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May- Review By: Roger Moore


May- Review By: Roger Moore

Directed By: Lucky McKee

Written By: Lucky McKee
Score: Technical: 70, Story: 70, Acting: 75, Overall Score: 72%
May is a strange and shy young woman who only has one friend in her life and that is the beautifully elegant porcelain doll her mother gave her when she was just a child. As a shy girl she always had trouble fitting in and the pirate style eye patch she was forced to wear as a young girl, due to her lazy eye, didn’t help any either. It was the Suzie doll that helped her get thru everything in her life that is until she met Adam Stubbs the man with the beautiful hands, May always did admire body parts but things for her are going to not be so handy to get over once Adam leaves her. So her having her trouble of fitting in everywhere she decides that if she can’t get friends she’s going to make one, with needle and thread that is.

May only receives the Roger Moore Two skipped beats. As I always tell my wife Lucky is an acquired taste and I do enjoy his work but the only problem with this film is that the dialogue seemed to drag on a little harshly. Other than that it truly was an amazing film of love, loss and the ability to make friends any way you can. The filming and acting were both very wonderfully done and I for one expect a lot more magical work to come from Lucky and his often worked with actress Angela Bettis.

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