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Failed Rapper Lush One Perjures Himself, Then Pees Himself in Sex Trial


Failed Rapper Lush One Perjures Himself, Then Pees Himself in Sex Trial

A fake snitch in a fake MeToo trial, the wannabe Battle Rapper, and son of Hollywood B-Movie director Peter Hyams, known for playing with guns, wet his pants on the stand in L.A. Superior Court on Wednesday. Lush One, also known as Nick Hyams, was under examination in the trial Khan v. David in which MK Khan an ex-employee of FilmOn Networks alleges harassment by the company’s CEO Alki David. Lush, who appeared disheveled and sweaty in the courtroom, claimed he witnessed unwanted touching in the workplace.

When questioned under oath, Lush said one of his associates, Grant Zimmerman, brought the gun to the FilmOn offices that caused an incident during a taping of the show Ether Weekly. David’s attorney showed he was lying at that it was widely known the gun was in Lush’s famous spiked backpack. Lush and his team, including then wife Helen Davis, were fired for their disastrous inability to produce anything worthwhile. Zimmerman went on to be fired for embezzling 100’s of thousands of dollars.

Lush also lied about the touching he said he witnessed, describing completely different situations and clothing details than the Plaintiff alleged and adding in more times to fluff up the narrative. This has been a tactic by Nathan “Goober” Goldberg of Allred Goldberg & Maroko who is representing Khan. As Lush testified, he and Goldberg had had a dinner date the night before to work on his testimony. Clearly, as Goldberg wined and dined young Lush, they juiced up his story. It’s a tactic Goldberg used in another one of the connected web of fake MeToo cases against David that he and Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom have created: In October he got Jake “Cum Ghost” Wiesman so excited about his little moment in the limelight that he added an entire conversation to his testimony about a chance run in with David on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills.

David’s attorney warned Lush many times that he was in danger of perjuring himself–a crime that can result in prison time. Who knows what deal Lush has made with Khan–that she’ll visit him in prison?–but he stuck by his lies under oath.

Still, he was clearly shaken by the experience. When he stepped out from behind the stand to. leave the courtroom our spy on the jury noticed a trickle of pee showing through his pants leg.

Allred has been under fire for he part in silencing Harvey Weinstein’s alleged rape victims and making a ton of money off the hush money payments to boot. She was also accused of making threats and suppressing Summer Zervos’ claims against Donald Trump–as reported by the Daily Beast. Lisa Bloom for her part has been widely discredited, and calls have echoed throughout Hollywood for her to be disbarred. She actively sought to trash Weinstien’s accusers in the press and is being sued for racketeering by Rose McGowan.

In her conversations with Harvey she also said all her previous MeToo clients were crazy and were liars. (No one cares about Nathan Goldberg.)

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