Want a chance to shoot a Hollywood feature film? 48 FILM Project is giving you and other filmmakers and storytellers that very opportunity in their 2014 Short Film Contest.

Filmmakers are being invited to their their stories in the unique short film competition, with the winning team getting the director’s seat, writer’s table and producer credit on a feature film.

So how do you enter in this contest? Participants will have to create an amazing short film in 48 hours by working in teams, uniting filmmakers (professional and amateur alike) and film lovers around the world. Participants can enter at any point during the year.

New for this year, 48 FILM Project will select a team from the short film contest entrants’s reel to make a Hollywood feature film and provide a budget of $48,000. It will see that the best producer, best director and the best writer from the 2014 entrants join together to create a filming dream team. This team will go to Hollywood in 2015 to live out their dreams of creating a film.

Francesco Vitali, the person behind 48 Projects Inc. and executive producer of 48 FILM Project said, “We love filmmakers! All of us in 48 FILM Project are filmmakers, writers, producers, cinematographers, directors, actors and film industry people. We are fresh, web savvy, and very artsy. We are the present and the future! The 48 FILM PROJECT is a totally unique online international short film competition. It is not unlike any other 48 hour or hours, or days, or time or festival you might know or have happened to participate in before. In 48 FILM PROJECT, we love what we do… like every filmmaker!”

Vitali also said, “For us, everyone who completed a short film within 48 hours is already a winner. Even more important than the awards are the opportunities this competition will open up. Find your niche. You’ve known it for years, but maybe you haven’t known how to get started or how to break free from the mould. Here’s your chance to create something from the heart, something that shows your true genius, the potential within. It’s time to stop hiding and show the world what you can do with your camera! So go for it!”

In case you’re worrying about your film belong to 48 Projects Inc., don’t worry–co-executive producer of 48 FILM Project, Chris Siametis, said that the entries will belong to the entrants. “In 48 FILM Project, creators keep the rights to their own intellectual property. The rights of their film belong to the creators.
It’s your film’s freedom. You choose your genre, so no surprises, and you choose when you are ready to shoot your short.”

Entries are accepted through Nov. 15. The top 15 winners from previous years have screened their shorts at the Canne International Film Festival and last year, the top 15 winners screened their films at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Samuel Goldwyn Theatre in Beverly Hills. If you want to see if your name can be added to that roster, visit the contest’s website.


By Monique Jones

Monique Jones blogs about race and culture in entertainment, particularly movies and television. You can read her articles at Racialicious, and her new site, COLOR . You can also listen to her new podcast, What would Monique Say.

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