup and The Lip”, “Bed of Nails”, “Travel Well”, “What Do You Do For Money Honey” as well as three bonus tracks, “Glory Days”, “Sad Wings” and “The Wizard”. The album is available now for pre-order at Goomba Music’s official site.

P.S., remember to register for the listening party!

by Lonnie Nemiroff

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