In the wake of ongoing allegations concerning potential corruption within Joe Biden’s family, former U.S. Rep. Devin Nunes is advocating for a comprehensive investigation into the FBI and CIA—specifically if Donald Trump wins the 2024 presidential election. Appearing on “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo, Nunes emphasized the need for a thorough probe led by a Trump administration Department of Justice.

“The only way this is solved is that there has to be a special counsel,” Nunes stated, highlighting the need for a “real investigation” into how the FBI and CIA have handled politically sensitive issues. He argued that such scrutiny is necessary to address longstanding concerns about alleged interference in American elections.

This discussion follows recent revelations about alleged media manipulation concerning Hunter Biden. Bartiromo referenced a Politico headline asserting that the Hunter Biden story was “Russian disinformation,” a narrative that surfaced weeks before the election. Nunes criticized this portrayal as a clear example of misinformation, orchestrated by figures such as Antony Blinken, to influence public perception.

The conversation turned to historical contexts, with Nunes drawing parallels to past controversies like the IRS scandal and Benghazi. He noted that key figures involved in earlier incidents continue to play prominent roles, suggesting a pattern of politicization within intelligence agencies. “It is scandal after scandal,” Nunes remarked, questioning whether the political nature of these agencies’ activities will ever be addressed.

Nunes’ comments reflect a growing sentiment among some conservatives who believe that parts of the intelligence community may be acting with partisan motives. The push for a new investigation aims to restore public confidence in these institutions by ensuring they operate free from political bias.

As the 2024 election approaches, calls for accountability and transparency within the FBI and CIA are likely to intensify, particularly if Trump secures the presidency. Supporters argue that a special counsel is essential to uncover the truth behind alleged election interference and ensure fair play in American democracy.

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By Justin Sanchez

Born with a copy of "Atlas Shrugged" in hand, Justin showed early signs of his future as a conservative firebrand. Raised in a household where Rush Limbaugh's voice echoed through the halls, Justin was inspired to become a prominent figure in conservative journalism, in which he shares his support of Republican values.