Another Lisa Bloom Loss Due to Unethical Action in Usher Case

Admitting her client had “Unclean Hands”–a legal argument meaning the suit was unethical from the get go—Lisa Bloom had to pull her client out of her suit against Usher

It’s been a very bad month for TV attorney Lisa Bloom–even before her stunning failure in her suit against R&B star Usher. First her case against Rep. Tony Cardenas got tossed out because of her ethical issues (Legal experts speculate Bloom helped her client fabricate evidence).

Then the case she was counting on to get the stink off her blew up in her face: Elizabeth “Butterfield 8” Taylor vs. Alki David ended in a mistrial, with a majority of the jurors believing Taylor had lied about her allegations (according to Los Angeles Magazine). One of the most indelible moments of the trial was when David made a comical fart noise as the jury was shuffling out for a break and then said, “Ooof! Lisa! What did you eat for lunch?”

Almost immediately after that, the book She Said detailed Bloom’s work for Harvey Weinstein. Most damning was a memo that mocked her past clients, admitting many had lied, and claimed expert skills at manipulating the media to destroy reputations. The backlash against this has been strong, with celebrities such as Mandy Moore of This is Us, Kathy Griffin, and Busy Philipps weighing in. Rose McGowan, the victim of Bloom’s devious efforts, has called for Bloom to be disbarred.

And now this: Bloom has withdrawn claims by he client Quantasia Sharpton against R&B star Usher. The reasons were ethical violations–in this case a legal argument called “Unclean Hands” meaning Bloom and Sharpton did something misleading when they filed the suit. Whether that misleading smoking gun is a lie, fabricated evidence, or some other kind of fraud remains to be seen.

(Additional outrage against Bloom surrounded her own fat shaming of her client Sharpton in her initial press conference. Jeez she really is a monster.).

Interesting to not that Bloom’s mom Gloria Allred and her partner Nathan Goldberg are also facing potential disbarment in D.C. and California over ethics issues that hurt their own clients. Alki David live streamed footage from a deposition with Goldberg yesterday in which David called Goldberg a scam artist.

Rufus Ashmount:
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