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Flesh- Review By: Roger Moore


Flesh- Review By: Roger Moore


Directed By: Kian Kaul

Written By: Kian Kaul
Score: Technical: 50, Story: 55, Acting: 55, Overall Score: 53%
Shane and Raquel exhausted by their unique hunger, a morbid addiction that no has boundaries, they lock themselves in a derelict hotel room to die. Unexpectedly joined by Clara, a used and abused party girl nearing the bottom of her own downward spiral, classic complications and jealousies begin. With no retreat from each other, the fatal three are forced to confront raw, candid and deeply ugly truths in a thoroughly uncompromising exploration of need, desperation and the effortless intoxication of cruelty in human relationships.

            This film unfortunately does not receive any skipped beats on the Roger Moore scale; it actually barely has any blood flow at all.  It was a valiant effort by the director being his third directing job, but it just fell short of what it needed to be.  I did enjoy it on an independent level and it definitely is worth watching but it just seemed to fall short of what he could have done with it.  Overall it wasn’t complete crap hell I still enjoyed it more that the grudge but it just didn’t do it for all that much.  Good job and definitely keep up the work I see big things in your future Mr. Kaul.


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