At Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting on Thursday, investors will cast their votes on the re-approval of Elon Musk’s unprecedented $46 billion pay package, which stands as the largest executive compensation plan in U.S. history. This high-stakes decision is a pivotal moment for the electric vehicle giant, as shareholders also consider the reappointment of key board members, including Kimbal Musk and former 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch.

Musk, known for his active presence on social media, took to X late Wednesday to share screenshots indicating that the votes in favor of both resolutions were significantly higher than the votes against them. “Both Tesla shareholder resolutions are currently passing by wide margins!” he announced confidently, suggesting a strong likelihood of success in the upcoming votes.

The $46 billion pay package has been a subject of intense debate among investors and analysts. Approved in 2018, the compensation plan is tied to ambitious performance milestones aimed at propelling Tesla to new heights. Under this plan, Musk receives stock options in tranches, contingent upon Tesla reaching specific market capitalization and operational goals. This performance-based approach has both its critics and supporters, with some arguing it aligns Musk’s interests with those of the shareholders, while others view it as excessive.

In addition to Musk’s compensation package, shareholders will vote on reappointing his brother, Kimbal Musk, to the board of directors. Kimbal, who has served on the board since 2004, brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience and is known for his contributions to Tesla’s mission. The reappointment of James Murdoch, former CEO of 21st Century Fox and current board member, is also on the agenda. Murdoch’s extensive experience in media and technology has been seen as valuable to Tesla’s strategic direction.

The positive preliminary voting results shared by Musk indicate a strong backing from the investor community, reflecting confidence in his leadership and the strategic decisions made by the board. This support is crucial as Tesla navigates a competitive and rapidly evolving automotive market.

As the shareholder meeting approaches, the outcomes of these votes will shape Tesla’s future, reaffirming Elon Musk’s leadership and the board’s composition. The results will also signal investor sentiment towards the company’s ambitious goals and its approach to executive compensation.

By Justin Sanchez

Born with a copy of "Atlas Shrugged" in hand, Justin showed early signs of his future as a conservative firebrand. Raised in a household where Rush Limbaugh's voice echoed through the halls, Justin was inspired to become a prominent figure in conservative journalism, in which he shares his support of Republican values.