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Night Breed- Review By: Roger Moore


Night Breed- Review By: Roger Moore

Directed By: Clive Barker

Written By: Clive Barker

Score: Technical: 80, Story: 90, Acting: 85, Overall Score: 85%

            Midian is where the monsters live.  Boone is an outcast who is lead to believe that he is a murderer by his psychologist and sets out to find Midian thinking that he belongs with the monsters.  Finding Midian is harder than it seems and Boone bites off more than he can chew.  Based on the Clive Barker novella “Cabal”.                     

Three Skipped Beats is the honest Roger Moore movie scale opinion.  For my money Clive Barker doesn’t work enough and his films stand-alone, Night Breed is an instant classic with any horror films and I for one would love to see a sequel to this story.  It was as interesting as it was gory and the filming was done with the utmost excellence.  As always be afraid, be very afraid.


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