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Iron Man Announced- Article By: Roger Moore


Iron Man Announced- Article By: Roger Moore

It’s been announced, the 2008 scheduled release of the Iron Man comic-book adaptation.  Being directed by John Favreau it has been announced that Robert Downey Jr. will be playing the role of Tony Stark and his alter ego Iron Man.  According to Internet Movie Data Base, Terrance Howard is rumored to be play the character known as War Machine.  All and all I think it is going to be an interesting film for Favreau and company.

When troubled billionaire Tony Stark creates a life support suit to assist him after a life threatening accident, he ultimately decides to use its technology to fight evil and crime.

This is the story that millions of fans have grown to love and have anticipated the release of this film since the first steps of Superman on the big screen.  Only time will how this one will unfold and we here at Toxic Shock will be there every step of the way bringing you the information as it is received. 

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